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Brothers from the Mother meet the Jungle Brothers


11 September 2008 No Comment
Zimbabwe Legit consisting of Dumi RIGHT and Akim Funk Buddha link up with Mike G from the legendary Jungle Brothers for a fresh, brand new video clip for the song "Where I'm At."

Taken from their latest album House of Stone the video features the crew tracing its steps through life and trials with introspective words of wisdom and inspiration. As the hook trudges over a crisp drum track and moving baseline by super producer Cadence, "Where I'm at, where I'm going, where I'm coming from, and the ghosts in my past that I'm running from…", the video showcases the art of moving the crowd (i.e. emceeing), some ill dancing and popping complete with some international flavor injected, and a storyline that serves as a metaphor for regrets and the trials of life.

The theme can be compared to the mantra of Sarah Connor in the movie Terminator "No fate but what we make ourselves", and perhaps Mike G sums it up best, "The only one [that] can stop you is yourself and God!"

Check out this brand new clip so fresh yet reminiscent of the classic era of hip hop and then go look into the album House of Stone:


Video – "Where I'm At"

Zimbabwe Legit (Dumi RIGHT and Akim Funk Buddha) featuring Mike G of the Jungle Brothers
Edited by Rain
House of Stone
[RedLine Music Distribution/pH MUSIC/Pro Se Recordings]

Dumi RIGHT and Akim Funk Buddha are well known for their groundbreaking work as the duo Zimbabwe Legit.

First emerging in hip-hop's Golden Age and having worked with the likes of the Black Sheep's Mr. Lawnge with a debut that featured the debut of DJ Shadow on wax, the brothers from the mother once again scored big with their recently released album House of Stone.

In typical fashion they pulled out all the stops for this independently released album (RedLine Music Distribution/pH MUSIC/Pro Se Recordings) that featured a who's who cast of hip hop legends including YZ, Chubb Rock, Prince Po, Stic.man of dead prez, Vast Aire, Breez Evahflowin', Apani, and more. The album received critical acclaim and accolades worldwide from the US to South Africa, France, Italy, UK and all points in between.


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