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Free Download: Arsun F!st “Mood Points” EP


11 September 2008 No Comment

Song structure in Hip-Hop is pretty straight forward, 3 verses and a hook over a hot beat is usually all that it takes. But what about if there was no hook? What if the song only had one verse? The "Mood Points" EP is Arsun's attempt at meshing the traditional with the abstract. From start to finish the projects main goal is to take you deeper into his world while still giving you something funky to listen to. With production from Mudd and DJ Ragz of Jazz Addixx, The Unknown, Dubby Waters, Frank Costa, FLO* and the mighty Fatman and Tropical. "Mood Points" showcases Arsun F!st's lyrical insight but more importantly establishes it's own identity in a time where getting ahead means sounding like everybody else.

1. Let Her Fly (prod. by The Unknown and Mudd)
2. Only 1 (prod. by Frank Costa)
3. Mood Point 1 (interlude)
4. Green Eyes (prod. by Mudd)
5. Lights Out (prod. by DJ Ragz)
6. Muddy Math (prod. by Mudd)
7. Mood Point 2 (interlude)
8. Old 2 Nu (prod. by FLO*)
9. Cupid's Delusion (prod. by DJ Ragz & Dubby Waters)
10. Moves-meant (prod. by Fatman & Tropical)
11. Mood Point 3 (interlude)
12. I Shot the Pale Horse (prod. by Mudd)

Free Download: Arsun F!st "Mood Points" EP

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