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Dokte Releases His ‘Maak Mekaa Sterk’ EP For Free


24 September 2008 No Comment

Music Producer and Hip Hop recording artist Dokte will release his "Maak Mekaa Sterk EP" for free to the public on 30 September 2008.

Dokte, who produced hip hop group Kallitz's award winning debut album 'Die Ding Ruk Mal' in 2004, as well as the second album 'Dukgesuip' in 2006, which featured the Cape Town anthem 'Kaapse Paatie' featuring Carla Diamond and 'Wat Gaan Ons Maak' featuring Steve Hofmeyr, has been relatively quiet recently.
He explains: "I've had to handle a few personal areas of my life, and have taken some time off from a lot of things – including music – to re-evaluate the way forward. I've had a lot of time to myself recently, and in so doing have arrived at a point where I know exactly what my plan of action is. I'm in a good creative space right now so I'm just busy rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to grind away."

He was recently featured on the SABC2 reality tv show ‘Jam Sandwich’ where he collaborated with Afrikaans rock artist Karen Zoid on what was undoubtedly a highlight of the tv series. The two have indicated that they would work together again.

Dokte, who regards himself first and foremost as a producer and second to that as a rap artist, has been working away at crafting his debut solo LP, entitled 'Die Kaapse Dokte', and in the process has worked and continues to work with a variety of artists on tracks. "I've put out some music on the net and the response was overwhelming, prompting me to release this 'Maak Mekaa Sterk EP' rather than make people wait until 2009 for the LP".

The title track, 'Maak Mekaa Sterk', is a call to all to work together to achieve as opposed to holding each other back for the short- term gain on the next individual. "It is common knowledge that when we work together with like-minded people, we all move forward and we do so faster, so to adapt this attitude not only allows for this, but also paves new avenues to more opportunities that would otherwise not present themselves", he explains. "I see how other cultures work together and I see those that don't, and I see the results. It needs to be communicated – it's too obvious."

Dokte has put together approximately 11-12 tracks for the EP, which some would even consider a full album. "I felt that 'Maak Mekaa Sterk' could stand on it's own conceptually, thus the decision to release it in an EP format. My album I've been working on has a different direction, so most tracks wouldn't fit in 100% anyway. It's a good thing too, as there hasn't been much released like this in the last few years, and there are people looking for this type of music, so I hope many people get their hands on it."

Dokte will launch a new website soon; in the meantime, fans can visit Dokte on Facebook for more information and join the fan-list to get notified on where to download the EP when it becomes available on 30 September 2008.

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