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Jon Wayne (of Spacebound) “From the Vaults” Part 1


13 October 2008 No Comment

This is the first of two mixtapes that will be dropped before Jon Wayne's upcoming self-titled LP. Part 1 will focus on his transition from where he was to where he is, while Part 2 will be filled with tracks that he's done recently, but did not make the album for whatever reason. Pick this up and listen to one of the more creative emcees of the underground, right now.

1. Only (prod. by Mighty White)
2. Big-O-Balls
3. Three Players (prod. by Just Another DJ and Josh G)
4. Gung Ho Force (prod. by mgr)
5. Careless (prod. by CodeHalo)
6. Says Who? (prod. by Macross)
7. Crack of Dawn (prod. by Bill)
8. Cupboards (prod. by Vincent Price)
9. OK Remix (prod. by Captain Cookie)
10. Lyrical Blend (prod. by Macross)
11. Unconscious Rapper (prod. by Dubby Waters)
12. Koto feat. Cory Lee (prod. by The A3)
13. Making an Example of Arnold (prod. by LKB)
14. Baby
15. Carbon Monoxide (prod. by Captain Cookie)

Free Download: Jon Wayne "From the Vaults" Part 1

Also available: Spacebound "The Adventures of…"

Jon Wayne (USA) & Josh G (UK) who make up Spacebound live on separate hemispheres of the earth. They've never met each other. They haven't talked on the phone. They don't even know what the other looks like, but here they are, two strangers who've made one of the freshest sounds in a while. They are Spacebound and they make their debut with "The Adventures of…" on Domination Recordings!

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