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8 October 2009 No Comment

Emerging out of the electric nights and stepping into new wide eye mornings, Bisco Smith aka Bisc1 is now prepared to direct his mind to a larger range of thinkers, a lighter train of thought and a more balanced way of being. From the first official release, The Basics, Bisc1 has focused mainly on himself, his inversions and his personal story. On The Broadcast, after nearly 4 years of notable releases and 4 projects, Mr. Smith has reached a new channel of art, awareness, and energy. With age comes experience and with experience change is born. From behind the microphone Bisco broadcasts his thoughts far and wide projecting to everyone inside of listening range.

The production on the record is supplied solely by New York native J.vegus. J provides an electronic landscape filled with heavy drums and infectious rhythms that carry Bisco’s words and emotions to channels previously untouched by the two. Although Vegus was very involved in Bisco’s last album, the critically acclaimed When Electric Night Falls (2008, Embedded Music), this time he has single handedly worked to push sound in new directions, meshing hip-hop with a bit of down tempo, dubstep and electronica influences. The first single from The Broadcast, “Morning Breath,” is a fitting welcome to the artist’s present mindset: refreshed and better than ever. “The song is a statement about how I feel here now on my artistic travels. With so much time and energy spent creating, ‘Morning Breath’ is a welcome to the marathon of life. A coming to terms with the idea that life, and more specifically the creation of art is not a race but a marathon. In the end, no matter what path you take, personality you fit, or hustle you choose, you’re going to get to where you’re supposed to be. ‘Good morning world’ captures this journey: a comfortable hello to the past and an easy, more relaxed glance to the future.”

Bisco Smith, aka Bisc1, born in a rush to the delivery room outside of Boston, and raised outside of New York City in the Suburbs of Connecticut, currently broadcasts out of his Brookyln, NY studio. Growing up, the looming NYC cityscape and its magnetic energy constantly lured him. Bisco moved to NYC 10 years ago and quickly made a name for himself DJ’ing at clubs, distributing mixtapes, and in creative circles. Soon, Bisc1 picked up the mic and won several battle raps including the Whose Line Is It monthly at the Knitting Factory in NYC 4 consecutive months in a row. His debut release, The Basics EP (2006), gained the favorable attention of music critics and his subsequent release, The Stay Up Project mixtape (2007) was downloaded over 5000 times. Bisc’s penchant for capturing our chaotic reality with his narratives, images, and collaborations has earned him a reputation as one of the most honest and creative artists of today. Going beyond music, Bisc1 is also an accomplished graphic artist. He’s done cover art, designed promotional materials and spearheaded art direction for artists such as Aesop Rock, The Perceptionists, C-Rayz-Walz, Murs, El-P, and others. His art has been featured in several magazines and art house coffee table books and in galleries, such as Danny Simmon’s Rush Arts Gallery. 2008 was a big year for Bisco. He released the critically acclaimed album When Electric Night Falls, toured the US, and performed at CMJ, SXSW, Scribble Jam, and NXNE. Currently he spends his time designing everything from record covers to websites, painting walls, participating in art gallery shows, mentoring the city’s youth with art and music and all the while transmitting top quality music.

2009 finds Bisco Smith continuing to write his own story after a decade plus submerged in New York City’s music and arts culture. The Strange Love Project, released at the beginning of the year, is an audiovisual remix collection inspired by When Electric Night Falls, encompassing the work of more than 30 multimedia artists curated by Bisco. Now, after a national tour, a half dozen regional runs, one hundred plus local shows, national and international press, four projects and a following that spreads worldwide, The Broadcast is here. Tune in, turn it up and enjoy the frequency.

Track Listing:

01. Tune In
02. Morning Breath
03. Vibrations
04. Time Zones (247365)
05. Railroads (feat. Human?, Esen, and Grimace)
06. Transmission Live
07. Never Know
08. Crooked Hearts
09. Fresh Water
10. Circuit Breaker

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