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Jern Eye Closes New Album With Timeline Tale of Success, Releases Video With Details Of Forthcoming Release


8 October 2009 No Comment

The Song:

It’s a transcontinental joint that caps off Jern Eye’s upcoming release, Vision, as the Oakland-based emcee grabs a classic Notorious B.I.G. sample for the hook. World famous DJ Vinroc, who serves as a part of crews Triple Threat and 5th Platoon, steps in on the production side laying a strong foundation for Jern Eye to celebrate the long struggle of a career that has lead up to this, his forthcoming sophomore solo album, Vision. Guest emcees Roc C and Nightclubber Lang of The Boom Bap Project drop verses that recognize their similar experiences, and for Jern Eye the song serves as a great opportunity to work with the two fellow emcees on his album. Jern Eye says, “I actually recorded a handful of music with Roc C prior to making this album. I met him on tour in ’06. This song was one of the earliest songs recorded for the album. The chemistry is just real, and the beat is real grimey. I love grimey.”

For Nightclubber Lang, “Blowin’ Up” also signified the beginnings of a strong working relationship with Jern Eye. Nightclubber Lang says, “Blowin’ Up is the first track I ever did with Jern. Him and DJ Icewater (from the Pharcyde) wanted me to get on there and spit a third verse. Jern and Roc C definitely did their thing, so I just wanted to get on there and represent. It was too dope not to include on Vision.” Despite the stellar guest verses, no rhyme typifies the celebratory nature of the track better than Jern’s, “I went from gettin’ scrapped when it came to beats / To gettin’ top choice for the sound of my speech.” Check out this and the first fourteen tracks of Vision, out October 13 via MYX Music Label.

Also, make sure to check out this video of Jern Eye discussing his new album, Vision, as he gives insight into the concept behind the album and select songs from the album and discusses the album’s guest features and production: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wiRQq6ghdA

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