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G.O.L.D. (God’s Other Living Disciple)


25 October 2009 No Comment

G.O.L.D.’s debut album “Choices” is a mix between Rhythm and Praise, Holy Hip Hop & Contemporary Christian. His music is the bridge between generations and connects with all audiences.

When G.O.L.D. hits the stage, he brings musical excitement of another kind! With melodious beats and infectious worship, G.O.L.D. attracts and connects spiritually with his audiences. His energy is contagious and his lyrics are life transforming.

G.O.L.D. is a motivational speaker and worship leader using the gifts God gave him to minister, reach, & encourage young people all over the world. He serves under the leadership of Pastor Shawn Mcbride of New Life Community Church in Bowie, MD.

This isn’t G.O.L.D.’s first appearance on the music scene. He has been performing and recording since the Mid 90’s spending a lot of time performing in the Washington DC area at homecomings, festivals, and opening for national artists such as Goodie Mob, The Roots, Raheem Devaughn, and others. He later received a distribution deal from Qinn Records out of St. Louis.

G.O.L.D. grew up in Buffalo, New York. Like many other young men, he became infatuated with and consumed by the streets. Like many other young men, the road he took lead him away from his family, away from his life, and away from GOD. G.O.L.D. was always singing, writing, and performing. However, after continuous life disappointments, most at his own hands, in 2003, he gave music up.

G.O.L.D. may have given up on his music, but music had not given up on G.O.L.D. And, importantly, neither had God. After his departure from music, G.O.L.D. got married, had children, and, most importantly, found the LORD.

In finding the Lord, G.O.L.D. found a new passion for music and a new appreciation for the power of ministry through song. Through his lyrics and music, G.O.L.D. encourages and empowers others to know and ultimately embrace God’s love.
All ages can connect with this musical blessing. White, black, old and young have all received a visit from the Holy Spirit and became spiritually energized from his performances. He is currently heading the “Good as Gold” Tour throughout the MD/DC/VA area.

His music available on Amazon, Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody as well as a few other digital distribution locations.

There is nothing more amazing and exciting then witnessing GOD work through a crowd of people revealing His glory!!!!

So, when you think of G.O.L.D. think of “Musical purification to the soul”…..

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