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Shortyo Reigns with new album King Of The Kounty


8 November 2009 No Comment

Shortyo hits hard with third album King Of The Kounty distributed by E1 Entertainment (Koch Entertainment) which drops October 13, 2009. Featuring banging beats by Felli Fel, Oz n da Decon and fresh verses by Yung Berg, Lil Wayne, Too $hort, Nate Dogg, Reed Dollaz, and Shoshyn this album is aimed to please many. This was the first time I heard Shortyo’s music and I was delightfully surprised.

The family man launched his own record label Affiliated Records in 1997 hitting the streets with his own mixtapes. In 2002 he signed a distribution deal with 101 Distribution outta AZ and released his first album Living My Life. He later released his second album Death Notice for free online.

His newest album King Of The Kounty combines all the elements of true MCing. Shortyo’s lyrics tell factual street anecdotes and the bouncing beats keep the whole body moving with dances like Superman, Stanky Leg, and Tootsie Roll. The “block politician” heavy hits rhythmatic sensations creating unstoppable limb spasms.

The PA album busts woofers with tracks like “Hear The Music” a HipHouse sounding club song. “You must be out your mind,” if you don’t like this album which is filled with several vibrating dimensions that can be heard on your ride, at your crib or at your local hotspot. E-Roc reigned Shortyo fires off hood pride in “There He Go” which hooks you in to his kingdom that is ruled by love for, by and about the streets.

Pledging allegiance to the game Shortyo biographs his life in King Of The Kounty he was raised by his grandma without a dad. His true to life street lessons and struggles are highlighted in “The Streets” and “Everyday.” Odeifying urban life “Better Days” preaches an outlook for a better future. While “The Streets” exemplifies the hardships to be overcome.

The solutions are then outlined in the spirited song “Say My Grace.” Where “royalty is everything” leaned-back pleads pour out, “would you look at me and give me a chance” and self preservation boasts, “These labels will rape you the first chance they get” in “Say My Grace.” Finally, wackness gets shot in “Boogie Picking Angelo.”

Shortyo also reveals the softer side of his empire. His booty calling tricks are evident in the amorous songs in King Of The Kounty which stir virtuous commotions. The catwalking song “Stripper” throbs a Bounce Dat Ass pulse rolling booties and “Hear The Music” bursts heart palpitating thumps. “Next Boyfriend,” “Call Me,” and “Curious” glorify the burning flaring playerism in Shortyo’s Kounty. This smooth operation is more confidentially defined in “Hypnotized” and “Down For Me.”

Kaboom Shortyo snaps throughout the Kounty you gotta Hold Up and Wait A Minute step back and feel the Cali thug life, ChiTown ghetto house club splendor, and NY roughrider lyricism he produces in his third charmed album. “That’s Right” this album triggers Fly six sensed vibrations. Shortyo’s Kounty locked it.

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