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Genre-Bending Group Makes Music Video That Defies Laws Of Hip-Hop


25 July 2010 No Comment

Hip-hop hybrid group No Surrender, composed of Mr. Steeples, Seraphim, and Gnomad, set out to make what Seraphim calls “the direct opposite of what a typical hip-hop video might be,” for their first single “Godda Get It”. “In terms of art direction and visuals, I can’t think of anything in hip-hop like it,” notes Seraphim. “I’m definitely proud of that”. He’s not kidding; the video is one of a kind and expertly executed. The music video is trippy, witty, stylish and fun. It has enough blinking lights and powerful colors to give an epileptic the seizer of his life. Plus, it has conceptual substance. “The concept has a lot to do with consumer culture and the general confusion between wants, needs, and desires,” says Seraphim. The chorus, “I want to get it get it,” repeats while a woman’s face changes and eventually turns into a price tag. “Godda Get It” is experimental animator Maya Erdelyi’s first music video.

Emcees Mr Steeples, Seraphim, and Gnomad rap over hard staccato synth riffs while heavy whisper harmonies hold the rhythm. Producer Radioclit, who has worked with acclaimed artists such as M.I.A and Santogold, is responsible for the electro-funk beats that charge the high-energy vocals. The musical equation ends up equaling something along the lines of a crossbreed between Outkast and TV On The Radio – whose lead singer, Tunde Adebimpe, will have guest vocals featured on the album.

“Godda Get It” is the first single off No Surrender’s upcoming album Medicine Babies. It will be the first record on the new ZerOKilled label started by former Tricky vocalist Costanza Francavilla. Expect more high-energy blends of hip-hop and electro when the album is released in October.

Watch No Surrender – “Godda Get It”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR2gf_nnRfo

For more information on No Surrender please contact Michelle or Dan at Audible Treats.

The Background:

Brooklyn Based Electro crew innovators on the scene who have recorded with Radioclit, TV on the Radio, Crunc Tesla, Evil Nine, FreQ Nasty, Mike Ladd, Badawi, and Dub Gabriel.They have shared the stage with the likes of Ninjasonik, The Very Best, The Last Poets, and shared the screen with Ice Cube, Jason Lee, Trace Adkins…and now they’re ready to crawl out of the underground. The album Medicine Babies, co-produced by COSTANZA , is expected to be released in Fall 2010 on ZerOKilled Music. The single “GODDA GET IT” (produced by Radioclit) is out now.

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