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The Niceguys Shine In Blistering Video For First Single From The Show


22 August 2010 No Comment

In the brand new video for “Mr. Perfect,” the lead single from The Niceguys’ forthcoming debut album The Show, the only thing more energetic than the lyrics are the performances. The clip presents itself almost as a private concert, with the entire Niceguys crew doing what they do best in an abandoned warehouse. Considering the level of enthusiasm and vigor in the group’s live act, it isn’t surprising to hear that, even in the 95+ degree conditions that the video was shot in, the group held nothing back. “The sweat you see on their faces in the video was very much genuine,” assures director Danny Ocean.

Though the clip is seemingly straightforward, the clothing choices are more important and deliberate than one might think. “The song was inspired by inability to fully please anyone really during this album process,” explains rapper Yves Saint. “I wanted to use the wardrobe to capture the, ‘I just got off of this job I hate and need to let off some steam’ feel.” Here, the group couldn’t look more at comfortable or more vibrant.

It would appear that, by using a basic format, the Niceguys are forcing the audience to pay close attention to their musicianship, rather than get caught up in distractingly high-concept video ideas. When it comes to music videos, sometimes the more direct and powerful clips that are the ones that stick with you. The video for “Mr. Perfect” is a great example.

Watch the video for “Mr. Perfect”: http://vimeo.com/14161056

Also, check out The Niceguys’ brand new website, thenicelook.com, for all news, music, and media from the Houston foursome, including their recently launched Nice Look t-shirt line, seen recently on model Maliah Michel.

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