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Vallejo California’s Rising Son Introduces Wrestlemania Music With Rocky Maivia Bonus Track


22 August 2010 No Comment

“Lights, Camera, Action,” the bonus track off Moe Green’s debut LP, Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, is the quintessential fight song. Fresh off a Show & Prove feature in this month’s XXL Magazine, the KMEL Freshmen 10 rapper delivers a fusion of braggadocio and punch line metaphors, a driving kick-to-snare combination, a triumphant staccato, and the distant clamor of an uproarious crowd for this epic opus. “It’s what I call wrestlemania music,” notes Moe. “It gets you ready to do something big.” Produced by Rob-E, who handles production duties on Moe’s forthcoming LP To Whom It May Concern, “Lights, Camera, Action” is an adaptation from French electro-house artist Kavinsky, known for his style reminiscent of 1980s film soundtracks.

Available only on the limited edition pressing of physical CDs, “Lights, Camera, Action” is in essence, Moe’s closing remarks regarding the state of hip-hop and a declaration of his arrival to the game. Calling out Jabronis and spent emcees alike with barbed banter like: “Your times over/ You too old, bro/ There’s new blood here/ Put your toes up,” Moe sends out a strong affirmation of his intent to claim the title and rise among the ranks of hip-hop heavyweights. “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready,” notes the poised emcee. “Because when it’s your time to shine you’ll already be glowing.”

Listen to “Lights, Camera, Action”: http://media.audibletreats.com/Moe_Green-Lights_Camera_Action.mp3

Download Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match (courtesy of Interdependent Media) here: http://moegreen.bandcamp.com/album/rocky-maivia-non-title-match

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