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Twenty-One Tracks To Quench Thirst During Wait For Nerd’s Eye View


29 August 2010 No Comment

On Erk Tha Jerk’s Hood Nerd 2: Memoirs Of The Invisible Man, Erk ends his first song, “One In A Million Freestyle” with, “The mixtape free, no charge it’s on me/ These throw away moves, you can keep the music.” He’s being modest. While the mixtape may be free, Erk’s flow really shines. His vocals have range; his command of each song allows him to rhythmically switch up his rhymes, making each song unique. On the concept of the mixtape, Erk explains, “Memoirs Of The Invisible Man is my way of saying I’m here even when you can’t see me; a shot at the people who pretend I’m not in the room until it’s too late.”

Hood Nerd 2 is a generous offering for a mixtape. Beyond having twenty-one tracks, the overall composition is very eclectic. “Givin It” is a banger with hard, fun production; the track could easily be on an LP. Then, there are freestyle tracks like “One In A Million Freestyle,” with raw production that are pure demonstrations of Erk’s ability as an emcee. “When I’m in ‘hood nerd’ mode I tend to just let go,” notes Erk on the creation process. “I say what I want when I want and make sure to create anti-radio music–it’s just hip-hop with twenty-four bar verses where I can be as lyrical as I want.”

Look out for Erk Tha Jerk’s Nerds Eye View coming soon.

Download Hood Nerd 2: Memoirs Of The Invisible Man here: http://limelinx.com/files/260fdd79d68a0c5c7f2fab5d99d842da

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