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Flips Famous Blaxploitation Names For Latest Single From Heaven Razah


25 September 2010 No Comment

Wu-Tang affiliate, former Sunz Of Man member, and Red Hook, NY native releases his latest in anticipation of his upcoming album, Heaven Razah. The track, “Cinematic,” opens with the sound of a flickering film reel, setting the tone for the track’s vibe; as dramatic strings intertwine with vintage movie quotes, Hell Razah is able to conjure images of classic cinema, giving the track an undeniable air of nostalgia. Throughout the song’s entirety, Razah stays true to the title, referencing iconic blaxploitation film personalities including Pam Grier and Dolemite, weaving an intricate story that gives new life to the big screen characters of the ’70s.

Aside from the rapper’s uncanny ability to lyrically paint his own picture of a classic film, Razah’s his life has been cinematic, in its own right. Heaven Razah was completed in late March and was originally slated for release earlier this summer. True to any tragic hero, Razah stumbled upon a twist in his own journey when unforeseen medical conditions landed him in the hospital shortly after the album’s completion. While the emcee recovers, an amazing supporting cast of characters from his label, Nature Sounds, have announced that the album is ready for release, and will be donating profits from the album to help support Razah’s family in these trying times.

Download the single “Cinematic”:

Also, be sure to check out the latest in Hell Razah’s “Dropping Jewels” video series:

Hell Razah’s solo sophomore album, Heaven Razah, will be available September 28th via Nature Sounds.

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