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Von Pea And Friends Do It For The Kids With Latest Single From Pea’s Gotta Have It


25 September 2010 No Comment

As anticipation grows for the October 12th release of Von Pea’s new album, Pea’s Gotta Have It, he’s enlisted the help of a few friends for the album’s newest single “Thanks For Your Children.” The new track features guest spots from fellow Lessondary members Che Grand and Elucid and was produced by Philly’s own Brizzio, protégé to the legendary producer Buckwild. According to Von, he actually had to hi-jack this track away from Che, as Che’s relationship with Brizzio goes way back – he, not Von, usually gets first dibs on Brizio’s tracks. All is well that ends well, though, as Von and Che, along with Elucid, all wound up on the track together, absolutely killing it.

With a soulful and catchy hook the track shows off Von’s lyrical abilities as he delves into a decidedly different area of subject matter. The emcee strikes a more serious tone than the majority of the lighthearted rhymes about cutting class and other amusing adolescent anecdotes. Instead, the song takes aim at the poor examples being set in his community, sighting drug-addicted mothers and out of control rappers, boldly appointing himself and his crew as a new brand of role models stating, “Along came us, any change is a plus.”

Von Pea’s solo debut, Pea’s Gotta Have It will be available October 12th via Interdependent Media

Listen to Von Pea’s “Thanks For Your Children” here:

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