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Dokte releases his first single ‘Weekend Special’


17 November 2010 No Comment

Afrikaans rapper and producer Dokte has released his first single ‘Weekend Special’ of his new upcoming album via his official website dokte.com.

Dokte – member and producer of award-winning Afrikaans Rap group Kallitz – is scheduled to release his new album ‘Die Afspraak’ in the next few months and ‘Weekend Special’ is the first single off the upcoming album.

Dokte says, “Dis ‘n lekke Afrikaans Rap paatie track soe ek hoop amal likes vi Weekend Special. Die album is klaar maar os garrit nie maak vi 2010 nie. Os werk op ‘n nuwe plan ommit in Februarie 2011 te drop.”

Everyone is invited to listen to the song on dokte.com via streaming and can have the song sent to them as well. Fans simply have to provide their email address and a high quality mp3 (320kbps) of the song will be sent to that email address.

For more information, visit Dokte’s official website at http://dokte.com

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