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One Of The Bay’s Top Rising Talents Kicks Off New Year With The Follow Up To Roachy Balboa


7 January 2011 No Comment

With 2010 still a recent memory, Bay Area favorite Roach Gigz is kicking off 2011 in high fashion, releasing his highly anticipated new project, Roachy Balboa 2. The mixtape is the follow up to Roach’s highly lauded project, Roachy Balboa, released last year, and like its predecessor contains all original production. Closing 2010, Roach released a handful of singles and videos from RB2, including fan favorites “Pop Off” and “Can I Rap,” among others, and with the 18-track project being released today as a free download, fans can look forward to a number of new singles and videos from the project going forward, as well as a limited-edition physical release of Roachy Balboa and Roachy Balboa 2 together in one double-disc package.

While Roachy Balboa worked in showing off Roach’s more lighthearted side and highlighting the rapper’s abilities on the mic, Roachy Balboa 2 shows a progression in the San Francisco native’s style. Tracks like “The Moment,” which features fellow rising Bay Area talents Young Gully and Marlo, deals with the murder of Oscar Grant and subsequent sentencing of police officer Johannes Mehserle.  Elsewhere, Roach continues to show off improved song writing with tracks like “The Dopest 2,” Roach’s biggest anthem to date, and likewise, for fans who loved tracks like “Respect It” on Roachy Balboa, tracks including “Can I Rap” continue to show off Roach’s ability to craft rapid-fire, take-no-prisoner lyrical barbs with unmatched skill.

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