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HipHopKop Entrants Rundown


9 January 2011 10 Comments

We have been following the HipHopKop contest with much interest over the past few weeks.  We put together a list highlighting the cream of the crop, the potentials and other decent tracks that you have to check out.  This is by no means a comprehensive review.  It must be noted that we do not have access to other reference material in most cases therefore this list is based on the submissions only.

Read more about the contest here:  http://www.hiphopkop.com

Note:  We are not affiliated to hiphopkop or it’s sponsors, this is an independent list.

Cream of the Crop aka Top of the Toppings

Note:  In no particular order

Cream (from Kuilsriver)


Solid verses!

Link to Mp3:


Piet Potent (Jozi)

Piet Potent

Good production and decent emcee abilities.

Link to Mp3:


Pote (Durbanville)


Mature lyrics.  There is something special about this track.  There is massive potential here.

Link to Mp3:


Rashid Kamalie (Paarl)

Rashid Kamalie

The track speaks for itself.  The chorus is flimsy but the verses are what impressed us.

Link to Mp3:


Schaik & Jbux (Port Elizabeth)

Schaik & Jbux

Superior lyrics and production.  Perfect articulation of concepts and rhyme structures within the bar frameworks are executed flawlessly.  This is probably the best track entered.  It is rather unfair that stuff like this is overshadowed by less talented Afrikaans emcees in the South African scene.

Link to Mp3:


The Potentials

Chase Lutron (Kuilsriver)

Chase Lutron

Ignore the annoying chorus, listen to the verses.

Link to Mp3:


Churchil (Mitchells Plain)


There’s something interesting about this, would like to hear more from this artist.

Link to Mp3:


Ly The Nomad Poet (Walvis Bay)

LY The Nomad Poet

Link to Mp3:


Hakkiesdraad Hartman (George)

Hakkiesdraad Hartman

The rhyme style is sick and unique.  The rhyme construct just requires sharpening.  There is something interesting happening here.

Link to Mp3:


Other Decent Tracks

Bluetrain (Bellville Suid)


Likwit (Kuilsriver)


MC Quin (Ceres)


Remy E (Eerste Rivier)


Terror MC (Mossel Bay)


Let us know what you think!

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  • Buchu

    Dankie vir die breakdown!
    I feel like the organisers of the fest should have wittled down the entrants down to 20,
    there are too many people to listen to, and some are not very good, while others are way way ahead.
    What I’m saying is the guys who are actually F’n good might not get stumbled upon because there are too many mediocre tracks to wade through…
    Your article helps.
    BTW Pote gets my vote!!!

  • http://www.africasgateway.com admin

    Good points. I think that this contest is very good in that it exposes even more artists that even I knew existed. What would have helped though was to put all the songs in one folder and zip that up so people can download everything. There is a chance that, as you say, you miss a song here or there because each track has to be individually downloaded.

  • http://www.mysticsound.co.za Craig B

    In all honesty,it’s just not cutting edge..most of it is fucking awful..

  • Denvor

    Thanks for your feedback on this project. The organisers would like to thank your for your input. A new project like this needs feedback as to improve in the future. Please attend the Round 1 finale 28 January Artscape Theatre. DJ Ready D and Jack Parow will be rocking the stage alonside the Top 6 entries. Peace D

  • Rushdi

    Awesume initiative!Was pleasantly surprised by many of the tracks, Rashid Kamalie gets my vote!

  • Michele

    My vote is for Cream and Chase Lutron!

  • einstein adonis

    you guys missed KhoeSunz aka League Of Shadows… obviously its all subjective but these guys kill everything they do. http://soundcloud.com/league-of-shadows

  • http://www.africasgateway.com admin

    Thanks Einstein noted.

  • Ban

    Wow Schaik & Jbux (Port Elizabeth), are really good!!! I was suprised there is so much talent in Afrikaans hip hop. I like the exposure Afrikaans hip hop is getting.Great stuff!!!!!!!!