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Konfab – The Lost Tapes


15 February 2011 2 Comments

Recovered from the twisted wreckage of charred hard drives, scratched CD-Rs and dusty tape reels, this previously unreleased collection of KONFAB’s work has finally emerged to allow you a glimpse into the mind of one of South Africa’s most accomplished lyricists.

KONFAB describes himself as an, “anti-establishment, presently disadvantaged, previously dissed and damaged, seriously pissed-off, with anger mismanaged, half-foreign, urbanised darkie.”

This eclectic collection spans a number of years and a variety of subject matter. KONFAB is equally comfortable dissecting the politics of post-Apartheid racial inequality, the devastating effects of colonialism or the state of hip hop.

KONFAB’s quest is to stretch the barriers of language and syllabic metre to their artistic limits, whilst simultaneously delivering an impassioned message, often with a slightly crass sense of humour.

The soundscape is provided by Dplanet, Hipe, Saturn (Writers Block), Ootz the Afronaut, Brand Lelakabe, Mpumito Bomvino and DJ Raiko. There’s something for hip hop purists as well as those with more leftfield, electronic sensibilities.

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