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Dokte – Hou Vi Jou Lekke


20 February 2011 One Comment

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 21 February 2011 – Afrikaans rapper and producer Dokte has released another song ‘Hou Vi Jou Lekke’ from his new upcoming album via his official website dokte.com.

Dokte – member and producer of award-winning Afrikaans Rap group Kallitz – is scheduled to release his new album ‘Die Afspraak’ soon and has posted another song off the album after releasing ‘Weekend Special’ in November 2010.

Dokte says, “Die album is klaar en dis net die admin en beplanning wat ‘n bietjie langer vat.   Ek het besluit om almal ‘n kans te gee om die song ‘Hou Vi Jou Lekke’ te luister innie meantime.”

Everyone is invited to listen to the song on dokte.com via streaming. More music, notably Dokte’s free 16-track mixtape, “Die Spreekkaame Miekstyp”, which was mixed by DJ Azuhl of Brasse Vannie Kaap, can also be downloaded on his official website.

For more information, visit Dokte’s official website at http://dokte.com.

Hou Vi Jou Lekke by Dokte

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