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SL Jones x DJ Burn One – “Dope Man” Video


17 May 2012 No Comment

A few weeks back, SL Jones & DJ Burn One released the video for “D.A.R.E.,” the debut visual from Paraphernalia. The project, which first started as an EP, has since developed into a 12-track mixtape that is scheduled for a May 23rdrelease. Today, SL Jones & DJ Burn One are excited to release the tape’s latest visual, for the track “Dope Man.”

While the “D.A.R.E.” video was a strictly solo clip, with SL using the track to touch on a number of more personal topics, “Dope Man” features SL and Burn One in the clip together, a rare in-video cameo for the producer. “It’s rare in the music world, but Burn One and me, we’re actually homies,” says SL. “The whole Paraphernalia tape has been a truly collaborative effort between he and I, so it was important to make sure he’s represented in the visuals.”

The video, directed by Red Audio, is a quick-cutting clip shot that captures SL and Burn One in their natural environment, during a recent day spent out in Atlanta, and, despite the song’s title, viewers won’t see any inflated kingpin dreams here. “I wanted to represent ‘all things dope’ with this video; not just ‘Dope Man’ in the literal sense of drugs,” explains SL. “And the way that Red shot and edited the video has a lot to do with that. All we had to do was turn up, and Red took care of the rest.”

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