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Ty Magic Returns With Exquisite New Video For Comeback Single “Feel My Parole”


18 June 2012 No Comment

After a brief hiatus from the game, rapper, songwriter and producer TY MAGIC is back with a grown and sexy new music video for his come-back single titled “Feel My Parole”. Produced by Ty Magic himself and featuring Chris Strings on vocals, “Feel My Parole” is an excellent return to form by the man who brought us the futuristic “Blackberry Pin” in 2009 and is sure to place TY Magic firmly back on the road to super stardom.

Directed by Solocall and Mastering Studios with a cameo appearance from Trisha as the leading lady, the music video for “Feel My Parole” is a befitting visual montage for this grown-up single from Ty Magic which is laced with lush drum patterns and hypersonic keyboard arrangements over which Chris Strings – on the hook – shows off his vocal talent and leading man, Ty Magicdisplays his smooth flow and lyrical aptitude.





TY MAGIC – real name, Akintayo Akinmulero – is anything but new to the Nigerian music scene and is certainly a name to be reckoned with. Having played music and performed in bands from the tender age of 7, the promising rapper, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist burst onto the scene in 2009 with the hugely successful “Blackberry Pin”.

Growing up in musically inclined surroundings, Ty Magic honed his song-writing and music making dexterities by writing and arranging songs for his Secondary School choir where he served as the Choir Director. On the side, he whetted his rapping skills by performing at social events in school and later went on to became a member of a Hip-Hop group called Triple Threat before embarking on his solo career in 2006.

Ty Magic likes to be referred to as a musician as different from just a rapper or singer and it shows in the way that he is focused more on all the facets of his music – from the melodies and rhythm to perfecting the harmonies – rather than simply on rapping or dropping metaphors and punchlines. Like the “Performance Producers” before him such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Don Jazzy, Ty Magic produces the instrumentals, initiates the hook and verses and employs fitting melodies and vocals – and the right vocalist – to expand the music from a concept forming in his mind to the eventual hit song that we all get addicted to.

As a graduate of Microbiology from Covenant University, Ty Magic cleverly describes his passion for music in biological terms, “to be the single cell of good music present in a tissue of other musicians such that he can reproduce and colonize the surrounding tissue, thus organs, thus system”.










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