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Latest Video From Nissim, Formerly Known As D. Black


15 August 2013 No Comment

Seattle rapper Nissim, whom you may have known as D. Black before he converted to Orthodox Judaism and changed his name, is preparing for the release of his upcoming self-titled album with the premiere of his video for “Live For Now.” The track, featuring dream pop duo Bonhom, emcompasses ethereal vocal pulses against tick tocky strings while Nissim raps about showing that you have the power to live a better life. As D. Black, the rapper gained recognition rapping about street life but recently made the decision to abandon that way of life to follow a life of faith.


For the video, Nissim was inspired by real life. Says Nissim, “I aimed to capture pressing situations that youth can relate to that may cause them to feel that there is no way out of street life.” The rapper thought up most of the video treatment himself and says the locations used for shooting tie it into the track because they “remind us that our teens are troubled everyday in our schools, neighborhoods and cities. All it takes is for us to open our eyes and see situations like these.” The self-titled album is the first from the rapper since his name change and will be released on September 17th.

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