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Tanya Morgan – “Never Too Much” Feat. Nitty Scott, MC


20 September 2013 No Comment

Rap group Tanya Morgan‘s upcoming third album, Rubber Souls, is due out September 24th, and they’ve now released a new video for the track “Never Too Much” feat. Nitty Scott, MC, which premiered today on Complex. Group members Donwill and Von Pea have jam packed their new album with guest talent, slick production by 6th Sense, and an evolved style that reflects a more seasoned demeanor in their approach to hip-hop while maintaining their classic sound.

“I just wanted it to have a fun vibe to it, to just be playful and high energy,” says Donwill of the new video. “It’s a song about not needing fancy things to impress people so we went with a really stripped down set design.” Producer 6th Sense, who helped conceived of the visual alongside director Leona the Strange, echoes this sentiment, “The idea [is] that the bells and whistles of the lifestyle don’t necessarily fully define who you are,” he explains, “[We] tried to convey that reality is perception, not necessarily that perception is reality that we as people as accustomed to.” Joined by Brooklyn rapper Nitty Scott, MC, the video reflects the song’s laid back, carefree and fun vibe. “Working with Nitty is always fun,” says Donwill, “I love being around her and her team.”

Tanya Morgan will be performing tracks from their new album at the Apple Store Soho in New York City on September 26th at 8pm.

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