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Author Topic: 10 Years Later: Where these Agians are Now-Part 1  (Read 1008 times)


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10 Years Later: Where these Agians are Now-Part 1
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:05:14 PM »
Remember when these fuck heads wouldn't go a minute without posting shit on this forum? And now you get here 10 years later and all these niggaz is corpses you'd swear Qedani was put on guard over these niggaz. Well i got an idea of where these fuckwits might be up to. They all lead predictable lives anyway. So let's get it:

1. Mad- Yhea you got it right. I'm gonna start with me. I'm probably the ONLY good story to tell after all these years. Niggaz used to laugh at me when i was broke tryinna get this bread. Shaming my hustle coz they thought they was havin it. Now? Hardly, I'm out here on my 3rd Job getting this money, stackin paper to the ceiling. Plus I've had more pussy than half the niggaz in here ever had COMBINED!

I've probably met some of you suckers on the streets too. Just that i was too busy checking shit out. Which makes you even leas important by any standards!

2. Milk- The biggest fuck up of this forum. He probably got sodomised by a group of Mursi people to death. I wouldn't save this clown from any form of danger bra. If i saw this guy getting jacked in a Tarven in Maseru. I'd simply take a piss next to where they punch-out his teeth and keep it moving!

3. Pyro- i still hate this Laatie with all my energy and soul. I dream everyday i meet him so i could kick his falling teeth off. That's why to this day i carefully browse any coloured crew i come across just to get lucky and stun this piece of shit!

But he probably got killed by a stray bullet in Cape Flats. Bad as this might sound, it has been my new year resolution since!

Fucking moegu!!

4. Waylander- Got nabbed by sars and got to realize that he wasn't rich afterall. He just didn't know enough about Taxes. Now he knows what a 2Kg Rainbow chicken costs!

5. Deac- Choked on a KFC burger that had extra Mayonnaise. When he almost recovered from that, RYU from SF pulled up and kicked him on the Nutts. I would have loved killing this mofo myself using a deadly tactic from Mortal Kombat but shit dreams don't always come through!

6. DPleezy- Who names himself like this thou? Y'all already knew that Punit nonsense was bound to fail. His main artist was named Rattex!

Really nigga?

He is somewhere in Jozi hustling bootlegged Mp3 in Taxi ranks. Someone needs to advise him to hit Maboneng streets too if he ever wants to die with any sense of decency. He might make real money there. But can i kill him first?!!

7. Ramo- Masturbated to death. Fuck this faggot. I lost my appetite typing this fucks name!

8. Bhlackroze- Though she was lauren hill until she got knocked up by a Venda dude. Must be hard talking that poetic English while trying to start a fire in remote areas of Limpopo.

9. Rebbi- Got two pieced by a suicide vest. He lost to an antisemitic suicide vest. Was a cool dude thou. I'd think twice before killing him. He had a nice Amish look!

10. Panic- Read too many black consciousness books and got ink-poisoned. His funeral was on a cloud of weed smoke!

11- AA- Get off Snirnoff nigga!

Fuck y'all....check out part two Brick is 1st!