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Title: cash injection!
Post by: sqew on July 01, 2006, 08:42:20 PM
spray paint is wonderful......
my girlfriend was wearing her sisters Dickies top(really nice one) and i had just bought 2 cans of montana Alien and i tagged her face with a fat marker..... she just moved it off by rubbing it off with the dickies tee.... im drunk on red wine  .....  
coming to the point why do a lot of people go for an option of being an mc instead of a b-boy, graff head or otherwise? is it easier? the town im frm most peeps were mcs or poetry ca**anovas. there were a handful of graf heads and this included myself, pyroteknixx,khalabi, houdini/no.2,  check art, and....well thats all i know... so  is it a question of cash that pushes peeps that way coz i remember people asking how much canz cost and how many i use for one piece...
 are our  talents dicatated by the piggy bank and tax man? :?:
in  that case i need to teach cats tha skill of racking....  :)
Title: cash injection!
Post by: DJ_Nastie_Ed on July 02, 2006, 04:02:30 AM
all graff artists i knew/know are broke as f***. I started as a graff artist. Racked. So decided to quit that when i turned 18... shit just too expensive.
Title: cash injection!
Post by: ootz on July 02, 2006, 12:57:25 PM
i think i goes according to the type of person you are.and if whatever your doing you can back up financially.
Title: spray cash
Post by: sqew on July 02, 2006, 01:00:53 PM
so you dont paint any more?  well i kinda understand coz i cud go by for 2-3 weeks without buying a can... but you can find ways around it...