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Title: Bafana need goals
Post by: Koli qha on September 14, 2009, 04:17:39 PM
We all know that we need goals to win matches.. the current group of strikers we have can't seem to keep that on lock and the calls for McCarthy to come back are fast becoming deafening. Is this a good move? If he can score the goals we so desperately need won't we forget his transgressions? Vote...
Title: Re: Bafana need goals
Post by: MrC The Rap God Almighty on September 14, 2009, 04:25:04 PM
NO. The current strikers are not scoring cos they are not getting regular feed from the middle.We can't even reach the final 3rd and when we do it's closed down already cos our middle field is so slow.

Benni's last goal for us was last year against Ghana and b4 that his last goal was in 2006. Fix the middle-field and get those wings backs to attack more, then we'll see goals.Check Parker's and Mphela's goals during Confed. Balls were thrown into the 18-area from the wings and resulted in goals. Simple football.