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Title: Africa´s first ´72-hr Hip Hop Marathon until 21
Post by: MaddStone on November 21, 2004, 05:09:00 AM
This event need ur support.This is such a tight concept and they r in need of creating more awareness and publicity to get peeps to pledge and donate for the "Increase the peace Stop the Violence" campaign.

Check the website: Nappy Heads 72-Hr Hip Hop Marathon South Africa

The more people log on to the site and the more hits they get, the more funds can be generated as well.Whats cool is that u can check out webcam footage with performances that have taken place there already.Reah dropped her new single (tight) and many more out there.

the POWER 4 DJ´s Ready D, DJ Eazy, Azhul and E20 have been at it for more than 48 hours str8, just playing man.They tryna raise funds as well as create a major Guiness Record.Sunday is the last day, so show support.They extended a major challenge to Busta Rhymes, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Qbert and Prince Paul, to name a few to pledge if they think what they see via streaming video is not tight enuff from Ready D and the boys, and they should try and pledge if they think its tight as well.

Whoever reads this, please do create awareness bout it and pa** word around to peeps overseas or wherever to visit the site.Lets get peeps to donate and make this fundraiser successful.The details r on the site too, so if u in the US for instance, u can deposit into the account for the Free-Thru play organization as well.Do read more bout the reason behind the fundraiser.

Keep it all good my peeps.This event and effort is what HIP HOP´s about.
Title: Africa´s first ´72-hr Hip Hop Marathon until 21
Post by: MaddStone on November 21, 2004, 11:08:00 AM
For those of u in Cape Town, u gotta stop by the event man.Too tight.

I was there yestaday and Reah did her single "ordinary girl".Madd props.Peeps were blown by the tightness.See got brilliant vocals and tight rhymes too.

Also, if u were not there, then u missed an impromptu Spoken Word 3-minute set by Staple Feud.She just too nice man.Btw, she wrote the poem in like 5 minutes after being asked to perform something kwikly.She went on 20 minutes later and peeps there were just taken away.I, myself, was taken aback.She did it nice.Props in a major way.She´s gonna be working with Azhul soon.Check for that one next year.

Also, DaLinkwent is doing his thing there too.Peeps who not fam with him, he´s originally from Ancient Men, but now on the solo tip......but still linked to Ancient Men fam.The boy is too nice on the mic and he been telling me bout his beatboxing and how tight it is.Lets just say he´s proven his point.I am convinced now.He tight.Boy gonna be working on his solo soon he says.Just scouting the producers that match his style and that he vibes with.Should be a hot album dropping next year.

Non-CPT peeps, maybe this event could be done in other parts of SA to create and raise awareness of different issues plaguing our society.Nappyheads r doing great things as organizers.Just the major corps r so full of crap.All talk and no show.They need a good kick in the behinds man.But madd props to Free Thru-Play, NappyHeads Organization, All the peeps involved with this event.Big shout out to one of the illest hip hop painters/artists I ever got to meet, Leon Botha.Brackenfell kid is skilled too tightly.U guys gotta peep his work.He´s done Azhul´s album cover.Works with acrylic paint.That really kwik dry stuff.Ya, if u mess up, u mess up type of stuff.He just too skilled to even worry bout messing.Support dude when he does an exhibition.U wont be disappointed.U´ll be more blown and humbled than anything.FO REAL.

Madd luv to my peeps doing their thing for the luv of doing their thing.
Title: Africa´s first ´72-hr Hip Hop Marathon until 21
Post by: MaddStone on November 22, 2004, 09:11:00 AM
I just checked that new webcam clips r up on the site.

U guys should peeps Staple Feud dropping her spoken word.Also peep "man vs machine" clip.Its Dalinkwent and Ready D going at it.Man, Dalink is too tight man.Kid is flowing nice man and the beat boxing is ill.Boy gonna start with his album soon.If u didnt peep him yet, check the nappyheads site and see for urself.Niceness.