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Title: Code Blac: The Essence/ Renaissance Mix
Post by: Ferociouz Blac on April 18, 2017, 11:08:49 AM
Sup y'all, I've decided to do another AG account since it's been a decade I can't seem to get a new pa**word & AG is not user friendly.  :'(

Code Blac: From Tha Ghetto Slums to Tha DunGeon Soundz
[Essence: Renaissance Of Tha Golden Era]


BIG DHO - The Blast Off Ft. Chaundon
Probable Cause - Come Around (Instrumental)
The Begining...
Mack Wilds - Art of Fallin'
Blastah Beatz - Levels Ft. Apani B Fly
Champ MC - Do U Know My Style
Example - E.T.A.
Down To Erf - Insertion Of Thought
The Abstract Pack - Yes
Godd Boddies - Ill Visions
Black Thought & Malik B - Time For Change (Unreleased) Ft. Pauly Yamz
Mos def & Talib Kweli - Another World
C. Boogie Brown - I 'll Always Be Around
New Testament - Let It Rain (Sunlight)
Blaque Spurm - Nonoxynol Rhymin' Ft. Fyne
Scott Lark - Natural Bliss
Serious - Mad Love To Give
Lpsd - Back At Ya
ScienZe - I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You
Natural Elements - Survive
Mastermind - Karma (Instrumental)
Shades Of Culture - Payin Rent
Methuzulah - Black God Ft. SA-Roc