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Title: Respect those who put in work
Post by: oxman on July 17, 2003, 06:49:00 AM
This was lifted from the old geto3000 website ( written by Big Dre:

Who´s who in the Kingdom ?

One of the first graffiti artists in the country, was a b-boy with the Ballistic Rockers. He has done quite a bit of commisioned work lately, eg. for the TV station SABC 1 and lots of work for companies in Guateng where he now resides. He also toured Europe with POC and did some pieces over there.

Tony is an oldskool writer who was down with the Zulu nation, King Jamo and the whole nine. This guys has great technical skills and does lots of work for jams and t-shirts. I think his stuff is always of good quality but the one that stands out for me is the backdrop he did for the POC album launch.

He is the buziest graf artist at the moment with the most pieces. This guy is everywhere. His work can be seen in Cape Town, Grahamstown, P.E., Guateng and even Sweden (where he got beaten for some reason) Also down with King Jamo and TVA ( the villianous animators)

This guy is around the way from me. He is getting lots of commissioned work lately, that´s helping him pay the internet bills. Did some nice stuff with Falko Muff TVA etc. Apparently did some work at the 2 Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront. Primarily a character artist by admition, portraits, faces etc. are what he concentrates on. Oh yeah he´s finishing his last year of graphic art and hopes to travel the world soon. Also check out an interview Geto 3000 did with SKY ONE.

Saw this guys work in Mitchells plain. On that popular 2D trip, but pulls it off everytime and with style. Was interviewed for a documentary that aired on national television. Won a few graf competitions and mostly does work in his area.

Used to live in the Athlone area when I first met him. He doesn´t do that much work, but this guy´s got hair on his teeth. Seriously when he decides he´s gonna piece up, he does it no matter what. Come police or gangster he´ll finish what he started.

Only seen his work at the graf competition that Falko organised, don´t know much else about him.

From a very well off area this guy. Still a bit nervous when piecing up around people. Lately has done work with AMP 37 under the name of YMB. These can be seen along the suburban trainlines and the great wall of Saltriver. Getting better with each piece.

Apparently a very young brother who did a chromie with ma**ive letters. This was with Falko and Sky One at the Woodstock Bridge.

Also rapper by the name of Suroc. Started the same time as Falko, but stopped for a long time. Participated in the competition that Falko organised. Don´t know if he´s doin any pieces at the mo.

Theres quite a bit of activity in this part of the culture with new writers getting up all the time. Other folks however have seen this as a bunch of toys trying to get attention. We´ll keep you posted with the happenings and hopefully Sky One will get those photos to me that he promised.
Title: Respect those who put in work
Post by: oxman on July 17, 2003, 06:51:00 AM
The above list was written about four years ago though!
Title: Respect those who put in work
Post by: Anonymous on July 23, 2003, 10:00:00 PM
Just for the record:

Suroc aka Skuel is also known as Mr Marco Polo.
He is still piecing.