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Hey fellaz gimme something man, a phone number, something!

Nas - NY State Of Mind 2

Where is this joint available tho?

Sports Arena / Re: Rap 2 on 2
« on: January 21, 2009, 12:14:56 PM »
Cats going with the obvious East and West Coasts, so I'm going to take the path less travelled, I'm bringing the Derrty Derrty thru. You cats remember those mid to late 90's videos from No Limit Records? With the cats always balling in the playground?
I got Master P. and Silkk The Shocker.
Lie and tell me which rappers could stand up to these two on the basketball court, I dare you.

General Discussion / Re: No, it can't be!!!
« on: January 08, 2009, 11:16:23 AM »
Of all people.................Seida-Crook, I hollered at dude this morning and he said he's just come back from Cape Town and was scheduled to resume 2day. This is unbelievable peeps.

So I guess that means that ETV must have added Gangsterism to their Newsroom, alongside Sports, Weather and General News then........

General Discussion / Re: 2009 New year resolutions
« on: January 04, 2009, 03:20:42 PM »
Get some a**-implants for my white broad

Get my anus bleached 

Co-ordinate and oversee da a**a**ination of Jacob Zuma

Ejaculate on a woman's eyelid just so I ca' be on some "...err did u c  me coming?"

Start smoking

Administer more public beatdowns
Steal a Police squad car and brutalise drunk, unsuspecting white people on some "..I asked you once nou gaan ek vir jou opfok!"

Start calling women bitches and hoes.

Start farting in grossly overcrowded lifts

Drop the top on the VW EOS at the robots and keep it down and when it starts raining, whip out a big-a** umbrella and keep riding

Get my pubic hair waxed

Bolster my already formidable knowledge of the loopholes surrounding Tax Evasion

Piss on a drunk person while they've pa**ed out

Give Big Elle a full, thorough and eye-wateringly robust "debriefing"

whoa, whoa, whoa, slowdown there babyboy, coz u know all of that would be kind of hard 2 achieve when u got this chocha all over ur moustache.

Why don't u 2 get room or sumthing, geez!

General Discussion / Re: AMSTELLED UP!
« on: December 27, 2008, 03:49:31 PM »
Ayo, not trying to brag but I done been all around this country, North West, J-sec, Bloem, P.E., E.L.,Cap City etc. but nobody an' I mean nobody gets drunk like Cape Flats niggas. Whites, Coloureds, Blacks, Indians; it's all the same, when it comes to the festive season my niggas is liqoured up for real. Niggas is falling around on the beach nearly getting drowned and shit, 'til they mans gotta come and pick 'em up (I see you Beanie). Jozi niggas prolly come in third in the drinking stakes, behind Mamelodi and Soshanguve niggas (dem niggas would drink Pyro under a table for real).
Right now niggas is arguing with they mans, falling off balconies, getting slapped da f*** out (ever seen a drunk nigga fall? that shit look like it's happening in slow-motion and shit), up-chucking on they mamas cars, pissing on couches, getting run over by Ice-Cream vans, LOL WHAT THE f***??

And there's nothing better than watching a drunk nigga take a beatdown when you're drunk yourself; that shit is funnier than a muhf***er coz drunk niggas seem to have a superhuman pain threshold yo, niggas be getting bitchslapped and shit talkin' 'bout "askies mfethu, hade mfethu". Cape Flats = da drunkest niggas on planet EARTH.

ROLFMAO!!!!! Dead right about Cap City tho. Mamelodi is nothing 2 play with on the alcohol side of things. In December alcohol is acceptable with every meal of the day!!!
@The Kid, Jo'burg cats got nothing on us man!!!! Cape Flats neither!!!! Pochefstroom could get bodied too!!!!! Y u think Alcoholics Anonymous' Headquarters in Cap City man!!!!!! Viva! Black Label Viva!!

AG Wire / Re: Cla** of '09
« on: December 24, 2008, 12:11:27 PM »
This is just a collection of SA Rappers who I personally think should or need 2 have a breakout year in 2009 due 2 their street-cred, skills, underground following etc.

No 1: -  Maggz. Repping J-Sec. This dude is stupid ill, one of tha nicest MC's if not the nicest in SA. And unlike The L.E.S. has got swagger plus rap skills. Has already established a street-buzz off his Mixtape and feature appearances. This dude is definitely tha illest rapper ever 2 come out of Jozi, period.Needs 2 go mainstream in big way and kiss and make up with his man Pro-kid. Has tha potential 2 be tha best in SA.

No 2:  -  Ondaground. Repping Cap City. One of tha most slept on MC's in SA at the moment. This dude has tha ability 2 do 4 SA Rap what Kanye did in the US. Coming in from left-field (where nobody was watching) and just take over the game. Dude is unconventional and unlike any other rapper out there (like Kanye when he was starting out) plus he's ill on mics and his stage presence and performance is not 2 be f***ed with. I'll be checking 4 dude, coz Cap City needs 2 come with tha heat next year.

No 3:  -  Hoodlum. Repping J-sec. This dude is the premier beatmaker / rapper in SA period. But since the break-up of Hiden Force, I ain't seen much of him in a mainstream sort of way. I hear he's doing his thing behind tha boards for otha up and coming rappers and also heard the buzz behind his anticipated "Junk Food" album. But I'm still waiting 4 tha full-length "Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding". This dude deserves a mainstream spot.

No 4:  -  Seida-Crook.Repping Cape Flats. Is there any evidence that this dude is still alive? Here in J-Sec he's become something of an Urban Legend, never seen anywhere but always popping up 4 guest features and interviews in Hype Mag etc. For a dude who has only 1 track out there ("Unf***withable") he's very well known after guest spots on Landmynz Vol. 2, Beatoven's Vol. 5, Rashid's Album (4got tha name), and word is he's also featured on both Hoodlum's upcoming Albums. Like Maggz has tha potential 2 be the best in SA, coz no-one except maybe Maggz can f*** with this dude when it comes 2 ill-flows. The streets been waiting on u Crook.

No 5:  -  The Anvils. Repping Cap City. These dudes r simply tha illest Rap Group in SA right now, period. Tha punchlines, that real township swagger, tha flows, only maybe Last Days Fam and Morafe can f*** with these dudes. Only problem is they're still underground. Roach Inc needs 2 find a way 2 get these dudes onto tha mainstream, coz there's no doubt they would kill it. Every joint they got out has got Radio potential while still maintaining their credibility in tha streets. Buff needs 2 make a plan 4 these dudes quick coz their killing shows all over tha country - proof that they could make it big next year.

Those are my 3 favorite rappers in SA at the moment. True all of them need to lock the game down 2009. As 4 Anvila, those cats been nice so co-sign on the best rap group in SA thing.

General Discussion / Re: Yo Song of the Day 2008!
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:45:36 PM »
One More Chance by Notorious feat. Faith Evans

Sports Arena / Van Der Saar
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:43:28 PM »
What's the difference between Dracula and  Van Der Saar? Absolutely nothing, I mean after all these years they both still don't know how to deal with crosses  ;D ;D

Politics / Re: What The f***
« on: November 11, 2008, 05:01:45 PM »
No! ya'll just trippin...
frontin when you know damn well darkies was never leading nothin!!

 ROFL!!!!.....must be a navy-blue-a** nigress then........

Politics / Re: What The f***
« on: November 11, 2008, 03:58:41 PM »
maybe its true. the reighn of the purple and blue are over. shaq, jordon, michael vick, pele,evander hollyfield, wesly snipes and so many others...their time has come and gone. its the end of an era. i think we should just accept it lol!

wise words son, accept that shyt lol! We takin over, me and my khaki-a** nigas, The Game, Lloyd Banks, Will Smith, Luda, Common, Pharrel, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Fat Joe, LLCoolJ WE RUNNING SHYT! Even the two best rappers in the game had to jump on the bandwagon to avoid falling off. Jigga scooped up Beyonce and Nas Esco found Kelis, Nelly came thru wid Ashanti 2 ensure their kids are pure-bred lightskins! lol. Nick Cannon scooped up Mariah Carey to ensure that their kids are the lightest of all lightskins  ;D Just 2 show how much the darkies or navies have fallen off Roy Jones Jr got a a**-beating from this Latino looking nigga DAAAAMMMMNNN!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: I'M BACK
« on: November 06, 2008, 06:07:18 PM »
yeh niggas was shining in my abscence, stealing my light but i'm back to wage war. top of my hitlist is crook. battle me son ;)

@ elle, I think ur mad nice with ur's maybe the nicest chick I've heard in SA but with all due respect get off seidas dick already, ur better than that. no disrespect.

General Discussion / Re: worlds hottest chicks
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:12:10 PM »
My niggas f*** all these Celebrity chicks, walk 'round da streets of this country. There's more heat in the streets than in Celebrityville, real talk. Lemme break it down for y'all, province by province:
 Top 5 Provinces in S.A.
1. North West (got da hottest mami's hands down in S.A.)
2. Western Cape (hottest black, white & coloured mami's in S.A.)
3. Gauteng (Pretoria mami's got niggas goin' to rehab and shit)
4. Eastern Cape (Umtata and P.E. chicks is off da scale)
5. KZN and Free State (Umlazi and Bloem chicks is NICE)

Yo Crook, I see you s'gebeng sam. Umlazi, got the illest broads in KZN, and the sickest apple bottoms in S.A.-- No doubts

CPT they be mad prettiest....The Ladies With Attitude...Hahaha...Kidding, they just know what they want and how to be straight with a nucca
Limpopo got the finest dark skinned broads...period... no one can touch Lim on this one
PTA all them nicest short haired 'em
East London...Damn...Go there in June and December and expect to see Halle Berry striding the streets

@crook real talk my nigga, cap city holding it down, i'm swimming in women!

Movie Talk / Re: Top 50 Movies Of All Time
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:05:11 PM »
Oh my bad, how ca' I forget The Boiler Room. This is the best ever performnace outta Vin Diesel; f*** all that type-cast action bullshit, this is a real-a** performance. Giovanni Ribisi, Nia Long and Ben Affleck also come thru real heavy on this joint. Prolly in the Top Ten Movies Of All-Time.

yeh my nigga, Boiler Room is that shit. vin disel ill up in that flick. and the soundtrack with the 50 cent joint as the flick ends is too nice.

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