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Sports Arena / Bafana vs Sierra Leone
« on: June 22, 2008, 10:27:25 AM »
Just read this on IOL, a sports write up that's quite entertaining actually

South Africa 0

Sierra Leone 0

Bafana Bafana plumbed new depths on Saturday with an utterly pathetic display that leaves them with a snowball's chance in hell of making it to the 2010 African Nations Cup.

Brazilian Joel Santana stood clueless on the touchline at the final whistle, having made a total mess of South Africa's qualifying campaign, even if he did arrive on short notice.

Carlos Alberto Parreira must take a share of the blame too, for recommending a man who looks more and more like a first-time swimmer drowning in the choppy waters of international football.

"One team came here to play and the other didn't," said Santana afterwards, merely showing off his naivety.

Certainly, Sierra Leone came here with one intention - a goalless draw, and parked a proverbial bus in front of their goal.

This is not a defensive machine like Germany, however, or even Nigeria, but a side ranked 163rd in the world, a side that has won one away game this century.

Yet they have now kept out Bafana for 180 minutes in the space of a week. No wonder coach Ahmed Kanu looked like a man who had just won the lottery - and then married his childhood sweetheart - at the final whistle.

South Africa had to win on Saturday to keep any realistic hopes alive of qualifying for Angola. And Santana cannot really be blamed for fielding the same side that had thumped Equatorial Guinea 4-1 just two week's earlier.

Yet when the plan did not work, when Bafana could not find a way through Sierra Leone, Santana appeared to have no 'Plan B'.

Kagiso Dikgacoi and MacBeth Sibaya are two essentially defence-minded midfielders, whether or not Dikgacoi netted twice against Equatorial Guinea. Yet Santana kept both on the field for 70 minutes, even though for the whole game Sierra Leone regarded attacking as a total waste of time.

Santana made the utterly deranged claim that Sierra Leone had "dangerous forwards".

Thembinkosi Fanteni, too, was kept on the field for over an hour, despite playing like an amateur who has never touched a ball in his life.

A coach can only do so much, of course. And Bafana's players, who spurned chance after chance in the first half, have to take their share of responsibility.

The Brazilian and Bafana were also a little unlucky when an own-goal in the second half was disallowed for reasons best-known to Cameroonian referee Raphael Evehe Divine and his a**istants.

But mainly, Santana looked totally out of his depth, and Safa must be wondering if they have made a terrible mistake.

There was a far better crowd here on Saturday than for the previous game against Equatorial Guinea, though probably only because the authorities opened the gates to the public a few minutes after kick off.

Bafana, however, were unable to grab an early goal to settle their nerves, as they had against Equatorial Guinea.

Teko Modise did not look fully fit and failed to grab hold of the game, while Bafana's pa**ing was worryingly inconsistent.

And when chances did come their way, Bafana were wasteful beyond belief. After 18 minutes, Tshepo Masilela latched onto Surprise Moriri's pa**, and sprinted away from the Leone Stars defence. However, amazingly, he elected to cross, and the ball cleared Fanteni at the far post.

Fanteni, meanwhile, was having a nightmare of a game, unable to hold up the ball from Sierra Leone's physical central defenders, Umaru Bangura and Ibrahim Koroma.

When he did escape their attention, he completely missed Moriri's near-post cross.

Moriri, Fanteni and Dikgacoi then all spurned good opportunities in a goalmouth scramble, before Bryce Moon's header sent Moriri clear, but he toe-poked wide.

The Sundowns striker has missed a hatful of chances over the past week, and if Bafana have no one better than he and Fanteni, Benni McCarthy aside, the situation is truly desperate.

SuperSport's Katlego Mashego showed signs of what he can do in the second half, coming on and at least testing the agility of Sierra Leone's young goalkeeper Christian Caulker.

But Bafana were hardly carving Sierra Leone apart. In fact, Kanu's side became more a**ured as the game went on. Bafana just looked more and more desperate.

South Africa (4-4-1-1): Khune; Moon, Fransman, Mokoena, Masilela; Modise, Dikgacoi, Sibaya (Chabangu 70), Pienaar (Buckley 84); Moriri, Fanteni (Mashego 62)

Sierra Leone (4-5-1): Caulker; Kanu (Cole 73), Bangura, Koroma Woobay; Kpaka (Bah 56), Barlay, Kargbo, Kallon Suma; Kamara

Referee: Raphael Evehe Divine (Cameroon)

Cautions: Woobay 44, Kamara 45, Kallon 90; Fransman 49, Mokoena 90

General Discussion / Eff a Complex
« on: June 16, 2008, 08:19:02 PM »
When I moved to Joburg I made an error and got a townhouse in a complex.  I hate it.  I'm moving this month into a house where I can get dobermans and have my cats shit where they want without old people complaining.

The Office / The AG Podcast
« on: June 12, 2008, 06:13:22 PM »
Hi everyone

Thanks to those who have submitted their tracks so far.  Of course we cannot guarantee that all tracks will get played because we got around 68 mp3's emailed in 2 days, but we will do our best to ensure that the good ones get through.  Podcast # 1 will be recorded tommorow night, and uploaded on Saturday, will also feature an interview with "can't name him right now".  First edition will run for about 1 hours.  We will start with a podcast a week and then see if we can increase the frequency. 

Your tracks can be emailed to:

Your drops aka shoutouts can be emailed to:

Also, try your hand at making a jingle for the AG Podcast and send it to: it would be great to hear what you can come up with.

General Discussion / Godessa on AlJazeera
« on: May 23, 2008, 01:16:51 AM »
Not sure if you seen this but came across this today on youtube

« on: May 23, 2008, 12:54:22 AM »
I am currently refining the design of the entire site.  Not much of a change, but doing a lot of optimising to make it load faster and getting the forums and main site to be uniform in design.  Other parts include optimising the forums to make it lightning fast.  Most of the work is done already, but we are in need of a unique logo design. 

We need a unique design of a logo with the following requirements:

Recommended Size:

682 x 87
682 x 100

This size is not mandatory but recommended.




Recommended Background colours:


but this is not set, if you prefer other colors, try it out and perhaps you can convince us to try something different.

Lastly we would prefer that the logo should say somewhere in it, but not mandatory.

The Winning entry will get the following:

3 x DVDs (good stuff, not crap)
10 x CDs (underground hip hop, good stuff, not crap)
But more importantly, a Permanent link in the footer of our entire site to your website (if you don't have a website, your name), specifying that the logo was designed by you, for the period that we use your logo (which we envision to be long term - i.e. several years).

If the winner is in Gauteng, the prize will be hand delivered.  If in any other parts of the country or international, will be posted via registered mail.


Email your entries to:

The Office / Migrating to new forum
« on: November 02, 2007, 07:55:46 AM »
Hi all
this weekend we will be moving over to a new forum, which is more stable and has more features.  Of course I recognise that the current one has been giving problems such as posts go ghost, searching, bugs etc.  
The job is going to be a tough one as I need to move over more than 120000 posts, with the corresponding users and all their settings, the private messages etc.  
As for AG, the entire site is going for a rehaul, I know you are going to prefer all the new features, plus I have already begun the process of ensuring new and relevant local content.  So please bear with us, I finally got Telkom to install my connectivity, now I can freaking work! and thanks to everyone who has been holding it down for the past couple of months.  Without you this site would be nothing.

The Office / Milk Speaks
« on: February 22, 2007, 12:59:54 PM »
Some of you might be wondering what happened to me and some have questioned whether I've abandoned ship etc.  I've always been here checking on the site at least once a day and no I have not left the building.  I've relocated to JHB from Cape Town from November last year and it's been a really stressful / hectic period for me.  There were a ton of things that I had to do, such as sell house, buy a new one, find a school for the kid, get all my documents in order, in a new job and training and learning the ropes, getting stuck in traffic here in Jozi, dealing with attorneys, trying to get an ADSL line installed in a new complex that hasn't been registered with the municipality etc.  Including a personal tragedy that I cannot discuss here.  There's just so many things.  There are a number of things that are ready to take place in terms of the site e.g. upgrade / new look etc.  I ask that the AG fam have patience like a hospital during this period and know that yes, this place is like a riot right now and we will move into positive direction soon. For those who continue to use this platform to discuss the interesting topics that you do, I thank you.  Note also that the case of the disappearing posts is not the result of  "h  a ckers" but rather a bug in the forums software which will be corrected once the upgrade takes place.  The posts are still there in the database but they've lost their id which is why you cannot locate them.  The bug will be fixed and then you will see them again.  Thanks people, this site has been around since 1998/9 etc and not once have we left you guys in the lurk (unlike other sites that promise you the world and only last 6 months).  We've proven to you that we are dedicated and consistent with offering this plaftorm.  So give us the benefit of the doubt.

Peace and HIP HOP 4 LIFE.

Hot Traxxx / Banned on Youtube
« on: October 17, 2006, 05:43:02 PM »

Famous underground hip-hop beatmakers talk on the equipment they use. Here are the quotes:

RJD2: I use an MPC 2000XL and two 1200 turntables. That's all you need. That's what I used to make Deadringer on. I'm not computer literate. So I don't f*** with ProTools or anything.

RZA: As far as the equipment, when I'm scoring I basically use a lot of different keyboards because I'm looking for certain sounds, certain vibes, certain things and some of these sounds you may not hear in Hip-Hop. For this particular score I used mostly a keyboard called Korg Triton and used some older material, MV8000, which I use for Hip-Hop, as well, but I use it in a different capacity for the scoring. And not only am I using Pro Tools but I use Logic and other programs, as well. One machine may not have the right vibe for the scene and then you gotta try another machine or try a different sound that may not be available on SoundLink.


Madlib, J Dilla, Clouddead: The Roland Boss Dr.Sample SP-303

9th Wonder, Little Brother: The programs we use are Cool Edit Pro and FL Studio. Those are the two programs that we use, and that's what we did the whole album on.

Dj Krush: To create tracks I used to exploit the AKAI S-1000, Roland MC-50 and SP-1200 as my main equipment, but I can now say that Ableton Live has completely taken over. At times, I sample once with the SP-1200 and then resample with Live.

MF Doom: I did all the of album (Operation Doomsday) on the Roland VS 1681 as far as recording and MPC2000 studio plus. Did all the tricks on those two bad boys.

Dj Vadim: In terms of equipment, its all done on a Mac G4 Cubase VST 5 with loads of compressors, eq's, valve stuff, MPC 3000, SP1200, AKAI 3000xl. Loads of keyboards like Clav, Rhodes, Wurly, Mini Moog, Nord lead, Oberheim DBX, Hammond b3, guitar pedals and Kaos pads.

Danger Mouse: However, Danger Mouse will say that a couple of his favorite keyboards of the moment are a Korg MS-2000 and a Roland Saturn 09. “Money Mark [who plays on Dangerdoom] has been getting me more into a lot of stuff keyboardwise,” he says. As for software, DM has used Digidesign Pro Tools and Apple Logic in other people's studios, but he prefers Sony Acid Pro at home. “I used to use old samplers and a lot of old drum machines and samplers, and then I made a switch years back,” DM says. “I basically use that program now in the same way I used those.” Although DM buys a new PC every year, it's not to increase his processing power. “I use very basic PCs,” he says. “I don't have any special soundcards or anything. The reason I get a new one every year is because there always winds up being some f***ed-up virus or some kind of crash, or something ends up broken on it, so I wind up getting a new one all the time.”

Hot Traxxx / Prophets of the city
« on: October 08, 2006, 09:49:53 PM »
POC performing Neva Again live on TV in UK:

cla**ic shit!

Media / Alive in Joburg - Amazing shit
« on: October 08, 2006, 09:05:11 PM »
found this on youtube, brilliant short film check it out:

Humour / Jokes / BBC cock up
« on: October 06, 2006, 06:25:47 PM »
BBC recently made a mistake live on air. Reportedly, they called out "Guy Kewney", the taxi driver responded "Hello". He was then whisked up, sat down, and set for an interview live on air with the BBC

Media / Am I getting old or what? the Littlest Hobo
« on: October 05, 2006, 09:01:36 PM »
Does anybody remember this tv program?  I was a lightie when this shit was on TV.  

remember that theme song?  I found a snippet here:

I see they also did a version in spanish as well:

here's a dope parody too:

General Discussion / Speed Limits in Jozi
« on: October 05, 2006, 08:10:01 PM »
Does nobody in JHB adhere to the speed limits here?  Why everybody in such a rush LOL?

General Discussion / What can I do?
« on: October 05, 2006, 08:07:28 PM »
I need some advice from those living in Jozi.

[list=]Where can I go and watch live jazz?[/list]
[list=]Where can I go for regular hip hop jams / gigs[/list]
[list=]Most importantly, where is the best place for me to go and drink an ice cold windhoek?[/list]
[list=]Where can I go and buy vinyl? old stuff, like where are the flea markets?[/list]


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