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General Discussion / New AG look!
« on: February 11, 2010, 01:28:46 PM »
It sucks! >:(

Humour / Jokes / you know your from kazi when..
« on: February 01, 2010, 02:13:01 PM »
Somewhere in your childhood you had a fat friend called spenzer

General Discussion / eskom and its a** thinkin
« on: January 22, 2010, 07:23:54 AM »
So I am watching morning live like every morning, down side is I woke up a bit later.

I'm welcomed by: eskom wants to increase its tarriffs by 35% every year for the next three years!! That's f***en 105% in three years, f***en 105% are they dickeheads? Failed pronstars?

Any thoughts of what triggered this a**holeness? And most importantly, the name of the fool who brote this thinkin, exact name!

General Discussion / Pirates fans!!!
« on: December 07, 2009, 06:55:42 AM »
Pirates must get a better english speaking representative, I'm watching morninlive now and this kat is non-sense!!!

lucky tell us why pirates is supporting this anti-crime:

LUCKY: "ya you know it is important, ya you know, because south africa ya you know, it is a country, ya you know, sho"


The chiefs guy is cool dou, maybe pirates must follow people wit some english speaking skills

General Discussion / wow!! never before
« on: October 10, 2009, 06:53:49 PM »
So I get a call from a friend of mine telling me sad isht, kat got jacked in his sleep, sounds funky but true, he was sleeping in his bedroom when thieves broke into his place, stole the TV, his blackberry, laptop, dvd player, food, and all cds, what I don't get is how it happend coz all this stuff was in the bedroom where he was sleeping. And to make it worse he never heard shit, not a single thing, no one says they saw anything, like nothing seems to have happend, kat is hella sad but... Jacked in ur sleep??? How? Take a fone from under ur pillow and not wake up! Nah!!!

General Discussion / The NewAG
« on: October 06, 2009, 12:57:24 PM »
So the main site be getting a bump up, any ideas or hopes of what it should have this time round?
98% done so we close

Geek Section / Need for speed SHIFT
« on: October 03, 2009, 11:32:14 AM »

* Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 GHz
* 2 GB RAM (3 GB Vista)
* Video card with support for pixel shader version 3 and 512 MB of video
* 10 GB HDD
* Windows XP SP3 o Windows Vista SP1

Looks nice, anyone played it yet? Is it worth my download?

Humour / Jokes / Humour Pics thread
« on: October 03, 2009, 11:05:41 AM »

And the best is saved for last


General Discussion / What must I do to this broad?
« on: September 15, 2009, 08:16:02 AM »
Some lady came to me about three months back with this one other friend of mine, so she wanted some media stuff done and all. Me and my nic work over to get all this done and even give her reviews and options to change, and so she does and we go through all the trouble and all is done within a month. Now pay time comes, first she resorts to sms, so its all cool wit me, sms her and all, my banking details and burning the stuff and puting the media into original discs and all. Okay, so she sms me and asks me for my account details, and also my nicca too, we give her. Cool, next week she sms and say she at the bank and if we could sms em again, so we do. Another two weeks and I call her, she don't pick up, so I leave a message and sms that I didn't get the payment. Cool, 15mins later she sends me a please call me........ A please call me.......... A f***en poes please call me..... f***

This broad is not serious, not at al. If that's not enough, this broad once brought her boyfriend to meetings and kat looked at us nasty like we wanna take his chick...

What must I do to this broad? I know if I see the boyfriend anywhere close to my hood ima kick his a** all the way back to his home.

General Discussion / Mad Rapper Interview
« on: September 11, 2009, 11:39:04 AM »
1. Who is mad rapper?

mad rapper is a andile fede, born 20 june 1988 in queenstown, eastern cape. im currently studying a degree towards education management at the university of fort hare. this is my 3rd year and next year is my last. im also a song writer, under 15 soccer team owner [swallows f.c] and im a music executive

2. Goldmine records? Who are they? And where they based?
well basically, goldmine records is a hip hop music label i started with one of the local house dj's of queenstown named quje. we met sometime in high school and we developed an idea that resulted in the establishment of a hip hop music label. we still a very small group but over the years we have managed to sign young, promising local cats and through business a**ociations we have expanded to joints like whitlesea and sada outside the borders of queenstown.

3. What projects can we expect from goldmine seein they might be our only source of local hip hop from that area?

to tell truth, goldmine is not ready to produce put anything out yet but we've been talking to people and the talks are still on the table. i know a dude from aliwa north who owns a small recording studio. i have my own distribution company called MAJOR LEAGUE but its not fully functional yet, we were planning to consolidate the two companies and come up with something big, but as i have said, the talks are still on the table, dude should call in less than a month. but in the mean time, we have cats like nandonation [single out, been trying to load it but its f***ing me up], dumza, the females, 2boy, mosh, zolz and chippa working on their debut albums with the label. approximately all the artists have completed 80% of their recording, so soon the streets should have the first piece of the goldmine cake.

4. We have seen labels signing cats, we got the likes of pullover productions signing syklik, also some other labels sign kats, even producers getting signed, who are your main targets?

pizzo is my main target, ive had talks with dude in the past and he was enthusiastic about joining the goldmine boat.we good friends and he is a well known and established cat in cpt. a few of ag cats should be familiar with his name. the main barrier that has delayed the deal is the distance between us. thulani [my business partner and co-founder of the label] aka "the patriot" is also in talks of bringing another hyped rapper in the label. dude if from aliwal north so we should be having a bunch of powerful artists soon, just gotta keep it tight yo!

5. Seeing I am a produce, and I'm currently working with a couple of kats, is it possible for us other producers to get hold of producers from ur side? And how?

yep you can, i know a million producers around my hood but since some of em dont have the proper access to internet you gon have to use phones, i can get you a few dudes on the line and the rest, i can mail you their email addresses and you could hook up. i can also take the word directly to them.

6. Mad rapper has battled a couple of emcees here on AG, I personally have never followed those to the end, but out of interest how many have you won?

lol, yo man ive killed many cats on ag, money, swordsman, some bloem cat[ forgot his name], greenbat, moff g ive murked all of these dudes, ive murked every dude on ag, even the big cahs himself, i did a lyrical drive by on dude and i left him lying on the pavement, ha ha but did lose some few battle though to cats like na 187, dude is seriously sick, remember him going at me like "yo, you were made when dogs crossbred with mankind/" that was sick yo, i felt like crying and some dude called z digital, he was laso f***ing with my feelings. them crack boy dudes never accepted any of my battle challenges, its a pity their group is now dismantled.

7. Being the most hated head on AG, any shout outs to your haters?

actually, i kinda enjoy the hate i get on ag, to me, theres no ag without the hate, so i use the hate as an element to market myself as much as i can. i always spark beef whenever i want. im lovin that shit, its what i logg on to ag for and when im not online, i feel like dying.

8. Rumour has it you and rebbi had a bit of a union, can you comment on that?

lol. dude you know well that's a lie, we were just f***ing around with the net, but rebbs is a good dude yo, i cant believe i actually thought me and him would be good friends one day, he is the only dude who understands me on ag. dpleezy is not my favorite dude, maybe thats why i dont like rattex too.

9. Can you please drop us a lil freestyle to get us more into your type of production...

im in the net doin interviews and gettin enough loot to buy me jewels/
you want beef? its still on the pot but in the meantime you can have some stew/
goldmine is where hip hop rose from the dead/ im the Shepard, yall dudes is a flock of sheep/
its gon be the biggest talk ever when mad drops his shit/
qtn is the place/ you only get the best, history in a making forget the rest/
its all official, made is dominating covers with interview with rebbs/

Some kat asked me to interview him and so i did it... LOL

General Discussion / Rebbi Interviews Syklik AND REBBI INTERVIEWD!
« on: September 03, 2009, 12:31:00 PM »
So I was having a chat with Syklik and we decided to go in with the interview, so we did. Here is what came out, hella nice interview, plus after he interviewd me....
Now that should be interesting seeing how many emails i get these days about who I really am, and if i can provide a lil pic... mmmmmmm.....

Syklik Interview....Snippet

link to actual interview

I recall you being called evil genius; did it have anything to do with music?
laughs, no it didn't. Which it did I was going to call my self that. Evil genius of beats sound dope don't you think?

It does... Keep in mind I'm also being called evil genius. Laughs.
Dawg, syklik? Please explain the name
damn! it goes a way back. I think I discovered the name back in high school science cla**. I was an emcee back then and still looking for a name to call my self. That just came to me when I saw the word cyclic then I just switched it up to syklik and it kind of went along with the mentality I had "A Revolutionary emcee".I got known but that name so I just sticked with it

Rebbi Interview
Syklik: A Rebbi? explain how you came up with that name and tell us about you

A rebbi, if I knew which rebbi I would ask him for u and I'm sure he will give u the answer, but rumour has it it startd out this way; rebbi was chilin back in high school wit his mates, and he started a move in the bordin housin called "The Power of The rebbe", back then that's how he spelt it, there after they started callin him that and he put it up as his name, he was formerly known as technical.....................

Syklik: so from lil one, to music, school and work; how do you handle all of that?
*Laughs*, ............Thlo my number one love............

Link to the actual interview??? none so far, the pics.... nada....

Producers - Discussion / Question to all music makers
« on: August 25, 2009, 09:03:20 PM »
Its been a while, been asking myself this question...
As music makers, it be your a producer or rapper or whatever form of music you make and you post it on AG, what are you looking for by posting up here? Are you looking for listeners, feedback or what?

Hope the question is all clear.

General Discussion / 49keys Vol 1 to Vol 7
« on: August 12, 2009, 11:44:57 AM »

For the next 7 weeks i plan to put up & beats on a weekly basis, thus equalin 49 tracks. Some weeks it would be strictly beats, while others it would be remixes, all depends on how i feel that week.
Please go to my blog ( ) for any further info and more downloads.

Thanx for the support people.

LINK REMOVED/files/266199008/

Mediafire link

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