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General Discussion / Mine shootings
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:16:38 PM »
Yo.. havent been here for a minute.. thouhgt id come thru and hopefully get to intellectually decipher the events of last week, specifically the shootings with the intellectual who r regular visitors here.. needless to say im quite shocked at the complete lack of topics/posts debating this!!!(i stand corrected kodwa ke)

But yeah, id love to hear what ya'll thunk regarding what happened.. mna ndedwa, i say the coppers actions was justified, and this comes after watching the vid over and over on youtube..

General Discussion / How the ANC and Mandela sold out the blacks
« on: July 25, 2012, 11:44:33 AM »
Interesting read.. Added my 2 cents at the bottom, with references...

How Mandela sold out blacks

Since it is Nelson R Mandela birthday today 18 July 2012, it is only befitting to write a letter to him as he and the world celebrates his birthday. This is an open letter to Mandela.
Dear Former President Nelson Mandela,
I was only about 5 years old when were released from prison. I come from a poor background as a black child and I was raised by my grandmother. In 1994 South Africa had its first democratic elections; I remember people around me including my grandma were excited to vote for you and the ANC government. Sadly my grandma pa**ed away before she could vote in beginning of April in 1994.
I understand that you had meetings between 1985-1990 with P. W. Botha to have a negotiated settlement. Revered late ANC President, Oliver Reginald Tambo, referring to your meetings with the colonial-apartheid regime in the crucial 1980s, said “Prisoners can’t negotiate their freedom”.
I have read that according to aged ANC veterans, Tambo seemed disturbed about senior members of the leadership including you, who could have compromised the organisation. He seemed to question whom to trust. This, according to those veterans, eventually led to Tambo’s first stroke.
In 1990 before you were released from prison you a**ured your supporters that the nationalisation of mines, banks and minerals were on the cards. That belief had formed the core doctrine of the ANC and was enshrined in a document known as The Freedom Charter.
"The national wealth of our country, the heritage of South Africans, shall be restored to the people; the mineral wealth beneath the soil; the banks and monopoly industries shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole; all other industries and trade shall be controlled to a**ist the well-being of the people," the charter states.
It later emerged that you and other ANC leaders were busily creatively re-interpreting the “Freedom Charter’s” commitment to nationalisation in order to comfort the monopoly white capitalists.
The nature of the sell out
When you negotiated with the Nationalist had intended to oversee a settlement which guarantees the maintenance of a white capitalist South Africa and of the profits extracted from the exploited black ma**es, and leaves power firmly in the hands of the white capitalists for the foreseeable future. As De Klerk has insisted “I do not intend to negotiate myself out of power”. On the contrary, negotiations were intended to prevent the victory of the black ma**es. De Klerk had laid a trap for the blacks into which they were being led by you. Any so-called 'deal' made with devils MUST, by default, go wrong! Truth be told; you were out-negotiated by the Nationalists.
Failed transfer of power during negotiations
The negotiations focused on two aspects: one was political, the other economic. When you were negotiating with the Nationalists you choose to separate political and economic power. That was your biggest mistake and betrayal to black people. The transfer of ownership of wealth and land is at the heart of a transfer of power. Hence it was clearly stipulated in the Freedom Charter. But you chose to ignore that.
During the negotiations everyone was watching the political negotiations. You were too concerned that if the political negotiations didn’t go well there would be ma** protest. People were not interested in the economic negotiations and when the economic negotiators would report back, people thought it was technical; no one was interested. (Lack of education) You should have known better. This is where we missed our freedom completely and you sold it to the Nationalists.
Failed economic negotiations and state ownership of the Reserve Bank
Mr Former President, your mandate from the people was to ensure that the values of the Freedom Charter were implemented including nationalisation of country’s a**ets. Instead of nationalising the mines you were meeting regularly with Harry Oppenheimer, former chairman of the mining giants Anglo-American and De Beers, the economic symbols of apartheid rule.
Shortly after the 1994 election, you even submitted the ANC’s economic program to Oppenheimer for approval and made several key revisions to address his concerns, as well as those of other top industrialists. Shame on you for selling out of minerals and land to the imperialists.
The outcomes of those meetings were that you could have the political power but the gold and diamonds would remain in the hands of the individuals that controlled it before. Have you forgotten what the Freedom Charter had said??
One of the most revealing aspects of the economic transition was the ownership of the Reserve Bank of South Africa. Arguably the most powerful institution in the country, its fate was explained by Durban businessman Vishnu Padaychee; asked to draft a document for the negotiating team on the on the pro’s and con’s of having an autonomous central bank, run with total autonomy from the elected government. Padayachee could not believe what he was hearing. He and his team drafted and submitted the document with a clear policy of not allowing the Reserve Bank to be autonomous.
He was later told by the negotiating team that, “We had to give that one up”.
The bank is privately owned and today has some 650 shareholders. Why did you let go of the Reserve Bank and let the imperialist whites take control of it Mandela?
During the negotiations you agreed that not only would the Reserve Bank be run as an autonomous entity within the South African state, with its independence enshrined in the SA constitution, but it would be headed by the same man who ran it under apartheid, Chris Stals. Another Apartheid era figure, finance minister Derek Keyes, also retained his position in the new administration. Mandela how could you allow the people who oppressed us to be in charge of the Reserve Bank?
Padayachee lamented that with the loss of the Reserve Bank, “everything would be lost in terms of economic transformation”. This is indeed true; everything was lost when YOU handed over the Reserve Bank!!!!! One of the Freedom Charter pledges is the redistribution of land; this became highly constrained with a new clause in the constitution which protected all private property.
Failed rainbow-nation coated myth
You have been preaching this rainbow-nation myth to the world that does not exist but only exists in your head. Reconciliation has meant nothing but black people `forgiving’ whites for 300+ years of dispossession, humiliation and suffering. I experience pain every time a white South African - at the shop; in a bar; on the Talk Radio 702 or online forums - says that “We need to forget the past, get over it.” It is like they are saying to us `forget your pain’. And that from someone who benefited at your expense! We have suffered racial abuse and our abusers are among us.
You and Desmond Tutu’s rainbow myth glossed over this pain - much to the relief of whites. Whites fail to acknowledge our pain and suffering - and their position as beneficiaries of our pain. But you were overly concerned with not rocking the boat as far as whites were concerned. That is why you are the subject of a personality cult in the white community than the black community.
Whites in this country believe that you are the only honourable black person while the rest of us blacks are corrupt, criminals, rapists, drunkards and uneducated buffoons.
The FREE & FAIR environment post-94 is another rainbow-coated myth. Black people are not free (unless you describe freedom as being able to vote and not having to carry ID’s 24/7). We are not FREE and very little is fair! All thanks to you Mandela.
The current state
Are you aware that blacks remain landless, underfed, houseless, under- employed, badly represented in senior managerial positions? The state of healthcare and education for black people remains as it was, if not worse than, under apartheid.
Vestiges of apartheid and colonial economic patterns, ownership and control remain intact despite the attainment of political freedom by you. Are you aware that political freedom without economic emancipation is meaningless?
The unemployment crisis is also defined along racial lines due to the fact that in the third quarter of 2010, 29.80% of blacks were officially unemployed, compared with 22.30% of coloureds, 8.60% of Asians and only 5.10% of whites. About 12 million of the population lives on less than R2.50 per day, whilst 16 million South Africans receive social grants.
In terms of racial distribution of per capita income, African and coloured income levels in 2008 were still only 13% and 22% respectively of white per capita income, compared to 10.9% and 19.3% in 1993. The income gap for Indians has narrowed, with Indian per capita income in 2008 standing at 60% of those of whites as against 42% in 1993.
In 1995, median per capita expenditure among Africans was R333 a month compared to whites at R3 443 a month. In 2008, median expenditure per capita for Africans was R454 a month compared to whites at R5 668 a month. Source: [Leibbrandt, M. et al. (2010), "Trends in South African Income Distribution and Poverty since the Fall of Apartheid"]
The economy has failed to create jobs at the pace necessary to reduce extremely high unemployment, and the education system has failed to ensure that equalised public spending on schooling translates into improved education for poor black children.
Final thoughts
The democracy has not brought what was promised, you as former president of the ANC and of the country is responsible for that misdirection.
Mr Former President what you have done for black people is that you have laid the final brick by selling out on the struggle to achieve your dream of political victory. Your dream which has become our worst nightmare as black people.
You sold us as black nation for a “Noble Peace Prize” and that is the reason for the service delivery demonstration and the lack of service delivery. Our Constitution hailed as the best in the world favours the Caucasians while it oppresses the Africans. Thanks for nothing Mandela. You understood the Kempton Park negotiations as a sell-out solution to rescue white capital and for the few in power, and that such a democracy would continue the suffering of the black majority.
I have a problem with people giving “Messianic status to Madiba” like a black Jesus when we all know that you have failed the black nation.
When I started out this letter I told you about my grandma who died before she could vote for you. Well, I am glad that she never voted for you as she would have voted for a traitor. What you have done is simply continued where the apartheid government left us off and dug the holes of poverty and oppression deeper.
Before you leave this earth I would like you to take responsibility and apologise for your actions and what you did to black people. You sold our land to the imperialists, if you fail to apologise before you die it simply means you are an accomplice to them.
When you eventually die and meet the likes of Dr Hendrink Verwoerd and P.W. Botha may you have good time with them and laugh at how blacks continue to suffer. I have nothing but hatred for what you have done to us.
Signing out from the deep dark hell hole of continued oppression you put us in.
Yours Sincerely,

My 2 Cents:

This has been said by a lot of former ANC members recently. When Winnie Mandela said it, people said it was sour grapes. I have a 2 hour documentary called “behind the rainbow” In which former high-ranking ANC officials are interviewed and give their opinions on this. The resounding tone from them all seems to be that during negotiations for transfer of power, the ANC made too many compromises to the regime to accommodate them. The driving force seemed to be ‘violence free transition’ and the ANC seemed determined to keep to that. There are the sunset clauses, things that the ANC agreed to like;
1. apartheid regime would not get dismantled immediately
2. economy and property would remain intact.
3. military power remains with whites
And these are only SOME of the things that people who were not at the negotiating table felt the ANC shouldn’t have agreed to. Apparently this is the main reason Chris Hani was killed, because he wouldn’t back down from his ‘lets not compromise’ stance, and people, WITHIN the ANC started seeing him as a threat to “democracry”, so he had to be removed.
On the doccie people like  Moe Schaik, Victor Moche, Simpiwe Nyanda, Sue Rabkin, Mbeki and Zuma,  Ronnie Kasrils, Mac Maharaj, Terror lekota,Andrew Feinstein , Kader Asmal.
It does seem like freedom was sold out by the ANC, the only thing we seem to have got out of it was freedom of movement, and just the freedom to go where you want to go.

« on: February 27, 2012, 01:48:45 PM »
Wa**up errbody,

I need help.. had the motherboard on my laptop replaced, an i aint got the driver disk for my midi anymore..

Its a Behringer UMX 25 midi controller... picture attached.. im running windows 7 prof on my laptop..

I need help with the drivers plz... been to the behringer website, the controller been discontinued, and the drivers they have there dont work for some reason...

General Discussion / Osama Bin Laden
« on: May 03, 2011, 11:17:25 AM »
how true is the news? Do ya'll believe that? im very skeptical...

Lets start with the consipary theories, id like to know what ya'll think...

General Discussion / 2010 world cup goal of the tourney
« on: December 02, 2010, 11:24:20 AM »
Whats ghood...

Below please find the link to vote for the wolrdcup 2010 goal of the tournament.. It obviously has to be Simphiwe Tshabalala… First goal of the tournament, and what a beauty!!!!!! And remember the uninhibited release of emotion it brought?????
Please vote and forward this to other people and encourage them to vote as well.


General Discussion / Destructive lifestyles by the youth
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:33:22 PM »
What gives...

First of all, i drink alcohol, and i smoke cigarrettes.. I only drink on Fridays and Saturdays.. Sundays i rest, and during the week its work, school, business and gym..

I have noticed a negative trend amongst us as youth, and more specifically black youth, of leading very destructive lifestyles.. And its a very concerning for me... Addictive substances seem to be a norm amongst us..

i have two friends, one a very intelligent dude, who share a flat, and on average they ma**acre at least a tray of black label dumpies a day.. thats 24 dumpies of beer, everyday... The one dude only comes out of his shell after a few.. he is quiet, to the point of being unnoticable when he is sober, but when he's had a few, YHO!!!

Luckily, friends like that are at a minimum for me, im lucky enough to be blessed with focused , driven people as friends..

What inspired this thread for me though was not my friends as such, but the lifestyles lead by youth in general...
How many of you here drink on a daily basis? babalas monday?something something tuesday? ladies night wednesday? phuza thursday? and of course, the normal resumption of service friday and saturday!!! and theres a something something on sundays as well...

Then, theres also the small issue of drug use(abuse??)... Weed smoking, cocaine, acid etc.. how many of you get blunted daily? and how many of u use so called hard-drugs on weekends?

and just as a side debate, how is Cannibis good for a person? How many people do you know who are perpetually high on some drug or another?

Now my question  is, why are we so addicted to these destructive lifestyles? Black people in general seem to live for drugs and alcohol..

And theres also the small issue of sex... im not talking abt having it, im talking about the people who still have it without using protection!! i know this might amaze some of you, and embara** most, but its actually amazing the number of young, professional and mostly educated people who STILL dont use condoms, or who use them SOMETIMES(like they can see how got deases and shit by just lookin at them).. and generally, the ones who use condoms sometimes dont use them when they with hot, "clean looking" girls, or girls they meet at these up-market do's.. like girls who drive dope cars and wear expensive clothes are somehow immune to this shit...

anyway, im hoping to start a debate by this post, so comment away...


General Discussion / DISS TRAX...
« on: September 23, 2010, 10:03:22 AM »
what it do...

Was listening to a compilation of diss trax yesterday that a pal of mine done... and it got me thinkin, y is the track "NO VASELINE" by ICE CUBE never mentioned when people talk about the dopest diss trax in hip-hop history?!?!?!? I mean really.. that track is even doper than hit'em up!! in fact, pac just swears at big in jit'em up, aint too much dissin being done there...


General Discussion / BLACKBERRY 8520 CURVE
« on: June 22, 2010, 09:23:06 AM »
Watsup... can anyone help me by telling me how to hide my caller id permanently on a blackberry 8520 curve?

General Discussion / SONDEZA
« on: May 07, 2010, 08:49:35 AM »
What it do...

Anyone know what happened to sondeza? you know, that site???

General Discussion / ADIDAS
« on: March 18, 2010, 08:41:47 AM »
Sup ppl....

I need help.. I need to get hold of Adidas and/or SAFA. I need to get a list of recommended retailers that sell Original bafana perforated world cup jerseys.

If ya'll can a**ist, please get me the contacts for adidas and/or safa, or any other info that ya'll think might a**ist.


General Discussion / SONDEZA
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:35:57 AM »
err.. what happened to it? was there earlier for my daily dose, and it seems the site been deaded.. what it did...

« on: September 22, 2009, 01:00:18 PM »
Sup peeps...

I need some help with regards to when i can go get my whip installed with a freeflow system and a branch in the E.C. And obviously would like to get an idea of how much it might cost as well.. I have one quote from powerflow so far, and that was abt R5,700.00 which i thought was a bit much...

Im driving a polo playa 1.4i, 2000 model.. problem is, before this i drove a pa**at 1.8t.. and i wrote it off.. now this ride seems to be going backwards.. thats how slow it is... i js need to put a bit of oomphh innit.....


« on: August 17, 2009, 11:47:50 AM »
What it did..

Just thought i'd up a vid of a joint i recorded at milkdaddys crib in woodstock in 2003.. Mad, i had even forgotten about that, but some nig hit me up with the youtube link to the vid on fb this morning..


dnt knw if ya'll can c the link:

General Discussion / LETTA MBULI BEAT
« on: May 04, 2009, 10:41:54 AM »
what it is...

I mde this beat a coupla weeks ago... for my reason heads... got letta on the sample ;)... i think its nice, but whats my opinion without the opinions of AG masters.. lemme knw wht ya'll thunk...

General Discussion / REASON RECYCLE
« on: April 15, 2009, 09:48:14 AM »
what it is....

So, abt 5 mnths ago i was recruited to the reason crowd, and reluctantly sort of stopped messing with fruity... well, i learnt how to use it, but aint really did, till abt a mnth or so ago, when i bought a midi...

Now, i am using the NN-19 digital sampler to lace my samples, and to be honest its working quite well, for what i do with it anyway... last night thou, a dude was at my cribs, and he explained to me the ways of DR.Rex loop player, and he explained how it works, and i saw how it could make my samples even doper to lay... and then came the crux: i need recycle to make it happen!!

Now, wht i would like to get help with is, how do i get hold of recycle? is it a download? if so, from where? is it a plug-in?(i a**ume it is, but i dont knw for sure), does it need a key/crack? can anyone of u help me to get hold of it??

a**istance will be greatly appreciated...

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