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General Discussion / Some Friday morning politics
« on: August 01, 2008, 11:28:51 AM »
So Luda has this new song out dissin Hilary and Johan Mcain (calling her a bitch etc..)a song which in the end serves to support Obama

anyway fox news (the alleged racist U.S channel/network) had a mini debate on whether the lyrics in the song should reflect on the kind of person Obama is (because Ludacris is Obama's supporter)and watching I can kinda see what people mean when they say Fox news is just a soapbox for racist Americans, (that anchor is cocky)...
but in this debate I drew some similarities in the arguments people have around our own leading candidate: Zuma and the radicals who form a large  part of his support base (the people who terrorize african foreigners and taxi drivers tormenting women in short skirts singing "mshiniwam" while acting out -  these have been just another box to tick on my "why I dont like Zuma" list)...A lot will argue that just because these people support Zuma, doesnt mean their actions are not comdemned by Zuma.... , but I don’t know if its a case of double standards that I think that Luda's song has nothing to do with  Obama's character.
“Obama’s not the torch-carrier for hip-hop. Listening to music does not mean you agree with it. And a political figure cannot be responsible for the actions of a free agent unaffiliated with him or her” (quoted from somewwhere)

For those who have time please watch and speak on it! are these people who are on the video and against Obama, just happy coz they have something bad to say about Obama again...or do they have valid points to make:


General Discussion / The latest social network
« on: July 08, 2008, 04:39:38 PM »
im still shaking my head at this, ...hai mara there are some crazy hackers out there.
check it out If you didnt know now u know, apparently one of Mugabe's top ministers is on here,

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