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« on: April 23, 2009, 02:33:46 PM »
If any of you work in the media industry ie. online/magazine/newspaper/radio whatever please hollaback with your email addie.

Arranging interviews with Slum Village/ mini press conference on Mon 27th April.


« on: April 23, 2009, 02:31:38 PM »
hey ya'll.

If you not too keen on paying for the show, for whatever reason, check out

All you have to do is answer a question and you could win a double ticket.

My sources also tell me that they have two double tickets to give away at Party People on Friday.

Im just saying..

General Discussion / hipster hop/ hipster rap/blipsters
« on: August 26, 2008, 04:49:51 PM »
you know..

like the cool kids, wale, pacific division, NERD,kid named kudi, j*davey, kanye west n pharrell n lupe, the knux, kudu,mickey factz,dude from blocparty
you know..

skinny jeans, or shrink to fits
bright coloured dunks/vans/supra hightops/dirty chucks
gold chains
band tshirts
mohawk/frohawk/inside out hawk

you know..
'different' taste in music
as in they can f***s with dirty french electro/punk rock/indie pop/folk rock and still love hiphop
like to skate and bmx..

tell me something..
whats with all the hate????
me, i like hipster rap/hop/blipsters

General Discussion / JIGGA IN JOZI
« on: October 16, 2006, 08:14:37 AM » actually just speechless. jay-z is not a performer he is SUPERSTAR epitomised. He put on a craaaazy show.....well worth my money!!!!what did ya'll think of the concert?????

« on: October 04, 2006, 10:56:49 AM »
A very important question that i think almost every1 in SA is asking themselves, is who'll be the next president. i wus wondering who do ya'll think will hav the number 1 job after Mbeki. i strongly believe that we need sum1 who's goin to keep th economic policies implemented by mbeki, but unlike mbeki who continuosly protects the interests of big business but has failed to lure foreign and even domestic investment into the economy, we need sum1 who'll put the needs of the people into consideration. Most of Mbeki's policies like allowing privatisation of parastatals (TELKOM,TRANSNET, SAA,ESKOM) have actually been to the detriment of many of our poorest and has caused ma** unemployment. Our next president will have the tough job of ensuring ma** service delivery, creating more employment, basically serving the needs of those at the bottom.otherwise....i wouldnt be to surprised if a gra**roots revolt was to break out. ...SO...according to William Gumede (author of "Thabo Mbeki, and the battle for the soul of the ANC") possible contenders for the TOP job are
ZUMA- he has a strong gra**root support base, and support from the left, but definetly not the support of the business wing, and in light of the charges that were made aganst him his name and reputation have somewhat been tainted.hes also made a habit of making stupid unfounded comments "skawara shawara" i dunno if he's the man 4 the job
WILLIE MADISHA/ZWELINZIMA VAVI- mos likely candidates from th left.i also dunno bout having a leftist president
CYRIL RAMAPHOSA- believe it or not, he's probably the strongest candidate for the job, thats if he wants it. he'll have the support of the provinces, business wing, party veterans such as Mandela. he has former rade unionist ties which might garner support from the left despite the fact that he's one of the frontrunners for BEE. i like him 4 the job
JOEL NETSHITENZHE- Mbeki's protege...extremely intelligent, he is mostly responsible for most of govts social and economic policies. was a close friend of Biko and also served in the Black Cosciousness Movement in the 70s. hes not very outspoken tho, and is almost very similar to Mbeki in his way of thinking. i think he'd make a great deputy
MOSIUOA LEKOTA- I believe hed make an excellent president. Firstly if the govt is tryna send out a msg that they are one not based on ethnic ties then hes got a very good chance. He has an executive position in both the ANC and in Govt, and this man is not afraid to speak his mind.he has a huge support base in the provinces, the business wing and the picky left, and also from party veterans and most importantly a wide gra**roots support base.
MATHEWS PHOSA- hmm dunno much bout him excep that he wrote a poetry book in afrikaans
TOKYO SEXWALE- doubt hed want the job, too busy making money and is apparently quite disillusioned with politics (don blame him)
TITO MBOWENI- he'll get no support from the left, being a staunch capitalist (high interest rates, strong currency), no gra**roots support either.dunno bout him either...
KGALEMA MOTLANTHE- he's a worker bee, he's calm, a great spin doctor for ANC , is highly respected within trade union movement, carries a lot of suppor and is quite popular with the people, and has a powerful position within the ANC.
a woman maybe...
NKOSAZANA DLAMINI-ZUMA-  i think shes doing a great job where she is, and i don think she has the charisma necessary to draw in the nation. her positioning in the africanist camp on Zimbabwe might count against her if she had any chance
PHUMZILE MLAMBO-NGCUKA- if she got the job it wud be very dodge. Zuma supporters would go buckwild.

so....what do ya'll think????

« on: March 07, 2005, 10:10:10 PM »
So i was thinking rite..about south african artists in general, and more specifically hip-hop artists!!There are so many talented artists out there, but yet their marketing is so poor. There is no differentiation, and no branding whatsoever. Ok i know that most artists would be opposed to the usage of the word 'branding' in terms of their art, but i really do think that artists and their marketers need to start thinking of themselves as brands in totality, and their music, who they are and their image should be consistent at all times, in order for them to create a position for themselves in the listeners mind, and once thats clear i think their music will be appreciated more, and they would also make more sales. Like think of thandiswa, she presents herself as a brand. when she goes out in public, she dresses a certain way, speaks a certain way and about certain things, at the same time, tis is all consistent with her music and is also an outlet of her expression as an artist, and thus she sells a whole lot more. what do ya'll think???

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