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Hip Hop Events / SA DMC Championships 2009 Update
« on: June 12, 2009, 12:52:32 PM »
The Final round of the SA DMC Championships approaches. DJ Nifty has been crowned the Gauteng Champ and the Western Cape Regional is coming up this weekend.
The SA finals at the end of July will crown the DJ who will represent SA at the World Champs in London at the O2 Arena.

Sat 13 June - Cape Town Finals
Friday 31 July - SA DMC Championship Finals

Check out the website

Movie Talk / Hell Boy II
« on: October 11, 2008, 02:47:20 PM »
Saw this the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it, great pacing and Ron Perlman is a funny f***er. Maybe wasn't as epic as other recent comic flicks but an enjoyable night out and when did Luke Goss get so hard, from Bros to the Reaper Vampire to Prince Nuada!!!!
Also caught the WATCHMEN trailer...  :o :o :o Ya**us!!!!! but it looks dope!!
Special mention must be made of Guillermo Del Toro's creature designs... if you a fan of his recent work check out Cronos, 1994 I think, starring a young Ron Perlman. quality.

Movie Talk / Not A good look!!!!
« on: June 17, 2008, 11:01:06 PM »
According to the studio buzz Leo Di Caprio is the front-runner by some way to play Captain Rogers........ WTF!!!!!!!!!



I Dont think so......

General Discussion / Help Big SYn out
« on: June 06, 2008, 02:06:09 PM »
Yo cats just doin a touch of admin and realising in my recent machine crash i done lost a number of contacts so i'm asking the good peoples around here to aid me with the names and contact (e-mail or whatever deets) for hip hop venues and promoters in Jozi. If you feel shit ias to sensitive for the nets then feel free to pm me. But help me out here, i think i pa**ed the test of time on this motherf***er.

Hip Hop Events / Thursday in CPT
« on: March 31, 2008, 01:07:44 PM »
Check out the flyer

General Discussion / Money Is Always A Major Issue
« on: June 17, 2007, 10:09:06 PM »
Just saw this story and makes me wonder how well is Jozi doing..... I thought Bongz was makin mad money producing for people, or maybe he is and just doesn't want the house, but a house with out any outstanding bond is an a**et even with unpaid municipal rates, sell the shit and keep the difference i say, and who WANTS to sleep in an office....???????

Cecil Motsepe

Johannesburg - The late queen of pop, Brenda Fa**ie, must be turning in her grave.

Her house has been abandoned and is being repossessed. Her only child, Bongani, seems to have fallen on hard times and is squatting in an office with other struggling artists.

The 22-year-old, who has released two albums, Makana Square and Jozi, and drives a BMW 3 Series, however, lives in offices owned by his record label Ghetto Ruff.

The offices next to the SABC headquarters in Auckland Park, are converted to sleeping quarters at night.

Bongani moved out of his mother's house some time ago, leaving it to his unemployed aunt, Lindi - Brenda's younger sister.

Lindi has however left Johannesburg and has returned to Cape Town.

The house, which is worth about R1 million, is being repossessed by the city council due to a long overdue water and electricity bill estimated to be about R200 000. Neither Lindi nor Bongani could confirm this figure.

Chicco Twala, who once managed Brenda's affairs, confirmed that the house was being repossessed and said there was nothing he could do to salvage the situation.

Shocked when visiting house

Twala said: "There is no outstanding bond; I paid cash when I bought it for Brenda. It's amazing that the people who pretended to care for Brenda and took her money are not intervening." He said he would not help Bongani because there was bad blood between them.

"If Bongani had not treated me badly, I would have helped save the house, but I have decided to stay away from Brenda's affairs."

He said he had been shocked when he visited the house recently.

"I found that Lindi was not coping. I had to fly her back to Cape Town because she did not have food and there was no water or electricity," he said.

Contacted in Cape Town, Lindi blamed the situation on Bongani's manager and Ghetto Ruff CEO, Lance Stehr.

Lindi said: "Lance took Bongani away from the family, thinking that we wanted his money. He is cutting me off from Bongani.

"If it was not for Lance, this would not be happening."

Asked for comment, (Lance) Stehr said: "I did not take him away from his family - he chose to come and live here. It's amazing that people are blaming me for their own problems, especially since the executor (of the estate) is supposed to be handling this mess."

Humour / Jokes / Holidays
« on: April 10, 2007, 09:31:27 PM »
I love school holidays... no traffic, just enjoyin the outdoors wit my lil cousins, braain and just bein kids... truly delightful.

Sports Arena / Shootin blanks
« on: April 07, 2007, 09:23:53 PM »
... And the gunners get a dent in their barrel from the clawing Hammers... first home loss at Emirates, ya'll gotta get yo team sorted guys.... back to drinkin yet Dplanet?

General Discussion / Longevity
« on: April 01, 2007, 08:29:55 PM »
Recently i find myself with very little to say round these parts... but a recent discussion sparked this....
Nobody wants to see an old rapper... its something i first saw in I think XXL like 6 years ago and its been said b4 and since a number of times I'm sure. But nobody is debating the validity of this statement so I figure we all agree, nobody is particularly excited by the idea of a middle-aged rapper.
WHY? Why is hip hop seen to be exclusively a young mans game? (I only said "man" for a reason ladies, cos the jury is still out on equality in hip hop, talented women are still generally regarded as anomalies in hip hop and you know it)
But think of hip hop in relation to other musical genre distinctions, in rock, Jazz, blues, Cla**ical, folk, f*** even in various electronic forms, house, electro and the like (which have been around for at least as long as hip hop or longer) an artist's age isn't a primary indicator of relevance to the genre... in fact the additional life experience can even be seen as beneficial to the quality of the artist's work. BUT in hip hop, if a rapper shows any indication of growing older, and by extension, growing as a person, in their content, they immediately lose their fans, are lambasted by the media and a roundly criticised by everybody else... its the sort of move which is quickly followed by a label change and hastily put together greatest hits album and then either a comeback tour or retirement from rapping.
Why do we seem to have so much trouble with this... LL Cool J has been around forever, but he has only remained on or around the A-list by staying trim and denying his age, why can't he DEFY his age and be great because he been around for a long time? Snoop has been around for more than a decade now and i've changed alot since I first rocked Doggystyle the 1st time, and no doubt i still love it, but damn his rhymes have not changed and the thing is I really like Blue Carpet Treatment, its some cla**ic Snoop swagger, his style is as good as ever, he's a concummate performer, his flow is immaculate, i'm a fan, but i cant deny he has rearranged the same raps for the last decade and he aint tryin to deny it either... BUT if he applied that quality that made him a star to subject matter other than bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks, or puffin on the sticky icky or gunning some punk niggas, the evidence suggests we'd run screaming, ... AND I bet he could make raps about how he's a married father with kids with marriage troubles interesting... how the constant pressure to be this gansta has driven him to distraction and caused him to slip and has resulted in his recent run ins with the law and how he worries about how the representations of him affect his kids... like real life shit.
Now the argument is how is the youth audience going to be lost, cos hes disconnected from the youth experience and they wont identify.... but these same laaitiies pack theatres to watch movies about people nothing like them, they dont identify with many characters, they watch the movies cos they want to understand and experience something outside of themselves... adn even if the focus isn't the kids, what happenend to all the people who made him a a star the 1st time, who are still around, if they all bought his new album, he'd go multi plat just like b4.
Now I'm not advocating going staight back to "golden era" style, backsliding aint my thing, but why cant a rapper be taken seriously if he's past 40 and is ok with it and still strives to make groundbreaking, hot hip hop which still takes cognicance of the fact that he isn't a youn'un running and gunning and movin weight and what not, anymore?
It seems to me alot of it comes form the fact that even "lovers" and supporters of hip hop dont actually take it seriously as an artform, because even they agree, often through their silence, with the notion that hip hop artists have a specific shelf-life, beyond which they stop having anything to say worth listening to.
Cos think about guaranteed at some point you've considered a rapper and gone.. "damn he's new stuff is shit, that isn't banging, its not as good as his debut, he's messed up that cla**ic sound" why is musical growth a bad thing in a hip hop artist but is the only reason Madonna is still around.
Why should i be more than ready to join Prince on his journey (I'm a big fan) but balk at the idea that Jigga should be more grown-up, or that Common should trya different vibe ala Electric Circus (which i thoroughly enjoy) or Prodigy isn't quite the same as he was back in the day, he cant possibly be the same person without being bloody one-dimensional.

Media / WTF?????
« on: March 16, 2007, 03:57:39 AM »
Seattle - A mentally troubled woman accused of drowning her six-year-old daughter, cutting off her head and throwing the remains off a Washington state bridge has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

The father of Samara Laverne Spann, 32, told a newspaper in 2005 his daughter routinely called the girl a "devil child".

She belonged to a cult that worshipped late rapper Tupac Shakur as the reincarnation of the 16th century political philosopher Machiavelli.

Spann drowned the girl in a bathtub of her home in an impoverished area near Seattle after seeking advice from someone who was interested in the occult.

She then cut off the girl's head, wrapped a chain around the body, put the girl's remains into a plastic bin and threw it off a bridge somewhere between Seattle and the Oregon border, according to court filings.

The remains of the daughter, Kyeimah, have not been found.

'Reason of insanity'

Under the plea agreement accepted on Wednesday, prosecutors will recommend a 23-year prison term, said spokesperson Dan Donohoe.

Had the case gone to trial, Spann would have pleaded innocent by reason of insanity, said defence lawyer Virginia Faller.

Spann told investigators she was using drugs heavily at the time of the killing, said officials. She also was upset because her daughter kept getting out of bed and interrupting a telephone conversation.

An investigation showed the little girl had been subjected to extensive abuse and had been removed from her mother's care three times in California - where they also had lived - only to be returned each time.

WHAT THE f***????? For real no matter how bad any media source says how bad crime and shit is here, I know here, everyday i become considerably more convinced that I will never again set foot in north america and any good times I had there in the past were a fluke... those people are a disturbing cocktail of very stupid and very crazy.

General Discussion / Synning up North
« on: February 27, 2007, 04:08:58 AM »
Normally i would just have sent pm's (so leave me alone T8) but 4 sum reason i cant... but i'm gonna be in the J this weekend and thers a few folks i'm gonna see and I few I'd like to see, now a few of those folks are on here but a phone change has left me sans a few numbers so if the persons mentioned would simply pm me their digits I'll make a social/bizniz call when in the vicinity, I will be mobile so more than likely I'll be making my way to Pretoria as well.

Ootz: I got a number from way back, that doesn't still work does it? Hit me up wit the new one.

Deepea: I never did get the 1st landmynz mixtape you posted, so hopefully i can get that and possibly the 2nd one if its done yet.

briCK: I really have to satisfy myself that you aren't really a mid-30's white woman with a flair for fiction, so the opportunity to prove myself wrong would be appreciated.

Gsus: Lost your number man, so help me out ther and you can vent at me a lil.

Also now the opportunity 4 anybody who wants to get any material back to CPT for local radio exposure, just pm yo digits and I'll see if I can swing by you while in the J and bring it back wit me.

General Discussion / Oh shes a gol' digga, way ova taangh
« on: February 23, 2007, 05:19:37 AM »
Now Ladies of Ag, the 3 of you, I'm not includin you here, but i only know like two of you so i cant speak for the rest.... but.......

A number of my dear friends have relocated to Jozi over the last year and a bit, to make use of the insane mark-up in earnings ya'll get for having to live up ther, and most of them are educated and/or enterpeneurs so they all fortunately doing quite well financially at the moment. So recently most of them were back in the Motha for a "family" function and to a man, they was complainin about the women in the J. Now from 1 or 2, ya they just venting cos they aint got none in a while, but 12 guys simultaneously? :?
Anyways the generic story seems to go: They meet nice girl, who might or might not have a job, but in many cases has very good job and more than sufficient income to support a Jimmy Choo habit, shes receptive to the mack and the game is on like donkey kong. So either shes playing hard to get and setting it up for a later date or shes put out b4 he's finished stating his name, but no matter what, if they spent more than two days in ANY of these womans' company, a request for some sort of financial reciprocation was made. And from the accounts I heard, in some cases, quite substancial fees are even "demanded".
For instance to reference 5 different guys, a mixed bag of serial womanisers, hopeless romantics, the mister old school "I need me a bitch can cook" types; there was some 1st date wine and dine action (with hope for the saucy 3rd date), there was some witty club repartee to wangle a lunch meeting (with hope for action in like a week or two), and some frenzied fluid swapping in a mall bathroom ala lust at 1st sight. Now according to the guys, the women ran the gamut of dispositions, from Hoodrat size-queens, to sweet-as-homebaked koeksisters, to "get the f*** away from me you crazy bitch"... but across the board, within 4 days each guy got some shpieel... the cheapest being "Fill my cars tank pleez!", the priciest being "I need about four months rent, NOW!"  

Now I'm not saying you don't get ladies all about the cheddar elsewher, theres always one or two locals, but from what i hear this is the norm in the J.... is this so?
And if so.. how is you cats coping?
Having to face that sort of mercenary single-mindedness in a situation I haven't designated as a pure exchange of funds for erotic labour, would make me a thoroughly unpleasant person.

General Discussion / Downloads?
« on: November 06, 2006, 05:46:34 AM »
So we're living in thsi country with some of the most exciting COM/IT developments and minds behind the development in the world  but we have major hurdles.... mostly to do with Telkom being greedy bastards and being miserly with bandwidth... BUT we get by.
Now one of the most limiting issues concerning the development of South African music in general, but paerticularly hip hop is how shelf space in retail outlets is ata premium and SA music is not seen as a product with a solid return... so we don't get wide release of albums or lotas of stock of the ones that are released... bUT whats the viewpoint of ya'll on the alternative?

EVERYBODY got a cell.... how do we feel about a portal which will allow us to make any and every SA title of a certain quality available to downlaod to either PC or cell or MAc (yes Dplanet  :roll: )?
I think of this site as a braintrust for ideas... granted some of those ideas are f***in terrible, occa**ionally you guys get a respectable spark.

Whats the feelings? Do we neeed digital downloads? Can they reach enough people?

Are we ready for large scale digital distribution in africa?

Just rememebr that digital distribution means a computer less and less these days..... who do you know your age who has a WAP enabled phone and DOESN't browse the net on it?

How would you like to see the process set up?

If a company ptu a site up to run the technical side and distrib side of things, could artists be trusted to do alot of the marketing push themselves?

General Discussion / The Joy of Debate
« on: July 02, 2006, 11:26:45 PM »
Once you pa** a certain point in your life you realise that you have experienced EVERY argument that has ever been.... or rather it hits you like the sight of your parents f***ing that people have been rehashing the same 20-odd arguments since the beginning of time.
At one point, driving home your point of view with every ounce of brain power at your disposal was your academic orgasm... then it loses its pizzazz and you seek a new thrill and like all journeys of self discovery, you find the path to your next level by turning your past on its head.


The peanut is neither a pea, nor a nut... discuss................

Geek Section / Half dollar apple
« on: June 23, 2006, 01:08:42 AM »
Yo D, i know what an Apple disciple you are, but how are you gonna feel after Mr. Jobs, inks his deal with Fiddy to become the face of Mac wit his own branded desktop computer?

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