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General Discussion / Re: Top 10 reasons Illmatic is the isth!
« on: August 02, 2005, 10:23:48 PM »
Quote from: "TNG"
My reasons for Illmatic being such a strong album have nothing to do with the music
It was such a strong album that years later, niccas have forgiven, forgotten, damn near let Nasir Jones get away with some of the most amazing and unbeliveable contradictions that I'm sure Hov just got plain sick off too.

1."You too R&B spell my name", "non-of that fake R&B ssh!t" -This coming from a man that did a song with Mariah Carey and Joe. ANybody remmeber that? Oh amnesia my bad. What about Mariah Carey's first r&B group signing Allure, remember that jiggy rhyme he dropped in the song. How about "did you ever think that you would be this rich?" with the R in R&B R.Kelly Movin on...

2.The "African beads" phase he went through. Got pics of this. I think it's included in the God's SOn artwork too. okay, almost every questionable rapper in the U>S> has gone through this, I retract questionable coz others like Common have been consistent. Props. But do my amnesia suffering headz remmeber the dinner-plate sized QB chain dude was rocking once upon a time.

3. Must I remind you about the pink suit?

4. Song with Puff Daddy. Check

5. "I know I can, ....Be what I want to be Then somewhere in there he talked about girls you ain't got to be naked e.t.c. Basically an ode to respect yourselves youngin's. Has ANYBODY actually seen that Ouchie Wally Wally video? [/i] That's all I'm sayin. Homie, that LUKE guy from Miami ain't got nothing on this one. Too Short even.

6. "Non of that fake 50cent sh!t" -At his free open air concert in the park in NY. Then in a "I did'nt mean to say that" move plays it down on some, "i was'nt going at him I was just saying what the people in the crowd were feeling." Then Fiddy gets at him on Piggy Bank, now all of a sudden Fiddy has been the 1st to disrespect Nas. ANd I quote He needs a couple of more albums before he's worth me responding -note before the 1st week oof SOundscan numbers for Ma**acre come in. Afterwards, "yeah I'm gonna get him. I don't want to give too much away, but I got a record for him on my new upcoming album." WTF? Make up your mind son.

7. I don't mean to disrespect any Nas fans, or come off as a cocky hiphop newbie all about soundscan, but did that double .....(DOUBLE) disc he dropped go gold? Ill ego u usually have the Soundscan #s. & Fans U DO KNOW double discs count as 2sales for every sale. Don't give me that other story about the buyers coz Common's record is doing pretty well. And is set to do even better as the weeks unfold.

8. Must I remind you about the Pink Suit and the big-a**-Urkel gla**es to match?

9. Must I remind you about a fully sober, non-intoxicated (because they went ahead and actually shot a video for this track) Nas rapping about 100 GIgabyte Laptops 8O . I know the Amnesia is hectic my fellow hip hop heads but don't worry I got you.
Check for the track with the attempt at a catchy club hook off Nastradamus. Oh, sorry, need to be more specific, the one that goes "nasty nas, the esco, the escobar...blah blah..."

10. Quick! How many rappers with a career today have done a song with GINUWINE on the hook.

That's right. Illmatic is one hell of a strong album. For to be able to have gotten away with so many crimes ever since, *shakes head*. Amazing.

1. Note how all the songs you listed are guest appearences he did. Nas has never himself made an R&B record unlike the likes of 50 Cent.

2. Uhm what is so wrong with bling? Does not bother me, does it bother you?

3. Pink Suit...Andre you want me to continue?

4. Am I wrong or was Puff Daddy the best friend and business partner of one of the greatest rappers of all time? Oh and how could I forget that a certain Jigga made a track with Puff Daddy before Nas.

5. So KRS be contradictin himself then? And yeah girls aint have to be naked in videos. I mean, just because there were half naked girls in a music video that he appeared in (note not his music video) does not mean he's telling girls they should all do the same...your logic leaves me perplexed.

6. What he was trying to tell you is 50Cent = Ja Rule = R&B rap. He don't do that fake rap and that's a fact! Do you even know that the Nas and Jay beef comes from way before Takeover? Both been on some '...nah aint no beef...' then next thing you know Jay be dissin dude....guess Jay contradicting himself then, or did he just change his mind? I mean, its only human, don't you ever change your mind?

7. For your info, his album got gold status along time ago. In fact, about 2 months after release. And the double album is only counted as one, for example if Tupac sold 10 million All Eyez On me copies then he actually sold 20million (if you x2 for every double disc sold). Also, if sales is a way of gauging performance then I guess Illamtic was his worst album and Reasonable Doubt was Jay's worst...oh and then 50 would be the best rapper alive....yah right!

8. Refer to point #3, I don't like repeating myself.

9. To be honest, you've lost me. What's so amnesiac about that?

10. 10. Quick! How many rappers with a career today have done a song with BABYFACE on the hook (?) *I put in the ? since you had amnesia and forgot it*

Oh and Illmatic >>>>>>>>> Anything Jay has ever put out.

Media / King Magazine is the SHHIIITTTT!!!!!!
« on: August 02, 2005, 09:47:56 PM »
Quote from: "afterbirth"
that is too MUCH a**! :roll:

Then you must not be african!

Aint nun like a "lord have mercy" booty!

Media / King Magazine is the SHHIIITTTT!!!!!!
« on: August 02, 2005, 01:29:37 PM »
KING BE THA FESCES!!! F@ck what ya heard...Bitches be mad tite tho its difficult to cop their magz around here...

And NO, Buffy dont have too much booty!

Hot Traxxx / The Book Of Proverb watchyo final take?
« on: August 01, 2005, 05:55:47 PM »
This album is really good. Concepts are good and well pulled of.

Sure, Pro is not the illest mc around but when it comes to making an album hes got it right. Flow sounds like Canibus but other than that the lyrics are'nt even close to Canibus content.

7.5/10 pushing for 8/10. really good quality for money

Hot Traxxx / Oh shit!! Nas finaly gets at fiddy
« on: August 01, 2005, 05:53:30 PM »
Quote from: "mulmens"
Deacon, is it possible for you to make another downloadable link for those of us who were a bit too late? I need to hear this one...

I second that...need to hear the death of fi'bob

Politics / ANC
« on: July 19, 2005, 05:53:49 PM »
I find it strange that the people are not satisfied with the service the ANC has delivered yet just last year the ANC ran away with the election. I think there is much more to that than simply saying they are a 'black party'.

I also think many of you here are disillusioned as to what really was going on pre-94. The NP really messed up this country and Apartheid caused problems that will take centuries to undo. Yeah, sure it might sound 'tired' to keep blaming Apartheid but what else is the cause of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment in this country?

The turn around of South Africa will take years and years of hard work. I believe government is working in stages...Madiba was the perfect man for the first stage, the reconciliation phase to avoid civil war. Then came Mbeki's first term when the media kept critisizing him for being out of the country all the time. Now that same media is commending the government for the growth of the economy which is a direct outcome of Mbeki's travels. Stage 3 is in full swing now, getting Africa as a whole going can only mean ma**ive economic growth for us. Included in this stage is improving government services. Mbeki himself took an active role is this by making it his business to visit some the areas where numerous complaints were given.

This stage includes legislation against corruption and government pushing companies into corners over transformation. People are quick to point out that transformation is not working out (BEE for example). Though they crucify the ANC for their role they forget the country's economy is still controlled by whites. The white companies and managers decide who they want to empower.

Im not saying the ANC are angels but name a government in the world that is. And there is no party at this moment that can challenge the ANC. Don't even mention the DA who bitches at every oppurtunity.

Hot Traxxx / When is Common gonna Cometh?
« on: April 13, 2005, 12:22:06 PM »
Im really looking forward to this album...its been a while and Common is on my top 5 list of all time easily.

Something that bothers me is how headz always wanna go back to 'that' album. They compare every other album a mcee releases with his cla**ic. That is totally unfair as most rappers will probably at most put out only 1 cla**ic or very good album. Common has always maintained its about growing and evolving and all the hiphop fans who have an open ear and appreciation for music will feel the tip Common is on. I dont want Common to go back to the resurrection days cuz he will NEVER be able to do it again anyway. He is growing as a musician and person. Common is more than just a rapper...hes an artist!

In the words of Nas "Thought Id make another Illmatic, never backwards stupid heres another cla**ic..."

Battle One on One / nas-fan vs phat cat
« on: April 13, 2005, 11:33:03 AM »
I think it should be obvious that this nas kid won it....he got some nice lines

Battle One on One / DropBomb vs DarkBlood
« on: February 17, 2004, 10:54:00 AM »
Oh shit!!!

This battle was ill yo, two heavyweights goin at it...crazy man!

your f***in ripped flesh leaving skidmarks on my ballistics casings
your girls mouth is recuperating from giving my dick too many facings
don´t attempted to text it in the sky with 8 jets
you need more "protection" the way you get f***ed when i "LAY-TEXT"//(latex
^^^could b played out but u fllipped it nicely...on the real a good verse but not enuf concetration on DarkBlood himself...

to knock the funk off your a** like Calvin Klein COLOGNE
so many people laugh at my shit like Urkel TRIPPED ON MY VERSE...

ill yo...real nice verse

First and fore-most again, u spit shit the same
and I know you f***ed my girl, that´s how the bitch got AIDS
^^^nice opener and comeback

you could study on the Empire State and still wouldn´t experience HIGHER LEARNING
it´s concerning how your yearning for an existence worth URNING (Earning)
you´re wurling out of control like twleve cyclones turning
forever bowling at my Blood but you never get a wicket
stick it in your lyric, copy, cut, paste and print it
I´ll cut you down to size you´ll be elegible to be a MIDGET
talking about guns, you´re imagination got you shook
I´m quite NAS-ty: I´m shootin and I made you look
you´re as predictable as librarians bitching of late books
send you to NEVER-NEVER Land by giving you a RIGHT HOOK!

^^^god damn!!!
the only truth about your verse was the Urkel bit you spoke
but that´s only because your whole spittin´s just another DEAD JOKE!

^^^ha ha ha

YO Drop u wudve won most guys wit this here verse but Blood killed it...

vote: Blood

Yo the Works are Rugged man! I might be making a track with them soon. Long live the Hueman!

Soul Power - Common (From Electric Circius)

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / FREESTYLE SESSION//
« on: July 24, 2003, 05:51:00 PM »


I´m savage and I´ll manage to cut your finger bones and stab you with the fragments,
f*** a batchelor´s degree, I rock ceremonies with the thesis of a masters,
Back home they call me HHH the mc cause aint nobody comin close to my pedigree,
I think its best if all you wack mcz just take your notebooks pen-and-flee,
Tragically, Most yall mcz cant begin to even fathom me,
Bitch Please, Get on your knees, Im the god so your shit is straight up blasphemy,
You better find out who your pastor be so he can bless your a** before you attempt to tackle me..

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / where life´s going!
« on: July 24, 2003, 05:16:00 PM »

now firstly to Dawg:

You need better structure in your verse and actually have a topic. I see potential but it is clear to me you are a newbie. I´ve seen the lyrics of other U-town mc´s and most of them are cla**es above you. Make your bar lengths longer and use complex vocab(actually you almost have that covered).

Now to this a**hole calling himself Dungeon_Keepah:

I have discovered that you have some connection to Cannibal Warlock...Your IP addresses only differ in the last three digits...meaning either your from the same area or you are like me, on a network of computers. Dont even try to fight it cuz the two of you use the same typing style and slang.

For all those who don´t know, this Dungeon_Keepah aka Cannibal Warlock a**hole battled me and called me a ´biter´. He couldn´t prove it and still can´ fact never will be able to. He claimed that verse I wrote is much more lame can you get?

Now there is my 2cents and I say get this faggot banned!  

Sup kid...dont know your name...looks like you call yourself doc or some shit.

Well anyway, the rhymes were aiight..though nothing spectacular for text, i feel it would work better on audio. keep up son and keep postin but register first! koo 8-)

Battle One on One / blackbull vs darkblood
« on: June 19, 2003, 09:45:00 PM »
This here would have to go to Darkblood for more fact..better everything...

Bull your verse lacked next time...take your time when you write your verse and throw more other words diss him badly...


eitherway you´re just another battling PERIOD I wonder what´s of-you-late (Ovulate)
a male of animal´s feet, your MEN-OO-PAWS makes you copulate

^^^That was sick son...really now....

you married with your hope and thought you´d win, get a divorce
25 lines to DISPLACE your INERTIA is just excessive FORCE

^^^more illness...damn dark...go see a

vote: Dark

pz-1-...IM SO f***ING ILL  8-)

General Discussion / Ghostface Killah talking to God, funny shit
« on: June 14, 2003, 09:05:00 PM »

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