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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / 8 Bars A Day Keeps The Wack MCs Away
« on: March 09, 2005, 12:59:13 PM »
Back in this MOFO

I shove it down your throats, and y'all wanna boast and brag/
about blokes and fags but don't ask bout the real lyricism/
I kill many writtens, and still got the rhythm that hem 'em/
my rap style put the pin to your denim/
and everybody feels like they ain't gotta spit, but/
this is just an excercise to sharpen all ya writs up/
niggas wanna beef cause, niggas need they dicks sucked/
we don't need the grief, and, y'all could pull ya briefs up/
never heard of good clean fun? get a clue/
you don't wanna elevate, then we can get rid of you/
anyway, gettin back to the cypher at hand/
I got more great lines than the beach got sand/
I know it's played but it's one of 'em, stay wit a bunch of 'em/
so you could never catch me off guard like a countryman/
...f*** it i'm sleepy so you won't get the best of me/
my mind is f***in everywhere like i been takin extacy.....

first to 5 votes wins

 well? let the voting begin people

I'll be coppin that, vakill is straight sick, Darkest cloud was my joint

Quote from: "eef_haf"
Which program do you use to make gif's, Ulead?.

Ulead is the shit

Dont drop guard. I know Souljah is so gonna retaliate.

And to think I was holding back with that ten line shit[/quote]

Common,Royce da 5'9" and Chino XL on on a track produced by Dj premier man thats like a dream come true. its called enough beef and guru does the hook. .Tell me what ya'll think

Quote from: "eef_haf"
where is she going to park all that? 8O

Oh, this is a battle thread?

but still, where?


Thats what I said when I made the avvy myself lol

LOL oops I guess I dont know my own strength   but seriously tho it as my 1st battle I thought you were gonna come really hard at me, you being a vet on this site and all

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / 8 Bars A Day Keeps The Wack MCs Away
« on: March 08, 2005, 02:57:11 PM »
deacon in this bitch

I'll rock your head piece with my vocab
Imagery got you trippin like your whole tongue was 1 big tab
Covered in LSD and you still didn't get the best of me
The best is yet to come, invisible to the blind, not deaf but dumb
Shatter your whole world like bread crumbs
f*** critics, I'll break ebert's thumbs
Leave him two thumbs down
Yeah, there's a new fool in town
He wears a dunce cap instead of a crown
So f*** off, I'm off the wall, can't fall at all
Instead I'm climbin, the ladder and at the same time rhymin
If this was a tape, it'd need some rewindin

 :lol: dopeness

AIIGHT then this is as easy as I can go

check! Like a maniac exorcist, I'll stab~you~free
I'll "wear" you out, you're just another casual~tee (casualty)
I'm overtaking and elevating, I climb higher
I'll "T(ee)" off, and use souljah's arm for a 9 iron
watch me cause alarm, better armed then a rifle store/
takin off your pants exposes more bush then Michael Moore/
I'm the headline act , you just a f***in back up dancer/
I attack with more punchings (punch-ins) than emcees with lung cancer/
im sick i'll slash your throat quick and watch you make the blood gurgle/
souljah spends more time in "MANHOLES" then a f***ing ninja turtle/  :D
Impale your face with a nail rake ,Iím coming at you no holds barred like a jail break/
This frail fake is nothing but a fat broken condom baby, a big mistake//  :twisted:

10-15 Lines max
first to 5 votes wins
no dickriding bullshit voters

I'll drop as soon as someone agrees to  battle

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