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AIIGHT then this is as easy as I can go

check! Like a maniac exorcist, I'll stab~you~free
I'll "wear" you out, you're just another casual~tee (casualty)
I'm overtaking and elevating, I climb higher
I'll "T(ee)" off, and use souljah's arm for a 9 iron
watch me cause alarm, better armed then a rifle store/
takin off your pants exposes more bush then Michael Moore/
I'm the headline act , you just a f***in back up dancer/
I attack with more punchings (punch-ins) than emcees with lung cancer/
im sick i'll slash your throat quick and watch you make the blood gurgle/
souljah spends more time in "MANHOLES" then a f***ing ninja turtle/  :D
Impale your face with a nail rake ,Iím coming at you no holds barred like a jail break/
This frail fake is nothing but a fat broken condom baby, a big mistake//  :twisted:

10-15 Lines max
first to 5 votes wins
no dickriding bullshit voters

I'll drop as soon as someone agrees to  battle

Pages: 1 ... 569 570 571 572 573