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Hot Traxxx / Da rawest Flawless emcee
« on: February 23, 2006, 10:09:51 AM »
who's really nice in S.A's subtarranean base/ if u self proclaimed, imma bring it to ur face/  coz we want street credit, but that i've already gained/ wrote a rhyme back in time strapped in chains/ i got a few brain cells im willing to donate/ to heads like Msyfo polluting the game/ Prokid had to go swaito to get fame/ he's not wack, i just make him appear two alphanumerics negative, when he's rated out of ten/ now who's a lyrical champ/ spit a free and make monks feel tense/ rock on acapella and a pope started to dance/ Skwatta got more kwaito fans than Mdu has/ keepin it true dont mean rock a doorag/ rappers like Amu so da trueth at a glance/ coz they're better behind the beats than on a mic stance/ recycling old shit just to get that cheque/ im bringin it nasty to their chest like a girl with cilia on her breast/ putting lame f***s to rest, by vanqueshing their souls and let their worthless corpse get eaten by mergats/ ya'll are faker than Michael Jackson's pigments/ for instance My man is a mail version of what Brenda Fa**ie did/ im not hating but clearifying what hiphop is/ i guess we are trying to be Americans, thanx to Pitch Black/ homie that shit is wack/ ya'll probably fall asleep in between two fags/ keep biting till ur teeth hangz, i think ya'll should hire some fangz/ looking like u wearing ur little brother's pants and shirts/ Pink designs are a a giant leap out of the closet/ this is what Da native a**asin had to express/ ya'll aint raw, ya'll are hard but pussy like lesbians/

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / who got ate
« on: February 20, 2006, 09:26:13 AM »
I hear a dogg bucking with no teeth in his mouth/ yall said those are interlegant rhymes, from a rap scout/ props are real but sum of yall need to keep his dick out of yalls mouth/ u grow old get married and get used to da coutch/ compare me with nobody, my sperm dish will probably be ur spouse/ i roll thick and keep my pen coughin ink/ mr Eistine up here cant J (jam) for shit/ he traced that rhyme yall concider sick/ let him be on point im just a prick/ home boy was born when that bitch tried to take a shit/ bring ur whole squad quick/ i'll murder u smilling with my dick stuck in my zip/ ur flow's weak/ im like ice brakers , my flavor is always on a pick/ reply if u dare but ur consciousness will resist

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