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General Discussion / Kanye Signs Dbanj
« on: June 17, 2011, 02:21:29 PM »
Wow! Good looks for the dudes!

With a loaded roster that includes John Legend, Kid Cudi, Cyhi Da Prince and Pusha T, Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music imprint has reportedly gone international with the signing of popular Nigerian artists D’Banj and Don Jazzy.

Just a day short of his 31st birthday, D’Banj tweeted on June 8, “Just like yesterday myself and my brother did Tongolo. 7yrs later Mo' Hits signs with Good Music. Best birthday gift ever. God thank u” – referring to his debut hit single “Tongolo” produced by Don Jazzy, president and lead producer for Nigerian indie label Mo’Hits Records. D’Banj, an award winning artist in his country, has earned in the past a 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards win as well as several MTV Africa Music Award trophies in what appears to be a very full display case.
Don Jazzy, credited as mostly a producer, musician and label head, counts D’Banj as his flagship artist and also has made him the vice president of the Mo’ Hits label. The small label also lists artists Wande Coal and Dr SID as part of the Mo’Hits brand.

On Don Jazzy’s very active Twitter page, the seemingly jovial musician fielded questions about the Kanye signing and even tweeted a photo of himself standing next to his rumored new boss Kanye West and hip hop heavyweight Jay-Z. G.O.O.D. Music reps have not confirmed the signing of the Nigerian pair, but the exuberant tweets from both D’Banj and Don Jazzy will certainly gain the African stars attention in the days ahead.

Debuting in 2005 with his No Long Thing album, D’Banj has released four albums with the most recent being Mr. Endowed in 2010. American rapper Snoop Dogg featured on a remix of that album’s title track as well, which was produced by Don Jazzy.

General Discussion / Ey Jub Jub Mfana!
« on: June 08, 2011, 10:59:11 AM »

Khumalo said recently she was abused by Molemo Maarohanye, better known in the music industry as Jub Jub.

Drum magazine, which is running a cover story on Khumalo this week, has published pictures showing the extent of the alleged abuse.

Khumalo, 29, who has been to many court appearances with Jub Jub (accused of killing four schoolboys in a drag race in Soweto in March last year), sent pictures of her bust lip and bruised nose after one of their rows to the Sunday World a week earlier.

In Drum magazine, Khumalo sports a bleeding gash below her left eye.

The latest pictures are similar to leaked pictures of badly bruised American pop star Rihanna, beaten up in 2009 by then boyfriend Chris Brown.

In the Drum cover story interview, Khumalo's story differs from the one she told that magazine only two months earlier, when she said she would be sticking by Maarohanye despite the outcry after the accident.

But a now shaven-headed Khumalo - she evidently shaved to signify a fresh start - said she suffered more than she admitted in public appearances with him.

She said they would have had another baby before one-year-old Christian had it not been for a miscarriage she suffered in 2009. "Molemo is to blame. He caused me so much stress with his cheating."

The Qinisela singer told Drum she aimed to get a restraining order against her baby's father rather than charges.

"These were the repercussions of the accident. One minute Molemo would be sweet and the next he was a complete stranger. He's so angry . so, so angry."

But if Twitter is anything to go by, Khumalo is a polarising figure, provoking a variety of reactions.

Nolo Malothane tweeted: "Just read Kelly Khumalo's @drummagazine. I'm proud of her."

Another user tweeting as ShopriteSunday said: "Well Kelly Khumalo, since your dreams didn't come true eGoli [in Johannesburg], your post at Shoprite KwaNongoma [in rural KwaZulu-Natal] is still vacant."

Melissa Fredericks asked: "Why do some men cheat and beat women? After Kelly supported him."

Siyanda Gcuku said she was an attention-seeker. Miranda Ngubeni said the entire story was a lie. Another user, called Sleepeaches, said she "asked for it" by sticking with a man who would not marry her.

But Koyo Bala, of music group 3Sum, preferred to comment on the pleasing appearance of Khumalo's dress in inside photos.

Khumalo told the magazine she was looking to get a tattoo of Maarohanye's name removed from her shoulder and might go back to recording.

Maarohanye said he didn't want to speak about Khumalo or any other woman and will only comment "when the time is right".

General Discussion / Walmart
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:01:33 PM »
Woohaa! WALLMART is coming to South Africa! Oh shit free guns! 105cm Flat screen lCD & LED Tvs will cost R1000-2000,I-kindles wil cost R500 Lol!!!!!!!!

Hot Traxxx / Tyga is Raw
« on: May 02, 2011, 09:33:03 AM »
Young money youngin had to come Cape Town townships Just to prove how gutta he is lol Nice flow though

TYGA-BMF(Music video)

Tyga - Hard In The Paint (Freestyle video)

General Discussion / Sohh Over-hyping Kwesta
« on: April 25, 2011, 09:23:13 AM »
Sup fellas hope your  easters were the ish! Cant post the link from my phone but go to Sohh website they overrating over hyping the younging as the Sohh 's True grit! That may not be true but his positioning was spot-on to be able to be exposed globally.

General Discussion / Phil Masinga Pawning all his staff!!
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:30:34 AM »
Its articles n stories lie this that make me wannna save more money,this dude was filthy rich,damn!

Phil Masinga, the former Leeds United striker who scored the goal that took South Africa to their first World Cup in 1998, has admitted he has financial problems.

Masinga, who has taken to living in the backroom of his late mother’s home in the Khuma township of Klerksdorp, held a garage sale of his footballing souvenirs – as well as mundane domestic items – last month amid widespread surprise in his hometown.

Masinga, who joined Leeds with Lucas Radebe in 1994, still boasts a website which proclaims him as running a football academy and being a 2010 World Cup amba**ador.

There are no updates in the “news” section of, beyond a label saying “busy, busy, busy”.

He lists Giorgio Armani and Kappa as his favourite designer labels.

At one point, Masinga lived in a mansion in Weskoppies near Klerksdorp, had a vast second home in Fourways and owned petrol stations, designer boutiques, a nightclub and a fleet of luxury cars.

But when asked by a Sunday World reporter if he was in trouble, “Chippa” – who scored the goal against the Congo in 1997 to see Bafana Bafana qualify for the World Cup in France – said: “So what if I have problems in my life? Who doesn’t have them?

“Tell me, what’s wrong with living in a township? Irvin Khoza is a millionaire and he stays in the township.”

And before slamming the phone down, the 41-year-old said: “Let me put it to you, if there are problems in my life I don’t need and I don’t want pity like Baby Jake Matlala.”

Masinga went through a bitter divorce with his wife Puleng in 2005 and was forced to pay maintenance for his two daughters.

He moved to a townhouse in Joburg but was evicted for failing to pay the rent.

He now lives with his brothers Ernest and Meshack in the family home in Khuma.

A resident in Khuma said of Masinga’s garage sale: “Besides the big items, even irons, toasters and kettles were on sale. Does this mean he is so desperate for cash?”

Masinga played 58 times for South Africa, scoring 18 goals. He started with Jomo Cosmos and Mamelodi Sundowns, before the £275 000 move to Elland Road.

While compatriot Radebe stayed and thrived, Masinga, after playing 31 games and scoring five goals, left Leeds following the arrival of Ghana’s Tony Yeboah in 1996.

He also spent time with St Gallen in Switzerland, Salernitana and Bari in Italy before playing for Al-Wahda in the United Arab Emirates Pro-League in 2002. – Staff Reporter

Humour / Jokes / Malema Agrees
« on: April 19, 2011, 05:59:42 PM »
Julius Malema has agreed to the judge that he will stop singing the shoot the boer song, but he will Hum it. Hahahaha couldnt help it!

Humour / Jokes / LOL!! Baracka Flacka flames Hood a** Niggga
« on: April 15, 2011, 10:58:59 AM »
Please watch this Parody!!

It could easily do well if it was a single ;D

General Discussion / Bishes love Cars
« on: April 13, 2011, 05:10:07 PM »
Old school cars,Beetles,Datsun Botsotso shit it dont matter as long its got 4 wheels, bishes will roll with you if you have a whip!!!!!!

I was asking my Zulu friend if he gots some Xhosa jokes their grandfathers always told when they chillin with fam always around about xhosas,he said they have but i must start first!

‎18 zulu men went 2 the bar n the xhosa guy asked, kutheni nihamba niyi 18? zulu guyz replied because no under 18 peoples allowed. ;D
He was so cross with me he also said his xhosa jokes!!  Guys do you have ones to share??

Hot Traxxx / NY Anthem????
« on: April 11, 2011, 02:51:27 PM »
Most Hip hop Forums out there are trashing out Maino's new video and song for f***ing up the California Love song/beat,Worse thing is Jones is jacking Pac flow lol Fail :D

Maino- We Keep It Rockin Feat. Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss, Jim Jones & Joell Ortiz

"I kno what Maino intended to do but he failed! If u goin touch a cla**ic song like "California Love" U gotta come hard. It actually took NY to ah back seat to Cali becuz the song was not good...Dre & Pac was only 2niggaz, These 4niggaz came an f**'ed it up bad! Jones is thrash,Kiss done fell off so bad, Joell is the best outta all of them, I hope Swizz didnt produce the track.. If u goin create ah athem for NY do it original like Ja Rule & Jay Z did. .""

"if they remixed a cla**ic like california love.. why the f*** is maino and jim jones on it... all around this track is garbage... real garbage. they depleted california love into this corny batch of whatef*** "

this s**** madd wack...only the corniest of niggas would ever  try this to  jack this track...then they add  joel ortiz on this...lord...they need to blow up the studio that they recorded this track in...str8t garbage

"i like da vibe of the record but it could some better verses and a better singer for the hook dis need a krazy remix "

"i like maino but thats pretty gay ""

"Look @ Swizz Beatz he think he spit the hottest verse evr put out delusionall fukss"

General Discussion / ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they lying
« on: April 08, 2011, 02:36:58 PM »
This made my friday, they lying these Archaelogists ;D ;D

Archaeologists Uncover 1st Gay Man, 5000 Years Old!

Y-M-C-Cave: The skeleton was found in a Prague suburb with its head pointing eastwards and surrounded by domestic jugs - rituals only previously seen in female graves. Men would normally be buried with weapons, hammers and flint knives


Five thousand years after he died, the first known gay caveman has emerged into the daylight.

According to archaeologists, the way he was buried suggests that he was of a different sexual persuasion.

The skeleton of the late Stone Age man, unearthed during excavations in the Czech Republic, is said to date back to between 2900 and 2500 BC.

One of the domestic jugs among the caveman's remains. Normally only placed in female graves, the jugs suggest the caveman was either homosexual or transsexual


Another member of the archaeological team, Katerina Semradova, said that colleagues had uncovered an earlier case dating from the Mesolithic period where a female warrior was buried as a man.

She added that Siberian shamans, or witch doctors, were also buried in this way but with richer funeral accessories appropriate to their elevated position in society.

‘This later discovery was neither of those. We believe this is one of the earliest cases of what could be described as a transvestite or third-gender grave in the Czech Republic.


Source: Daily Mail

General Discussion / Durex Avanti Condom
« on: April 01, 2011, 09:27:54 AM »
Bishes love it! they say its like shagging without a condom,they feel the shape n all kinda shit!! but it will set you back by R66. Happy Friday niggaz!!

Hot Traxxx / Superman Omnyama
« on: March 30, 2011, 08:48:39 AM »
Dont sleep on him.Molly is a problem! only got his album now! his mixtape was nice,street music!

Molly-Spina Legusheshe

General Discussion / Jadakiss to SA
« on: March 29, 2011, 12:12:32 PM »
Rapper Jadakiss is heading over to South Africa to take part in a benefit event for disadvantaged children.

According to Allhiphop the event will take place at the Mavuso Trade Centre in April.

In light of the recent tragedies such as Haiti and Japan, it's good to see Kiss has a broad view of the world and doesn't mind helping out.

Other artists set to performs are DJ Tira,T-bo Touch, Zaza, Velemseni, Stitch, Papz, Crooks and Izzy and more.

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