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Hot Traxxx / BATTLEKAT
« on: October 23, 2006, 10:00:41 AM »
For peeps not aware, taken from a FLYER

to obtain your own free copy of the upcoming Beats Against the Beast album, SMS to this number 074 233 7580:

1) Name
2) Cell Number
3) City/Town
4) Option of 3 popular malls in your area

you will receive an SMS from Beats Against the Beast a few weeks before the release date of the album to let you know exactly where to collect your Copy. for Control sake, you're required to keep the SMS on your phone as proof.

NB: if u happen to change ur no., make sure u resend ur info again.

cant wait to hear those ba**linesss

« on: October 23, 2006, 09:24:34 AM »
dunno abt y'all but this the shit to wake up to..... VIVVA  TEKZILLA...

General Discussion / Beat prices
« on: October 18, 2006, 10:23:14 AM »
iv always wanted to know how much the local breed of producers charge for em beats.

@DPlanzo, Nymbz, much kats. arm n a leg maybe??

« on: October 18, 2006, 10:16:24 AM »

from the new Hiteknology Vol. 2 LP


1. "How We Do It" (featuring Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli & Slim Thug)
2. "Time is Now" (featuring Reflection Eternal [Hi Tek & Talib Kweli])
3. "We Get Down" (featuring Mos Def, Raphael Saadiq & Bootsy Collins)

General Discussion / The Procussions
« on: October 17, 2006, 06:50:14 PM »
who knws 'bout this 3-man crew...
they gat the jazz-funk-soul sound. think Tribe, Roots, Brand New Heavies, etc. typa tip.

signed to Rawkus, i heard their All Up Night jazz ep 8) , i thought it'was pretty nice. who's heard this dudes. nice music.

they gat a new lp called "5 Sparrows for 2cENTS"....

Rawkus revival it could be..

Hot Traxxx / Common - The B**** in You (Ice Cube diss)
« on: October 08, 2006, 11:34:34 AM »
who gat the joint...any1 plz huk a fella up. thanxxx...

Hot Traxxx / radiohead
« on: September 22, 2006, 11:23:22 AM »
where my creepy nerdy fans @. thom yorke jus released solo shit. i hvnt heard it yet...but will peep it soon. ok-computer-goodbye...

1. Eraser, The
2.   Analyse
3.   Clock, The
4.   Black Swan
5.   Skip Divided
6.   Atoms For Peace
7.   And It Rained All Night
8.   Harrowdown Hill
9.   Cymbal Rush




Producers - Discussion / Cubase 4
« on: September 21, 2006, 08:32:55 PM »

Cubase 4 - Advanced Music Production System

Cubase 4 represents the cutting edge in digital audio workstations. Designed for professionals from the ground up, Cubase converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling and a vast range of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing.

* State-of-the-art Audio + MIDI Recording/Editing/Mixing
* Complete new set of VST3 virtual instruments and effects
* Real multi-channel 5.1 surround sound
* SoundFrame™ - Universal Sound Manager
* Control Room integration within your outboard studio environment
* Seamless integration of external audio and MIDI hardware
* Pristine 32-bit floating point audio engine
* Professional music notation and score printing
* Cross-Platform: Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary

New Features

Cubase 4 comes with a brand-new VST3 plug-in set and four new integrated software instruments with more than 1000 sounds. The revolutionary SoundFrame™ is a powerful combination of Track Presets, Instrument Tracks, and MediaBay database, to help organize all your sounds from every instrument - both software VSTi and hardware. Cubase 4!s mixer now offers a flexible Control Room section and up to four independent studio mixes. Composers and musicians benefit from the enhanced score editor while the redesigned user interface with many new features speeds up workflow and boosts creativity to new levels.

Cubase Studio 4 - Music Production System

Cubase Studio 4 is a new workstation tailored to project studios and creative musicians. Based on the same core technologies as Steinberg’s Cubase 4 Advanced Music Production System, the streamlined Cubase Studio 4 offers professional tools for composition, recording, editging and mixing at an extremely attractive price.
Boasting a range of new capabilities in its price range such as SoundFrame™, full notation features and brand new VST3 instruments and effects, Cubase Studio 4 offers unprecedented functionality in its price cla**.

* Audio + MIDI Recording/Editing/Mixing
* New VST3 virtual instruments and effects
* SoundFrame™ - unique new Sound Management System
* Fantastic-sounding 32-bit Audio Engine
* Full scoring features
* Streamlined feature set tailored for project studios, musicians and composers
* Outstanding vaue for money, extraordinary price/performance ratio
* Cross platform: Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary (compatible with PPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers)

New Features

Cubase Studio 4 offers a brand new plug-in set based on the new VST3 standard, as well as 2 top-quality, outstandingly versatile software instruments with hundreds of ready-to-play sounds. The unique SoundFrame™ system is a groundbreaking new technology with powerful new features such as Track Presets, Instrument Tracks and the new MediaBay database, which will revolutionize the way you manage and access your media files and presets, bringing them directly into the creative composition process. Composers will enjoy the new professional scoring and notation printing feature set, while the range of interface and workflow enhancements make working with Cubase Studio 4 fast, efficient and, above all, extraordinarily creative.

shud check it out....

Hot Traxxx / RAP REVIEWS
« on: September 21, 2006, 07:49:24 PM »
for all you rap reviews,, this site looks to cover mst of ur favourite albums...

Producers - Discussion / FL Automation
« on: September 19, 2006, 05:05:57 PM »
being a lazy-a** muthaf***ka,,, dont wanna read no manual.

so hows FL Studio's automation capabilities, how the f*** do u do the shit anyways. what purpose does automating do anyways...

response from my fellow basement brothaz wud be appreciated...

« on: September 19, 2006, 02:52:46 PM »

Warner Music Group recently announced its new partnership with, giving the website access to music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and original programming from artists under the Warner Music Group roster.

YouTube users will also be able to incorporate music from Warner's catalog into the videos they create and upload.

Both parties will generate and share revenue created by advertising, which will be featured around the videos.

"Partnering with Warner Music Group is one of the most significant milestones for our company and our community, and shifts the paradigm in this new media movement," said YouTube CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley via a statement. "By providing a new distribution opportunity, we are paving the way for media companies to harness the vast financial potential of user-generated content on YouTube."

Also as part of the deal YouTube will use a new advanced content identification and royalty reporting system, set for release by the end of the year, to identify the music videos and help manage payment to the record labels.

"Technology is changing entertainment, and Warner Music is embracing that innovation," added Warner Music Group chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. "Consumer-empowering destinations like YouTube have created a two-way dialogue that will transform entertainment and media forever."

Artists on the Warner Music roster include P. Diddy, Missy Elloit, Talib Kweli, T.I. and Sean Paul, among others.

good move by the cats from wud be dope if the Gallos, Rage, Sheer of this world were to follow suit. lokal labels mos definitely need sume rude technological-awakening of this sort....

Sports Arena / Sup Wit PIRATES
« on: September 15, 2006, 12:35:16 PM »
i so feel for eziMnyama ngenkani @ this hour of dakness & misery. a 4-0 smack in the face, Leremi missed 3days training coz he was "out of town", wotelse is new. damnnnn

n Chiefs drawing where they left off last season... phuckk

General Discussion / @nuwe
« on: September 05, 2006, 02:40:53 PM »
check pm...

Hot Traxxx / TYKOON SUIT
« on: September 03, 2006, 12:12:58 PM »
any Cape heads heard of these Tykoon Suit cats?? i know 1 of them (Mr Mo) was once on African Dope Records. iv neva heard their stufff but read about them on the BPM magazine. interesting

General Discussion / @paposse...
« on: August 23, 2006, 06:06:22 PM »
check PM baba. :wink:  :wink:

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