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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: 21 punch salute...DROP YOURS
« on: April 25, 2009, 11:35:26 AM »
I bone shatter part of my own anti-matter
Wit drills in a kadaver to stagger da Black Adder
My Darth Vader dark scripts imperial marches
Thru swamps n ova tar pits as da harsh eclipse
Memories dat harbour secrets i'm hard at work
Ur reaction's like a knee jerk when handeling dirt
I disposess u of ur tongue u not a man of ur word
Cops brand u a bird u 1st sang then u chirped
Believe me u'll be disturbed when u 'bout to be murked
Beatings are bound to rain down on all o' ur turf
All o' ur worth detours when u fall to da earth
Some wud call it a curse it's a gift u bitch
Head o' da family i accept kapish
Horrible Steven King i'm an eclectic mix...of hard rock
dat started wit da presence of Kiss
It was n yeah it still is a marketing beast
Don't get me wrong he's an arteest but also a priest
He's a f***en disease why's he not on a leash?
My 5th elemental warps into hospital wards
So dat da next patient morphs into genital warts

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: April 24, 2009, 09:52:05 AM »
Take it easy...

Take it candy from a baby. or bite like mike tyson when sampling like jay z.
take it easy..don't be nervous with your attitude. take it easy like herpes from a prostitute.
Take it TKZee before Palafala. Just chill mtshana no need for firepower. Yo steez must flow ease. Poetry don't desire no beast. So please rest your soul and just breath..
Take it easy...Like Malema in matric

I'm stuck now...please help...
Yeah n dropping da Nando's advert shows up as drastic
Personally i thought that ish was cla**ic!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: April 20, 2009, 01:20:33 PM »
I torture these mutha f***as using hooks n chains
Highly serated blades is wat i use to engage
I f***en accupuncture veins they shit 'emselves
fulla stains
I'm da nastiest piece of work for walking this earth
I'ma conclude that misery is all they deserve
I come to crop circles rape cattle n slaughter herds
Feed 'em continuously untill their stomachs just burst
I requested da horror perfected by Jeffrey Darma
Jack Da Ripper unholy hour da grave digger
Remain sicker da pshycological brain picker
Chained nigger da unbearable pain giver
I reformed a satanist cult to rub salt
Into ur wounds i excavate tombs on witches brooms
U doomed as i enter ur lungs wit poisoned fumes
Da noize dat ensues not even ur boys'll be excused
Every orifice is used when my demonic moves
Bubonic plagues abused dudes i'm da accused
Call me Prime Time i make news mudering youths!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: April 07, 2009, 01:32:52 PM »
                                                     ( Gimme Dat! )

Gimme rope i strangle...Gimme blades i cut
Gimme gats i bust...Gimme a** i f***
Bitches know wats up so they dash & duck
Gimme a Mack truck & lemme smash shit up
Gimme a freaking moment dawg...Gimme a break
Gimme some love but all u eva gimme is hate
I said "yeah i'll demonstrate if u wud gimme a date"
Gimme cos i'm "Da Gimme Man"...Why shud i wait?
I don't zig-zag these fags need to gimme it straight
Above all da reasons gimme 1 dats true
Gimme da short version or just gimme a clue
Or do i beat it out this fool?Dude gimme a duel
Gimme students dat i can school but 1st gimme a tool
Gimme da span of 4 months then gimme a term
Cos i invested all i got it's time to gimme returns
Gimme closure...Think hard & gimme ur vote
Become addicted up to da point u gimme more dope
Gimme ur best shot or else gimme ur spot
Gimme beats to rock man gimme da lot
Gimme da run down i don't want details
I got imagination for dat...U just gimme da scales! ;) 

ayo bat, thats mad ill, why goin all political all of a sudden kid?

Someone has to stand up & say sumtin against these f***in Chinese man might as well be me!

                             ( Tibet )

There's persecutions happenin up in Tibet
China's a f***en threat so da Dragon is set
To consume da Dhali Lama wit its fiery breath
Da world does a quick step dance around
Da Chinese went there & took wateva lands
they found
Da invasion of da Red flag communist rule
To da people of Tibet da Red army is cruel
Tibetan children's being schoooled to be a
communist tool
A sheep dat turned into a wolf without changing
its wool
He came as a raging bull named Mao-Tse Tung
Laying down da foundations dat wud break da
Industrial complex wud create da fuel
They wud throw money at u 'long as u stay cool
Dats like saying u shud be grateful they paid u
in full
Now dat they own u there's no-one dat be showing
u help
Picture dat...then think how da Mongolians felt >:(

Ayite Peace nah worries!SINS.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: March 31, 2009, 04:48:28 PM »
I do?Why don't u try dat then?Let's see wat u come up wit!Or don't u have any idea wat this thread is 'bout?Can i help it if I been in this hip hop shit way longer than u been?Don't hate investigate or shut da f*** up!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: March 31, 2009, 04:45:11 PM »
Nah just some tips for u kids to get ur f*** on! ;)

Ayite wud be a SIN not to have GreenBat on this!GET me a beat!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:56:49 AM »
Gangstarr (Check The Technique)

You puny protozoa, you're so minute you didn't know the
Gang has been watchin but instead of just squashin you
I'm scoopin you up out of the muck you wallow in
Like a cheif chemist, other scientists are followin
Plannin to examine you, on a petrie dish
Sticking you and frickin you, just a teenie bit
I'm clever, with science, but never relyin
On false words from cowards who forever be tryin
Insistin they come off, I let 'em get some off
Then come back wit drum tracks, their ears could get numb off
Blockbustin, like makin love, I'll never stop thrustin
Into your system, so just listen
I'm like a neurosurgeon, operatin wit a purer version
I write prescriptions, of words that fit in
The thought gets prescribed, as I kick it live
Cause it's more that a style, it's conceptual genius
My effect on the scene is, to project that I mean this
You deadbeat, wait until you see my next feat
I get respect for the rep when I speak
Check the technique

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (3x)
"check the technique and see if you can follow it"

I'm rushin you like a defensive end as I recommend
That you comprehend, I could stomp you in
A battle, contest, or war, what will occur
Will be the forfeiture, of your immature
Insecure for sure, meek, weak visions of grandeur
To rudely awaken you, and then'll be breakin you
Taxin without askin and trackin and snakin you
Makin you succumb to the drums of gangstarr
By far we are, truly gifted ones son
But if you were to speculate or estimate us losin
You'll be dyin, tryin to face the fate of your delusions
Cause miscalculation, is all you're statin
So I'm chumpin, puntin punks just like footballs
Cause I wanna put y'all, back in the messhall
To clean up the slop, and stop all the bullcrap
Your rap's crazy wack, so don't try to pull that
You're lackin the vernacular, I'm slappin ya and cappin ya
And closin your jaw, cause you can't mess with gangstarr
The guru and premier always dope with the blessed beats
Dance your a** off hobbes, check the technique

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (4x)

"bon voyage", "sayanora", "arriva derci"
Your a** gets busted doodoo mustard, you tried to work me
You irked me - because you copy and falsify
And I don't care how many step up, cause you all can try
To wish and fish for a style, here's a fishin rod
These rhymes are hittin hard, constantly I'm gettin large
Inevitably, I readily kick a slew
Of lyrics so deep, so don't sleep, but just peep me
Puttin methods on records and spinning for each millisecond
33 rpm's displays the art of men
And as my rhymin builds you see my time it's chill
..and then I look upon weak ones
I'm teachin each one so they become redone
Essays are relayed to twist you up like french braids
Or tied up like corn braids, cause I got a strong way
Force like police raids to never be delayed
I once was the least paid but I made the grade
Cause this ain't a slave sale and I ain't the same stale
Rapper, no, I'm not a phony microphonist wit no blaster
No type of real appeal or real - talent
And it makes me violent man
To see all of these peewee bee mc wannabees
Makin g's for some dumb companies
And lots of money but no idea what is rap and what is dope
So check out what the guru wrote
Cause I will prevail, give you tales as I unveil
Have enough braincells so I can stay paid well
Now I'm in the driver's seat, and rockin the liver beats
Bouncin and boomin and blastin you to the next seat
Shiek and unique with lots of kick like a cleat
Check the technique

(.. chief unique technique..)
(.. chief unique technique..)

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (3x)
"check the technique and see if you can follow it"

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:49:09 AM »
                           (Sex Fiend)

She loves cock up her butt & teabagging a nut
She's a nympho a slut wit a pa**ion to f***
She be willing to do it all dawg give her a go
Stick ur finga in her a**hole ur dick in her throat
Make dat bitch choke...She's happy when u cum
in her face
She'll just gobble up every drop...Leave nothing
to waste
Tie her hands to her legs now she's helpless Yo
She's at ur mercy...She's nothing but a selfish hoe
Plus she got a cuz who wanna f*** as much as she
No question call her up...There's nothing more to
Soon as u got 'em both...Make 'em both suck face
Make 'em eat a** & dine on ur falacial space
Grab a strap-on then DP them multiple ways
Make 'em cum back to back & spray da sheets full
o' stains
Their orgasm juices...'ll splash about
Bang their brains out...Afta dat it's a** to mouth
Masturbate while they both kneeling unda ur waist
Here comes da money shot they both wanted to taste! ;D

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: March 26, 2009, 02:00:46 PM »
Dilated Peoples : (Reservation for One)

Yo, accept defeat as I drop after the heat
Don't provoke, come fully equipped
Daggered and cloak
So what you wanna do?
I came in bumpin jack of spades
You came in wit two of hearts by stacey q?
Femine is your drumtracks, one hat no rise
My dj's in the shadows, I perform, show my soul side
To the audience, programmed intelligent
Active ingredient, balance, find the medium
It rains, let it hail, don't front my shit is ill
Tomorrow's on your voice mail, digest it like a pill
Lost my jones for cigarettes, my lungs ain't charred
Yo my sentences are full, I average eight words per bar
Babs, forgive em, they know not what they doin
They built for themselves, that's why they places lay in ruins
Yo, isn't it funny how these cats lack the basics?
Like rhymin on time, four four ? the serve's by asics?

*cuts by babu*
"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit
And when my pen hits the paper" [big daddy kane]
"who's the man in the hot seat? " [grand puba]
"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit"
"i'm the authentic poet to get lyrical" [kane]
"ideas start to hit, and when my pen hits the paper"
"who's the man in the hot seat? "
"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit
And when my hit hits the paper"
"who's the man in the hot seat"

Yo this seat's reserved for one
Of course matches my ticket stub
Escorted properly, your game bored/board like monopoly
My satiety limit is twenty minutes
I blow more trees than louie freese, this flow's inifinite
Cadence, pocket, lesson, structure
Been rhymin nine years, my dedication pa** peers
Skill level break the beat up, no time for my feet up
No relaxing, I keep it movin like deniro in taxi
Driver, my name's mike, ev when I get hyper
Emergency, man down, who shot the sniper?
Yo I seen you in the crowd, arms crossed,
I know you heard of me (stop frontin)
The show is hot, I get props from the security
Raisin levels of expectancy
Yeah your shit is tight, you think it's abb quality?
I don't think so, aiyyo ben grab the fish net
Take em to the pier and throw em off at sunset
After the heat

"aww shit" [kane] *cut up by babu*

"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit
And when the pen hits the paper"
"who's the man in the hot seat"
"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit"
"i'm the authentic poet to get lyrical"
"ideas start to hit, and when the pen hits the paper"
"who's the man in the hot seat"
"braincells are lit, ideas start to hit
And when the pen hits the paper, aww shit"

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: March 26, 2009, 01:52:15 PM »
Ai Ja wateva dawg!

this song originally appeared on GZA/Genius' "Liquid Swords" Killer Priest (B.I.B.L.E)

The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (3X)

Chorus: repeat 2X

Life is a test many quest the universe
And through my research, I felt the joy and the hurt
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
The basic instructions before leaving earth

Verse One:

Knowledge this wisdom, this goes back when I was twelve
I loved doing right but I was trapped in hell
Had mad ideas, sad eyes and tears
Years of fears, but yo my foes couldn't bear
I searched for the truth since my youth
And went to church since birth, but it wasn't worth the loot
that I was paying, plus the praying
I didn't like staying 'cause of busy-bodies and dizzy hotties
That the preacher had souped up with lies
Had me cooped up lookin at loot, butt, and thighs
Durin the service, he swallowed up the poor
And after they heard this, they wallowed on the floor
But I ignored, and explored my history that was untold
And watched mysteries unfold
And dropped a jewel like Solomon, but never followed men
cause if you do your brain is more hollow than
Space oblivia, or the abyss
With no trace of trivia, left with the hiss
Does it pay to be deaf, dumb and blind?
From a slave we was kept from the mind
And from the caves he crept from behind
And what he gave, was the sect of the swine
When the bible, it condemned the pig
I don't mean to pull your hems or flip your wigs
But we used to wear a turban, but now we're in the urban
No more wearing beanies and dress like a genie
No hocus pocus cause I focus on the facts
And put it on the tracks and brought it through the wax
I speak on Jacob, it might take up some time
And too much knowledge, it might break up the rhyme
I did it anyway just to wake up the mind
of those who kiss stones or prays on the carpet
Those who sit home, or sell books by the market
Need to chill and get their mind revived
For years religion did nothing but divide
The basic instructions before leaving earth


Verse Two:

I strolled through the books of Job to unfold
And open bibles, instead of hoping on revivals
Calling on His name and screaming hallelujah
when he hardly knew ya, that's how the devil's fooled ya
See look into my eyes brethren, that's the lies of a Reverand
Why should you die to go to heaven?
The Earth is already in space, the bible I embrace
A difficult task I had to take
I studied till my eyes was swollen, and only arose when
I found out that we were the chosen
I deal with the truth, and build with the youth
And teach my son as he kneels on the stoop
Son, life is a pool of sin, corrupted with foolish men
and women with wicked minds, who build picket signs
to legalize abortion, the evil eye distortion
I quiz Son with my wisdom
Before I converted, I was perverted, and knowledge was a**erted
The study of wisdom, I perferred it
The understanding, it gave me mental freedom
I even learnt Caucasians were really the Tribe of Edam
The white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia
and uhh, the second son of Pope Alexander
The Sixth of Rome, and once the picture was shown
That's how the devils tricked my dome
I prophesized to save a man, but no one gave a damn
for my nation - the seed of Abraham
Blessed with the tongue of Hebrew
Now we're strung on needles, and some are plungin evils
So study and be wise in these days of darkness
Peace to my nephew Marcus

The basic instructions before leaving earth

Chorus: repeat to fade

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: best lyrics in hip hop history
« on: March 24, 2009, 01:13:27 PM »
Damn! looks like i'll be keeping this thread alive since i got a mad archive of hip hop lyrics at my disposal.Wat can i say "when u have it, flaunt it!".This cat has inspired me alot ova da years & this lyrics wud definitely rank as my favourite of his, so here it is...

Special Ed (Freaky Flow)

My flow is vivid
I give it two-hundred percent
That's a hundred for me
And a hundred for the rent
I know whatcha meant, joe, I gotta flow too
Cause they wack every show I go to
I be leavin'
I don't be beleavin' they be even
Beleave in they own shit
Actin' like they owwwn, shit
Butcha never will
So you better chill
Or getcha grill, peice, torn by the beast
You get the claws
Across your jaws
Hear the roars
Now we gonna lock the doors
Your trapped in a rap like a def game
A left came, then a right, then a fight came,
Then a light came, then an eternal night came
Now your in it, in less than a minute
Don't ever try to battle cause your never gonna win it
You better know your limit boy
You better know your limit.
(chourous: (jeru the damaja) got a, freaky, freaky
Freaky freaky flow. (brother j.) it's freaky deaky
It's freaky deaky. 2x

Verse 2:

I'm here
Not fronichole, but lyrically present
I'm in the flesh, yo, ain't it fresh
I got that special ed shit
Slap that dead shit
Now play dis
Now say dis (your the greatist)
I got enough to stuff into the ladies
I rub her with a rubber
But I'm lyrically raw
Protect your neck and double check your jaw
Cause I'm gettin' bummy
A'yo I'm still gettin' money
Yo, ain't it funny
How you can't take the ghetto out the ed-o
Maybe I'm just crazy

Why I think, I wanna kill my shrink
I see, pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers,
And red blood all over, a dead leprechan
With a time bomb tied to it's arm
In saigon somewhere on a farm
I gotta calm, down
And hit the wright wire
Or fight fire
Maybe it's a premenission, or intuition
Or some kind of vision
But either way, I'm on a lyrical mission.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:

I think it's because I break the laws of language
Like a sandwich
I eat the whole beat
On whole wheat
Cause it's good for your teeth
Imagine a vaginal nigga like you on the street
Back on the concrete
Feet up
Gettin' beat up
So when we meet up, give your seat up
And rise
The honorable ed is presiding
Stop biting, stop writing, stop hidin
I hate fish motherf***ers, but I like writting
And snappa, blue fish
I go to one fish two fish
Or some lobster
No I'm not a mobster, but medoddion
If I was white I might say: party on, dude
But I'm the original rude
With the new york talk
So just peep, because the skills go deep
So look, and think about it, before you leap.

Chorus 2x

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