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Chief Rocka - Open Mic / The Pony
« on: January 03, 2007, 02:55:33 PM »
Institutions have set criterias in place so that the average John
a.k.a Joe public has little or no room to manouvre with while
skills developement sits seperated high in the mountains and is
spoken of fondly remembered and revered as the ultimate saviour
and benefactor of the marginalized this however we can not eat
It serves as recognition only much like a certificate or a deploma
stating that so and so is now qualified to do such and such from
here to there here's the perfect if not more likely scenario
Take a guy off the street who has no formal training and a post
economics graduate now who would you place in the positions of
worth the votes are in out two possible candidates the guy off the street places third
So by no stretch of thee imaginative the blue collar collective number
crunchers and pencil pushers of the regime stand like sentries guarding
the gateways to financial freedom knowing therein lies the control over
politics,infrastructuer and foreign investment
The mere mention of any self reliance sparks resentment on their
part on mine the question is whether i'm for or against industrialization
My answer to the engine,heart and overall nerve center of the capitalists
is;"Flea markets unite the trade workers union has no-ones interests
in mind but their own
Corruption runs rife in the ranks of comarades and activists alike
what they are really saying is,if i had any brains i would be unsympathetic
to the "Cause"and all rides on ponies would be considered equestrian by
nature but not by law so therefore the symbolism i've placed on a
miniature horse endorses the dreams as well as the ideals of little one's
who eagerly awaits the pony promised but ultimately never comes.

This is one of the poems i've written in 2006 under the name
"Wordview" please lemme know what you think Peace from

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / G.R.E.E.N.B.A.T
« on: January 03, 2007, 12:58:32 PM »
When the bastard's on call me masta Don
verbally i'm so beyond i just pa**ed the sun
Wisdom has many miles if i could grab just one
i'd be Wyclef Jean and a pastor's son
I paint pictures using oils no hands near accryllics
so much sour grapes that i'm damn near acidic
Imaginations run wild the imagery is vivid
Where you from you talk shit where i'm from i
live it
I'm still down by law word verses and all wanna be the
"Bat" homie you should first be the ball
Wanna bang your head cronie nothing's worse than a
wall taking hit after hit just to murder withdrawl
So by the by should i define my devine you'd have the
four corners searched twice to find my design
So New York New York i'll be coming in by beach dude
'cause after what them planes did i'll only kill sea food.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / I Mean It
« on: December 29, 2006, 11:22:25 AM »
I spit first i don't even give you a second and the only thing
more brutal than me is probably Tekken
P.O.C was a trend GreenBat's the essense that's why i was
featured and grabbed faster than weapons but i said nah
In the "Devious" came then i exhaled and i took to seeing this
game in a way you could say i'm studying rap but i stayed on
the streets and the streets gave back that's appreciation you
was always gonna lack i mince steaks baby i got beef to grind
but it escapes sometimes and takes me a week to find so f***
you better hope your crew's in shot i'm a monsta you just been
abused allot when you count stock better not confuse the slot
If you don't adapt to change kid you will lose your spot
You will lose your life giving head to a label boss you been set
adrift so much your name should be "naval cross" i'm a chair
my bench mark is a table toss send me back in time freeze me
again i cover more distance than Heziekel Sepeng
Today my crime is being Mitchells finest man i lean back so far my
mind's where my spine is.

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Malcolm (Welcome To The Middle)
« on: December 28, 2006, 11:43:22 AM »
My perpetuated state is a glimmer of hope
Like the Eminem tour my character's up in smoke
You shouldn't look at me i'm just trying to cope baby
and roll with the punches
I don't watch cooking shows 'cause my hunger's too
humungous to be all but still plus i stay fat free like
them Foreman grills
I got my mind made up wanna get yours the same
way stay awake for one-thousand ninety-five days
In that case maybe you're too tired to speak
Count six-hundred and sixteen-thousand six-hundred
and fourty-five sheep just to go back to sleep
It'll take you nine-thousand years to get up to speed
you can get it in them books or you can study the streets
out of all the ligaments you should study the "FEET"
And if you wanna walk these blocks you should study
I didn't have to double my fee we huddled for free but
it'll cost yuo a lifestyle just to struggle with me.

Malcolm(Welome To The Middle)By:GreenBat

(To Be An Emcee)By:GreenBat

Emceeing is like space i'm infinitely out there i'd even go without air and face solar flares wear black and arm wrestle fifty polar bears then land on thee exact co-ordinates that i luanched from and every piece i made a queen theres no blocks with pawns on to be lyrically nice shuold be your long term goal 'cause you'd much sooner figure out the patterns to a worm hole you need the work ethics used for sending men to mars at altitudes higher than the trade centre was you need punchlines that outspins a dj's rotation and manpower equal to the invasion do hand stands that could last for a month so when you're back on your feet you'll have an a** for a front you need syllables so compact they live in a hut spit rhymes like you cellebate don't give a f*** before you blew up no-one ever tossed you a hand now they all up in your a** like they your prostate gland.

this is the first verse off the track (To Be An Emcee)by GreenBat from my upcoming album release (My Mic My Rhymes My Life)

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