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I pierce u wit metal spikes n putrid rust...dat infects a fatal wound untill it oozes puss
Your honour my horror's such includes blood n guts
Ur surgery's done awake witout surgical gloves
Da Grimm Reaper...keeper of da terminal touch
Excavate a grave site...unda cova of nite
U cum across da scene dats when u suffa on sight
Jagged tooth a rabid wolf or b maggot food
My attitude's a butcher way i b hackin u
Punishin attributes sparkd canibal fueds
Instigatin sect killings in fanatical groups
(Genocide) I ma** murder in magnitude
Mao Tse Tung my 1 mind communes wit doom
I amputate legs n decapitate heads
Face it im a sycopath...wit no regrets
U don't know brave untill u braved bein depraved
U bein starvd 2 da point...u'll feel like eatin a blade
So when u deficate ur entrails
U lose more weight
Ur eyeballs get pressd bak... in2 ur skulls
Spinal chords r torn off n then crushd 2 a pulp

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 23, 2008, 01:27:59 PM »
Around mutes i refuse...2 feel at home
I rock a steel microphone wit a dome covered by soft foam
Sad i'd rather lose crews
Glad i neva lost tone
Im pure ba** i make speakers shake like earthquakes
Da window payne vibrates 4rm da sound dat generates
I colour da grey states b4 i raise da stakes
Dj's blaze da breaks just so they can escape
No rest im so wicked i battle to stay awake
Or deny my form
This is my future f*** i call it sci-fi pron
Im droppin rhymes on
Da real reason y i was born
Posess a hurricane's brain within da eye of da storm
Recently its I alone wu arrived by stone
2 stroll da quote en quote long road inside of my dome
All my fine feathered friends know im much live-er tho
Cos i re-did da data n changed it to mp3
Then i digitally download my re-entery
This is my captain's analog...of a place unknown
In da shape of a metronome in da twi-light zone

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: December 17, 2008, 10:35:05 AM »
Yeah Sar wat u think i wud do my nikka?Holdin it down like i know u wud do Brah.Yo holla ay ur boy wit sum beats lemme show these peops how we really kill shit.Jut an idea lmao.Yeah njoy da big days kid 2008 was just a taste of wats 2 cum.Peace out!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 16, 2008, 09:34:26 AM »
Kalahari bakgat nee wat neef
J sal moet reguit jou uit kyk hy's heelwat skeef
Keer op keer alles word net weer herleef
Nou die ding is wat sal met jou mense gebeur waneer die gangsters jou huis by die venster omkeer?
Sal jou onteer j is nou Ů hond meneer
Sal jou lat treur daar by die tronk se deur
J was gesÍ van jou korrelkop wat gou gou klop
Ín j weet nie ma j voel hulle hou jou dop
J sal moet vuis slaan Ín kop skiet die manne kan skop
Vang Ů kan prop nou hoor j net hande gan op
MŰre sÍ sonstraal leka geslaap?
Vadag maak ons Ů deurbraak weer tot laat
Wys my hy's in staat om Ů skeer te skaap
My genade lyk my hy't verkeerd gepraat
Maar hy's seepglad gevoelens hy word seer gemaak
Hy dra Ů veldskoen
Hoe't hy Ů meneer geraak?

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: December 16, 2008, 12:52:39 AM »
Pow wow gorilla traks warfarin mau mau
Mc's shud bow down accept their fate
N gt their heads str8 b4 they make their next mistake
Go chek da breathtakin scenes dat i ship 2 ur screens via satelite im showin u wat digital means
Maggot flesh magnanimous a hammerous fist
U'll neva knw 'til i show u wat damages is
At least my anthem's bck 2 random
Not black but handsom
TÝok a chance yo i dnt dance i hold rap 4 ransom any means i can
N i dnt trust da man so i watch 4 da scam
I got a plan big as broadband wit fortune in hand
I built da basis wit red brick mortar n sand
Now i tower ova all walls u tried 2 errect
Dnt worry i'll write rhymes u just sign da cheques?

My a**cociatd wordplay wil hurt u frm da 1st day
Im bad news in da worst way imaginable
Im an animal kwik 2 pull a gun on ur girl
U felt da hot hell dats 1 world short of an earth
Putin u out there n make u fuk ur dawta frm birth
Got an urge 2 converge n merge wit da surgess
N u probly so gone they callin off searches
They fall in churches services holy faint
Im an arteest u will need 2 show me paint
Hand me a canva** watch me brushstrokes wit no restraint
Neva fukin wit da coat tails of no focus
Can not b showbiz until u jist a form like this
But i noticed ur so-cald fans just dnt exist
Now u down wit roaches sewer rats n fleas
While i sweatshop deliveries in human factories
Record break like atheletes wit accurat speeds
I put da word 1st n always serve immaculat speech
So grab a 2 piece its time 2 eaze back 2 da beach
Supaman neva average i damage u clicks
Kickn an ego just enuf 2 kill a charakter bitch

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: November 25, 2008, 07:06:01 PM »
Asteroids hurl 2wards earth 2 make craters/
N holes so deep dat it creates climate changes/
Da 1st cloudy vapours dat turnd in2 grey mist/
It made da North n South poles n middle equators/
By thn pre-historic sands shiftd in stages/
Volcanic eruption thn came da glaciers/
As molten rocks gave way 2 da ice ages/
Da catalyst was ga**es like CO2/
It had sulphuric tides whn da sea was new/
Organisms on cue just balloond n grew/
Till it became dolphins who had fins 4 limbs/
Using high pitchd squeeks da 1st speech begins/
While on dry land da dinosaur was reigning king/
Da 1st homosapien was a cave being/
A voyage outside 4 him was his greatest fear/
So he got a stick sharpnd it n made him a spear/
But then ther was a cataclismic event/
Life had 2 adapt or life heads 4 da end/
Evolution kept at it, it wud get it again/
Frm da carbon based lifeforms prevalent then//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: AG's ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!
« on: November 25, 2008, 04:51:50 PM »
Da cell lighter i burn hotter than hell's fires/
I hype ciphas i do tapping on type writers/
Got undaground rhymz but im still rapping skywards/
Define hybrids frequent mile flyers wit blind pilots/
Da time 4 silence is past nd gone/
My art i'v masterd so u can call me masta wong/
Im able 2 blast like a bomb let's see u match da norm/
I represent a swarm in da form of grafiti/
4get tropical i bring a storm 2 Tahiti/
Ur 1st post was speedy but im lightning quick/
A rhyming monsta i cum at u wit frightning shit/
Yo im known AG as bein frm A to Z/
Welcum 2 my world lets see if u'll escape frm me/
U aint dangerous untill u prove u can do me/
U's a newbie exscuse me but dats da facts/
So let us roll film & see how well this actor acts//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: November 25, 2008, 03:41:34 PM »
GreenBat i rap in da mastas mold/
I drop an ice block & leave ur fukn a**es cold/
Wit ma** hysteria cos dats how fukn bastards flow/
Please u get a brain freeze wat u think?/
I write rhymes on my phone cos i don't fuk wit ink/
& afta i take a puff i fill my cup wit drink/
I keep my eyes wide open man i hardly blink/
& i don't sleep much cos snoozing is da cousin death/
Wud be a real shame to wake up just to find nothing left/
I'll spit a million bars easy witout losing my breath/
I keep moving at da speed of light & cruising ahead/
While these followers wud hang on evry word dat i said/
My world wide web stretches along these lines/
Accumilating & combines wit sum strong designs/
Building shit brick for brick i kept da layering thick/
Mos def it's so big these bitches wana stay on my dick/
& afta 9 months my listeners gave birth to a kid/
I break a uterus in half wit evry verse dat i spit/
Gave 'em tit bit a clip they cudn't handle my shit/
So wit a choke hold a dope grope i strangle a script/
In three six 0 degrees is evry angle i flip/
Deliver gemstones & bones u see 'em hang frm a tip/
They need a pitstop to go & wipe da blood frm their lip//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Open mic... Er1 invited
« on: November 25, 2008, 04:39:19 AM »
Im hazardous 2 da most degree/
& this is da most of me ya'll folks shud see/
& this is as close 2 me ya'll folks shud be/
I picture u lafn nw like da jokes on me/
U knw wat?I dnt give a fuk ferociously/
I rip a lip deliverd wit a militant script/
Just 4 da thrill of it is y im always willin 2 spit/
They scream "Bat u beta stop cos u killin da shit"/
Note 2 self "just knw self is still in this bitch/
Go break a brain cell da name tells of major brain swells/
Murderin infedels just by rockin da bells/
I grab da mic in my right hand cos i punch left/
Knockin em out they feel like they were stompd 2 death/
I gorge on em wit gorillas in tow/
Swingin frm vine 2 vine so im still in da knw/
As i bombard em wit a sick flow stick em n go/
& so right about nw i bet they sick of me yo//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:21:37 PM »
All aboard!Ur nxt stop iz golliwog land/
Wher evry 6 seconds pit stops ur lollipop man/
My exhaust emits fumes dat r sodium based/
So whn i rejoin da race im in podium place/
Lewis Hamilton dats how wel i go at a pace//

Sum day we gona hav 2 work sht out/
"YES WE CAN!" Obama evn showd us how/
We can stand up so nthns gna hold us down/
Goin frm no voice 2 showin em we knwn 4 sound/
As big as Motown wit souls dat r so renownd/
They'l hav to rebound or roots frm below da ground/
N we dnt slow down or stopd til we reach da top/
Evn afta we at da top we stil speed sht up/
N make a million producas march ov 2 beat sht up/
Jus like weiht loss/Diets we dnt eat sht up/
They want a snow cone?We tel dat da freeza's lockd/
We cause a melt down whneva we defeat da spot/
U can shut up its ur choice 2 speak or not/
Giv em a blood clot their firin squad jst got shot/
Screamin fuk luck we public dat D like Chuck/
Enemy but now da target's a jst a big ol' dot//

Hip Hop Events / Re: Yo ProVerb
« on: November 13, 2008, 07:22:36 PM »
Yea sum gud points bein made here.So lemme add my little bit.I came in2 da hip hop kultcha round '88 n bck thn wat i was listenin 2 were cats like kwame da polkadotd rapper, fat boys, biz markie, heavy d n em kinda peops.Dem cats was al abot funny rhymz n mcing ws real playful then.Wher da swagger came in2 effect ws whn crews like Run-DMC, beasty boys, LL cool J, 2 live crew, epmd n P.E no.1 realizd dat they were fillin up stadiums n dat hip hop was able 2 compete wit otha pop music gendres of dat tym.From ther shit jst balloond n grew givin birth 2 evrythin frm gangsta rap 2 crunk or wateva.Wats reali kewl is dat nowadays new cats wna knw bot da history of rap music n ppl lyk me can stand up n say, "wait a minute" da 1st rapper kurtis blow ws highly educatd n so were many of da early pioneers of da kultcha.N dat da greatest album 4 me is stil PARIS' Da Devil Made Me Do It, he ws forewarnin us abot al da ish dat we tokn bot nw.Big Up hip hop 4 life!

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: ( Epic ) ( Da Flaws/Da Real Shit ) whole ting
« on: November 13, 2008, 06:46:03 PM »
Word!I c u cats ben killen it whn i wsnt here Big Ups bt chek wat went dwn wit me while i war away.

I ws huntd dwn n hounded by da hounds of hell/
Wit sinister plots n programs wit inner robots/
Mega shocks o' kilowatts conekt da dots/
Equanox da show stops who spoke 2 da cops/
Im da type dat dark knights my right 2 fight/
U da type who barks but neva bites despite/
Bein da last muddy man's example of bloody hands/
Cuttin flabs off chubby grams badland jams/
Hidden cams forbiden stance contrabands/
Compencates 4 da poor taste of concert fans/
& 4 my next trick i'll handstand while takin a shit/
So dat i deficate upwards all ova da pitch//

Chief Rocka - Open Mic / Re: Majority Report
« on: October 23, 2008, 02:22:37 PM »
People were scarred before the third world came/
Hoppin on the train/ outside it starts to rain/
95% felt the hunger and the pain/
While 5% are ballin in the money and the fame/
From stolen cars and guns/ graduated to the Ďcaine/
Their market was the youth wit blood cruising thru the veins/
With politician dreams of fieldin calls and switchin lanes/
Campainin for a ballot/ thatís an X beside the name/
Diplomas on the walls with the pictures in the frames/
Plus the newspapers and the local magazines/
The teens around the corner start to dream/
Of movin out the hood with the same crooked scheme/
Chasin after green/the jealousy make em scream/
My music in the background/ a Rap Scholarís theme/
A spit kickers dream/ inspired by the scene/
Supplied by a cabbie tryna keep his hustle clean/
Thinkin cream, but/
Wouldnít you shoot? / If you were told to shoot/
When the youth run amok/ up in the streets start to loot/
Takin down the spears and machetes from the roof/
While the heads are preachin deep revolution from the booth/
The governors/ the MPís/ they shoulda told the truth/
But they rather sport the suits/ than meet the problem at the root/
Of course we aint better off than we were before/
But let me drop this/ this is my majority reportÖ

95% felt the hunger and the pain/
While 5% are ballin in the money and the fame/

True dat skola lotta cats on AG THINK THEY KNOW BUT THEY DON'T!Keep doin wot u doin u got my VOTE!

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