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Media / On the next episode of Tha Headwarmaz
« on: August 20, 2008, 10:55:57 PM »
 The Headwarmaz aint gonna be slacking or lacking this coming friday. You know how we steady bring you those fresh tunes.

Tha Headz on Da Spot for this week are none other than the ETC CREW.

ETC Crew is a 4 man Hip Hop Crew based in Central Cape Town, South Africa. They returned in 2006 from a tour of Copenhagen, Denmark and are currently putting in some work in the lab, workin on some new ish!

ETC Crew Is:

-Johnny Filter - MC/Beatboxer/Producer
- DJ White Nite - DJ/Turntablist/Producer
- Logical - Song writer/MC
- Bonsai Bush Producer

For more info you can check them out on facebook...

And we gonna be kicking our new feature, called Scratching Headz...bringing you the finest DJs around...putting them on the decks...and letting them blow your mind.

This Friday we feature DJ Hannah a.k.a. Miss H

A dj based in Cape Town, Hannah has earned her stripes playing in clubs in and around Cape Town. This magnificent dj has proven that gender has very little to do with skill. We chat to her and find out some of the people she has worked with, where you can hear her play and get to hang-out and listen to some of her well selected tunes.

Find out more on...

Trust us... you don't wanna miss this for the world. 22hoo on Bushradio 89.5 FM. If you outside Cape Town all you gotta do is log on to and catch the show on live-stream...


Media / On tha last episode of Tha Headwarmaz
« on: August 18, 2008, 09:37:02 PM »
Last friday Tha Headwarmaz stepped into a chilly, air-conditioned studio and left it blazingly hot with all the energy  that was eminating from the Headz.

One of the Headz on da spot were Samantha, who captured hearts with her verse "Crying over spilt milk." And again emphasising some of the reasons why we need to take Women's Month seriously.

The Anonomystix...and Sinister Dexter (The Realist), put a dark cloud around the room when they unleashed verses that can only be described as Phantom-like with the dark beats that we threw at them. No doubt you will be hearing from these cats again... so don't sleep, otherwise you might meet them in your nigthmares...

Thanks to everyone that wished Phurah a happy birthday on the 17th August. Our son is getting older, and let's hope wiser. Phurah cooked up all the local tunes that you heard on the show including...

Reason, Driemankskap, Rattex, Uzwi Kantu, Solitude, Nthabi, Anonamystix, Equilibrium, ...

And we closed it all of with the first volume of What legends are made of. This will be a monthly feature that takes hip hop back to the 90s, and brings back the memories of the songs that help shape hip hop as we know it. If you didn't catch it...this is what you missed...

                                             What Legends are made of
                                                               Volume 1
Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y.

ll cool j - -mama said knock you out

KRS ONE- A friend

Paper paper Bone thugs n harmony

Gimme some more Busta Rhymes

Bonita Applebum Tribe called Quest

Just a Friend Biz Markie

Insane in the Brain Cypress Hill

Ooh De la soul

Mobb Deep 'Quiet Storm'

Media /'s a new season baby!!!
« on: August 11, 2008, 10:38:41 PM »
Headwarmaz a new season

The new season of the Headwarmaz kicked off on Friday 08/08/08 as if we had never been gone.

 Phurah, Qhama , Wanda and the rest of the Headwarmaz family gathered once again to bump some ma**ive tunes, the SMSs were limitless and of course he had an ill guest come thru spitting some hot ish that burned its way straight through the studio mic ending up causing some permanent damage to you ear...


This is enough of a description for this talented sistah. With her unique, poetic delivery over some dope beats she raises  the bar of Spaza (Xhosa vernac) even higher.

Highlight was her performing a track... "mshini wam" telling a story illustrating the anger, pain and humiliation that many women have to endure at the hands of cowards who insist on using force...beating and raping women to try and hang on to their ideas of how powerful they are.

The track tells us that that time is done! Kanyi tells us that the only way to stop these fools is to take away the very tool they use to inflict pain. Rip away that machine of yours!!!! Umshini wakho uzotonculwa mtshana!!

Kanyi also spoke to some of the sistah's using their bodies to get what they want in this world. Sometimes you'll get something more than you bargained for. AIDS will be your gift from the world...and you get to keep it till you die...

The rest of the night was filled with vintage Headwarmaz craziness...and the exclamation mark was Mastah Cash...(Cash Money)...on the decks!

You can't afford to miss another episode of the headwarmaz. Tune into Bush Radio 89.5 fm...or log on to every friday night at 22h00.

89.5 % home grown
89.5 degrees closer to true revolution
89.5 more reasons to love hip hop
89.5 FM Bush Radio
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