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General Discussion / Re: What comes next?
« on: February 26, 2009, 12:23:49 PM »

General Discussion / Re: What comes next?
« on: February 26, 2009, 12:19:13 PM »
Dumb Nigga....

Dungarees aren't weird. I still rock dungarees.
dock martinzz...gra** hoppers...pepe dungry...yoh those were like elle mag big typa fashion...

Dungarees are the truth..... we used to call them MA-cross banta back then... others called them by their famous brand at the time called Samson.....

Luckly i was never taken by this trend, when Levis jeans came out peps started wearing their jeans inside out that was stage ish...... blak fold angeke ubaconfirme like

Has anybody ever followed the "Ama Voetsek Sneakers"

Utsho "oNotomlandana",nah sneakers weren't my thing till varsity.

Hey Candy, talking about ivasity my uncle during his vasity days used to come back with all sorts of shady booze..... i remember stealing some of his booze Lion Lager tasted like ish..... and the booze we drank back in the dayz....

When Dingaan Thobela was still the Rose of Soweto.... he was the face of Crossbow Cider what happened to that drink, Hunters Gold as well

Movie Talk / Re: OSCARS
« on: February 23, 2009, 04:21:51 PM »
kate winslet - best actress
sean penn - best actor
penelope cruz - best supporting actress
heath ledger - best supporting actor
slumdog millionaire won best picture; director; adapted screenplay, cinematography; sound mixing; film editing; musical score

best  animated film - wall e
original screenplay - milk
I think we all knew who was going to take this Award
There will never be a joker to replace Heath.... i do not know how many times i've watched The Dark Knight he still amazes me on how he pulled that from all those girly movies

General Discussion / SA Hip hop Memories
« on: February 20, 2009, 10:44:36 AM »
SA Hip Hop has come a long way.... I think Iím blessed to have always been a part of it from the beginning.... I've followed this movement for years 4rm the POC days, Lee Club days, days when Mischief Amu and Spex ruled the airwaves, back in the Shimane and Selwyn days, Back when Tumi and Young Weapon were called Database, Days of Rap Activity Jam, days of Invaders, Hypergenics, Cla**ified Mceez, Shorty Skillz, Raw.... I can go on and on....

My memories of the Jozi Hip Hop are just too many to try and mention them all. With all the changes that SA Hip Hop has went thru which memory/event/battle...etc do you think changed the Hip Hop scene, or is a highlight in your memory....

Mine has to be when Proverb and Pro-Kid battled at the Rand Easter Show for the PRO name.... the weather was shady on that day it was somewhat drizzling and chilly perfect wetha for Hip Hop gear.... It was packed like that people waiting for Proverb to arrive Pro-kid had been waiting for him for hours... MY vote was with Proverb on that day, sadly he lost the battle... that is one of my memorable moments in Jozi Hip Hop.....

Holler Back

Has anybody ever followed the "Ama Voetsek Sneakers"

General Discussion / Re: Gang Rape - The videogame
« on: February 19, 2009, 11:22:44 AM »
I think this came was released to create some hype for this House of Illusion company, coz as much as I think this game is inappropriate they wanted people to talk about this we are probably one of thousands of blogs that are commenting about this game..... this is what they wanted and they have it.... I bet you I will have the game pretty some it will be available on the net soon.....

At the time it was the in hairstyle,iLadies Cut and I had a lot of bodysuits and iiPalaza in my wardrobe,all in diffent colours,ooh kanene don't know wat you call those pants which had an elastic that one had to put under her feet ::).
Then later when I was in grade4/5 I negged my mom for Spice Girls (shoes) ;)

Eish Toxic ungishaya ngaphakathi, tjo tjo tjo ....Ipalaza san.... now that there was ish for get wat u heard, Ama Spice Girls shoes must've been the most sold shoe, most of the girls at Znash a Hip Hop club in tembisa and Lee club used to rock that ish if your shawdi didn't rock those shoes u looked like a wank-sta.

I can't blive no one has mentioned the Michael Jackson Pants plus the white glove..... lol..... don't know what happend to the pants but i still have the glove in my memory box..... ya bafowethu

A "rap around skirt" LOL and a body suit hahahhahahahahahahahaha that was the sh*t back in the day!

That phase pa**ed me by, was still in my tomboy phase. But I remember my sister and her friends. i thought they were the coolest  :D with hair dyed brown and mushroom-cut and some hairstyle called freeze  :D

OH..!!! I know you did not go there... talking about hair styles and stuff..... I remember when i used to do Pomedy aka S'kula... that was some wack ish... i see some cats still kick it even now..... How about German cut, there was this old man by my grand ma's joint he used to have these manual clippers that work the same way as scissors... that ish was sore but since german cut le s'chico was the truth then had to withstand the pain... ya ne

Dr Martins were the shit! S-curls too.

No comment bout the Dr Martins
S-curl was the truth however i stopped that ish when we went to camp with our school, i dived in the pool and when i surfaced opening my eyes was a mission the gel was all over my face like that...... that was the last time i did that ish...brush cut is the future forget wat u heard

I had mustard jeans, and all bright coloured shirts and a line in my hair which was cut unevenly.

I also had a long a** ponytail going at some point.

I had a mustard,Orange and Avo pair.... those jeans were called Pepe... lol... that's so seriously funny ish..... I've got pictures of me wearing Umathanda ekitchen... the same clothes that s'dumo used to wear on s'good is nice.... I saw some cat in Jozi a couple of weeks ago wearing the same ish can't blive ish still exists

General Discussion / Re: Whites leaving SA in Large numbers
« on: February 16, 2009, 04:52:12 PM »
This migration business by White k******s oops whites is the biggest hoax of our time.Where`s Koos from Danville gonna go to. Those with high ideals of a land where all men are equal and all past sins, such as murder and oppression are forgotten, I wish farewell. AS for I`ll hating the f***ers from right here - don`t matter where they go - blood staines will always be there, on their hands, money in banks and eyes of their children.

I was just looking thru ma photo album, ma old school pics i just too funny to showcase to the public.....

The weirdest trend i've seen and I thank my mom for not buying me those shoes.... Dr Martins that was weirdest trend that i can remember so far. When i got into Hip hop baggy jeans were not available so we used to wear oversized jeans the waist line had a thousand folds and ish.... thank GOD for oxygen jeans, my first pair of baggy jeans

Holler Back

Hip Hop Events / The First Verse You Wrote...!!!
« on: January 22, 2009, 10:33:28 AM »
I was just going thru ma books of rhymes, came across the my first book of rhymes and my first verse that i wrote that verse is so wack that it took me a while to get myself to start this topic. Funny enuff i can never get it out of ma head though....... Do you remember yours...???
oh well...

yo nation/
i represent the T-side connection/
where i do my action/
in slow motion/
I am smooth like when you put lotion/
love rap like i drank potion/

sorry folks i cudn't carry on, can't blive i wrote that

holler back

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