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General Discussion / Accents
« on: August 23, 2010, 09:20:45 AM »
Random topic, please dont bring your seriousness into this alright. :)

I'm sure you've heard these comments before being directed to some black folk, "S/He speaks/sounds like a white person". sometimes as a compliment and sometimes in a negative context and of course for some people it doesn't mean much besides that it is just noticeable. but it is not black people I specifically want to talk about here. will get back to black folk in a minute.

white south african english speaking people. too often I've heard voices on TV sounding like a black person with a model C accent only to find out its actually a white person. Which made me ask myself, who really sounds like who these days?

Ever noticed this, I actually think white south african accents(english speaking) have a hint of black in them. anyone noticed this.

i'll get back on black people in a minute.

Humour / Jokes / AG Cla**ics The People vs Jwabulani
« on: August 20, 2010, 12:22:00 AM »
I suggest Rama stays off this ether, he might just birth to a kid with two heads. this some radio active ether.,25853.0.html

General Discussion / Botched circumcision - Cutting Edge
« on: August 13, 2010, 01:54:29 PM »
Did anyone watch this? I hear it was hectic. I missed it.

No disrespect to the custom or to anyone who holds it dearly but I just want ask about what I've heard that was mentioned on the show.

Did somebody really say they were made to simulate having sex against a wall? I'm only saying because it was mentioned on the show. Is this act part of the procedure? not judging, there might be some science to it that i'm not aware of but is this for real? why would they have to do that.

arg these are just questions in my head. anyone watched the show?

Humour / Jokes / AG Cla**ics Endzi vs Blaqsouljah
« on: August 12, 2010, 11:03:00 AM »
A black girls worst nightmare,13465.0.html

taking you down memory lane

Movie Talk / Inception
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:55:44 PM »
Anybody seen this flick? f*** I loved it. I've been on a lookout for a bootleg so i can watch it again.

The imagination in whoever's mind that did this shit is amazing. flip that fight scene by the pa**age in that hotel is one of the best I've ever seen.


General Discussion / @Latte/Mods
« on: August 06, 2010, 01:48:21 PM »
why is the King Daniel thread locked?

General Discussion / Almost got stabbed! Again! in one week!
« on: August 05, 2010, 09:44:33 PM »
... This time i was standing up for this two women(strangers) who were being hara**ed by the gatjie(conductor/money collector dude). it was when his and they didn't want to let one of them out that I  stood up to do something. had a physical confrontation with the gatjie, they stopped at the garage, the gatjie went out to the drivers side takes out a really huge knife. by this time i had gotten out of the taxi thinking it would be hard to fight someone with a knife while inside the taxi and this other women(not one of those being hara**ed) is holding me back to prevent me from fighting. so by the time im out of the taxi i see the knife, i ran to keep my distance, then stood telling him to put down the knife to come fight me. he didn't want to put down the knife.

what upset me was that no one in the taxi was trying to get involved while these women were be hara**ed. event the five/six other dudes!

Hot Traxxx / J. Cole - Who Dat
« on: July 28, 2010, 06:41:18 PM »
this shit hot

The Office / Hey Milk. whats up with AG
« on: July 27, 2010, 10:56:44 AM »
Is there a future? Is it dying a slow death? Wana sell it?  ;)

Hot Traxxx / Planet Earth ft Archetypes
« on: July 20, 2010, 11:56:03 AM »

General Discussion / Kasi Killings
« on: July 15, 2010, 09:39:10 AM »
ey man, some hectic gangster shit on the rise in Gugs and Langa in Cape Town

My sister forwarded this email to me, I don't know who wrote it though. Just excuse the broken English.

Concerned community member of Gugulethu
I write this article with a broken heart,  because of gangsters here in
Gugulethu and Langa.  In our community there are two groups  that are fighting
called Mashimane and Abafana be card (Fraud) ne ntash  (cocaine) and Langa boys.
The sad part in this war they involved innocent  people because, if they see you
greeting or talking to one of the other group  they suspect that you are
supplying ngemali or guns the other side. 

These guys are old enough to know what is right  or wrong, driving nice and
flashy cars , and some of them have kids of their own  and familys and living
nice life. 
From what I heared this fight started in Langa  e hlathini (bush) here a teacher
in the initiation school (ikhankatha) was shot  and killed by crossfire between
Zondi from Abafana be card  and Langa boys (Zondi start shot).The  following
week on Tuesday again Zondi start shoting at Ntsimbi’s tarven (Tigers)  and same
week on Thursday they shot at Moeshesh ( Langa boys revenge) where they  shot at
5 people and 2 died  Masakhane and Zondi. After a week Lucky of NY 1 Gugulethu
was  a**a**inated on the robots near Shoprite in Lansdowne road going to
Khayelitsha.  While we are still shock, Abafana be card go NY 50 Gugulethu and
they shot at 2  people who were sitting in a car, Paprika and Dika of crossroads
but they  survived. While we were still shock a**a**inator Mamte from Langa in
NY 21 by  people who were wearing balaclavas, but these people are  known.
While we are still shock at gugulethu again NY  1 in Caltex garage Paprika was
shot again by same people, he went there to put  petrol in his car.  When police
came  they found 28 cadriges only two had a direct hit on him.  There were other
people in the garage  who could have gotten killed as you now that is only busy
garage in  Gugulethu.
While we are still shock, Sizwe of Langa was  shot at but he survived. Edgar
(Mashendela) of Langa was shot and he died.  Plampi (Jeje) of Langa was shot and 
While we are still shock in Gugulethu, on the  04 of this month last Sunday
Lwandle was shot in NY 57 kwa Qede. Monday 05 this  month at NY 117 Ashley’s
microbus driven by people who were not involved in  these fighting were shot at
but they survive. Wednesday 07 in Gugulethu NY 84  Paprika was shot standing in
the stoop just smoking cigarettes’; this was the  3rd time that he was shot at.
While we are still shock in Gugulethu,  on the 09 of this month at NY 79-14
people nock at the door and ask for Liyanda  and he was in the kitchen preparing
something to eat and they shot him and died  on the sport in front of his
younger brothers and sisters, its sad ne? why?.  Again two people caring AK47
and 9mm go to NY84 and found no one inside and just  shoot the TV and take dvd
and try to torture a lady that was outside the house  and inside the car. After
that they go to Langa for another shooting  but no one get injured. And the case
was  open because the police come later. This is every day shooting at Ny 79 and
84  and same people who is killing people.   
And the sad part in this fights is there are  lot of rumors and there are people
who are perpetrating this fight as special  their girlfriend are deep involve in
terms of bring information, they’ve got lot  of airtime for spying and call
immediately when they see enemy, if they don’t  like you shame for you are in
trouble, but why?   

These guys some of them do not stay here in  Gugulethu, and they rent flats in
places like Goodwood, Thornton, Parow,  Bellville, Athlone, Ryland’s, Montana
and Paarl.  They just come to Gugulethu to shoot and  kill people driving hired
cars and other people’s cars not their cars.  They are known by people, not that 
people don’t now them it just people are scared and don’t know what to do when 
they see them because some of them are cops friend and they use cops to this 
fight in a wrong way. 

My fear is that these guys might end up  shooting people they think are friendly
or are the relatives of their  enemies.  It is not too late to  stand up as
community and stop these gangsters, and call the police when you see  one to
save Gugulethu.  All  political organizations, Churches, Youth organizations,
Tavern owners and  business people of Gugulethu must unite and Gugulethu SAPS
must lead this  campaign of Stop the War. And I put my trust to hour new Station
commission  Brigade Makau that she can mediate this fight. And you will get all
their  names  of this happy trigas to  Brigade.

Gugulethu has a rich back ground of producing  good people like many ANC WC
senior members and recently Bafana bafana soccer  player Anele Ngcangca who make
us proud.   
This fight started in Langa (ehlathini) how it  came to Gugulethu people want to
know, why the fight and all this senseless  killing is happening here in
Gugulethu why? People were attending Masakhane’s  memorial service will
remembers Bongo’s words ‘My friends please don’t think of  a revenge let it go’
but some were not there and others were in prison that  time. The person who
started this Zondi is dead in the revenge killing in  Langa.  Why are they still 
fighting?  Drugs (cocaine) are  controlling these youngsters.

People are living in fear here in Gugulethu  why?
Never take decisions when angry because they  are always controlled by emotions.
Never take decisions for the sake of friends  because they would be based on
keeping the friendship safe and  strong.
Never take decisions for a group or crowd  because they tend to land you in
Never take decisions for satisfaction of others  because remember satisfaction
starts with yourself.
Never take decisions when frustrated because  frustrations can’t function
Never take decisions under stress because a  tired mind can’t function properly.
Never take decisions under pressure because you  will be dominated by pressure.
Never take decisions for love because love is  blind.
Never take decisions under the influence of the  drugs because when the drug is
finish you’ll regret them. 

General Discussion / explain this to me
« on: July 13, 2010, 09:09:34 PM »
Common and a dude name Scott McKnight who looks and sounds exactly like him.

Can somebody explain? Twins?

Politics / The September National Imbizo: A Call For Change!
« on: July 13, 2010, 09:32:49 AM »
Where? Bloemfontein
When? 25-26 September 2010

16 Years of Suffering!
Sixteen years of democracy has not changed the condition of the majority. Black lives under the ANC government have been a disaster zone. All areas of life are engulfed in major crises; from healthcare, education, poverty, housing, racism, sexism and landlessness just to mention a few. On the other hand, a few have benefited from the fruits of democracy which have created new major inequalities and sustained apartheid created divisions. Our country, contrary to the official mantra and the guarantees in the constitution, remains primarily hostile to black interests. It is Black people who suffer all the post 1994 social and economic injustices and it clear that instead of using the overwhelming support the ANC enjoys, it has chosen the path of disempowering the majority to enrich a few.

A people’s call
We, as the ordinary citizens of this country, are concerned that after 16 years of democracy there is no end to the suffering of the majority. We now hereby call for a national dialogue to discuss our situation and collectively find answers. This dialogue has to take stock of what has happened in the past 16 years and deliberate on what must be done by all South Africans who want justice and development for the majority. We are acutely aware that our ugly history of racism and dispossession continues to dictate the present. We are even more concerned that our government has in the past 16 years done very little to redress the impact of this ugly history. This call is for a September National Imbizo!
Objective of the September National Imbizo (SNI)
We are committed to giving our country another possibility and a new hope! We therefore hereby propose a September National Indaba (SNI). The main objective of the SNI is to dialogue around the challenges facing our people and to make proposals for a way forward. To present our people with a discussion forum as a mechanism to claim back our country from politicians and self-enriching elites; we want a democracy that works for the majority.
The principles of the SNI
As we work towards making the SNI a reality we hold these principles as a guide of our actions:
• The SNI is not affiliated to any political party
• Equality of participation by all
• Tolerance, transparency and accountability
• Acceptance of all a**istance on a no-condition basis
• It’s our Imbizo and we pay for it!

Only YOU can make the change you want!
This call is open to all South Africans. We need to start now! In our families, in our villages, townships, squatter camps, shebeens, churches and everywhere we find ourselves. We must discuss what South Africa we want. We must not wait for the politicians, leaders and experts. Come to the imbizo with proposals, about what we as citizens need to do in order to get a government that works for us! The politicians have failed us, because we have allowed them to abuse us. Enough is enough!
Who is behind the SNI?

We are ordinary citizens not working for any political party. We are inspired by the great vision of change our liberation fighters were committed to. We wish to rekindle the betrayed dreams of Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko! Make the SNI your issue! Blackwash has been tasked to provide support for the convening of the SNI.
Get involved: Volunteer your time and skills!

To make the SNI real, we need volunteers. Volunteers are needed in any one of the subcommittees below!
• Media and Communications
• Fundraising
• logistics
The Media and Communications sub-committee will deal with all media and communications related matters including branding, marketing, web design and management of social networks such asas facebook, tweeter etc. The committee is basically tasked with coming up with strategies to get the message about the SNI out to people. The Fundraising sub committee is tasked with coming up with a strategy to raise money for the SNI, bearing in mind the principles agreed to. NB! This is our SNI we fund it!

Logistics: This sub-committee is responsible for coordinating activities related to the entire management of the conference, e.g. transportation, accommodation, food etc.


The SNI will be coordinated by a team of National Conveners. These will be responsible for the overall coordination of the conference including oversight on the work of the sub-committees. Since the SNI is not an organisation but a people’s space, you are encouraged to take the idea to all areas of life and encourage others to get involved! Get your friends, family, church, stokvelas, and colleagues at work to form discussion forums. Ask yourself the first question: is this the South Africa we want? If not, then what are we going to do? The SNI is a space for those who want change now!

SNI Local coordination:
Any group of ten or more people can form themselves into a local coordinating space for the SNI. Such a group would facilitate discussions at a local level, keep contact with the national coordination and give ideas on all areas of the SNI. Individuals are not excluded but working as self organizing collectives could make life easy for all.

Contact us:
National Coordination- SMS or call at: 0738922636
Check face book September National Imbizo

-The SNI Team

Hip Hop Events / music4peacetour, with Mos Def
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:43:14 AM »
As requested

Jamming in the name of peace

The way to create change Is to empower. International superstars Mos Def and Crazy Town will perform alongside South African acts such as The Parlotones, RJ Benjamin and Jozi to create change at the Music 4 Peace Concert, taking place on Friday, 9 July 2010 at St Stithians College in Joburg.

The Tour 4 Peace Initiative (T4P) is a collection of non-profit organisations promoting world peace through the collaborative efforts of musicians, celebrities, peace activists, community leaders and private citizens. The concert is a philanthropic initiative whose proceeds will go to local youth empowerment initiatives as well as to clean-water NGO Generosity Water.

US-based T4P founder Wayne Warwick-Williams, aka Djun Djetti, is a descendant of the Darumbal aboriginal people of Central Queensland in Australia, and seeks to create awareness of and preserve of indigenous culture. Wayne’s noted for redefining the world of popular music as we know it by blending the didgeridoo with modern rhythms with his music outfit Totemic, while promoting global peace and harmony through various M4P initiatives.

This cultural peace network has worked on projects such as the Gandhi Tour with Dr Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the late Mahatma, Celebrating 30 days of peace- the UN call for global action at Donna Karen’s husbands Steven Weiss’s studio, in 2007, and Lord Attenborough's festival of non-violence at Kingsley Hall 2008. Dr Gandhi is an amba**ador for the T4P Tour, as is Baroness Kimberly Moore, Guinea-Bissau’s goodwill amba**ador to the United States, and Artie Kornfeld, the “father” of the seminal 1969 Woodstock festival.

In celebration of the gathering of peoples and cultures that the World Cup embodies, Friday’s concert is being used to highlight M4P’s message of a culture of peace during the final week of this historic tournament.

An exciting and eclectic line-up of local and international music acts will join hands for this boundary-busting festival of music, starting at 11am at the St Stithians fan park and rocking on until 11pm.

Joining American rapper Mos Def for the peace concert will be local rock act The Parlotones, “muthaland crunk” crew Jozi, iconic Cape Town rapper Ready D, neo-soul/R&B sensation RJ Benjamin, Israeli-born hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari , US rap-rock group Crazy Town (who hit number one in the States with the track Butterfly) featuring DJ Shifty, groundbreaking Pakistani pop duo Strings, Barbadian roots reggae artist David Kirton, DJ R1CKONE (of Black Eyed Peas fame), Los Angeles alternative rock band Collinz Room, genre-crossing world/aboriginal music act Totemic, US alternative rock group Crash Kings, Botswana hip-hop ace K-Bos, Lection and Melo Dramatic.

Join this stellar multinational line-up at Friday’s Music 4 Peace Concert in harnessing the love and good vibes around the World Cup, uniting to empowering peace through music.

Tickets cost R200 for general admission to this 12-hour music festival, and R350 for VIP tickets, which give patrons access to a VIP pavilion and VIP lounge. Get your tickets at Computicket or at the gate – and give peace a sporting chance! Visit for more information.

Music 4 Peace Concert artist line-up:

Mos Def

The Parlotones

Miri Ben-Ari

Crazy Town featuring DJ Shifty


RJ Benjamin


Ready D

David Kirton


Collinz Room


Crash Kings



Melo Dramatic

Media Queries:

Bridget van Oerle/ Christabel Zulu/ Teboho Motloung
BUZ Publicity
011 482 3467/3489
083 263 6991
FAX 011 388 4404

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