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For those interested

I thought maybe, though almost too late, that we maybe keep the drama/speculations anything related to that on a separate thread and also create a new thread in respect and honor of Guru's life and his work.

Here, Guru's nephew speaks out

General Discussion / Selebi hates Fubu
« on: April 16, 2010, 11:44:18 AM »
was reading an article on the Selebi case on news24 and I thought this section was funny.

"That's a blue lie. Agliotti is the type of person who, when I tell him I'm a born-again Christian, he will go around saying 'I invited Jackie to meet God'."

Not a Fubu fan

Selebi further denied Agliotti's claim he bought clothing from fashion label Fubu for him or his children, saying he would never be caught wearing "baggy clothing".

"If I wanted clothing, I will go to a shop called Grays (a luxury clothing store in Sandton). My children do not wear Fubu... I don't wear Fubu. I will be regarded as a mad man should I wear that.

"If I wore Fubu people will say this case has made Jackie to lose his mind."

Media / Eugene Terre'Blanche murdered
« on: April 04, 2010, 02:14:14 AM »
Cape Town - Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was murdered on his Ventersdorp farm in the North West on Saturday evening.

According to the AWB's André Visagie, Terre'Blanche was beaten to death with pipes and pangas on his farm Villanna (meaning 'the home of Anna'). 

His body was found at about 18:00. According to a report on, Terre'Blanche was apparently still alive when police got to him but later died.

He was asleep at the time of the attack.

Police found a panga and knobkerrie next to Terre'Blanche.

Visagie said Terre'Blanche was beaten so badly "he didn't look like Eugene anymore".

The AWB leader was alone on the farm at the time of the attack.

Visagie said that Terre'Blanche's only security were his dogs which were "neutralised".

A 16-year-old and 21-year-old who apparently worked for Terre'Blanche were arrested, police spokesperson Captain Adéle Myburgh said.

The two allegedly attacked the 69-year-old far-right wing leader because they were not paid for work they did.

- News24

Humour / Jokes / Sjambok
« on: March 25, 2010, 02:30:05 PM »

General Discussion / google's search suggestions
« on: March 17, 2010, 11:08:13 AM »
i've just learnt that it goes by the most popular searches in your country. a friend suggested i type "can i get" this is what came up.

Politics / Winnie on Mandela
« on: March 09, 2010, 12:43:41 PM »
For some reason i've, for a minute, suspected she holds the same views as I do about her ex husband.

Did she really say this though, while would she go all the way to Britain to say that?

By Caiphus Kgosana
Political Bureau

The ANC is to ask National Executive Committee member Winnie Madikizela-Mandela to explain the extraordinary attack on former President Nelson Mandela, which appeared in major British newspapers on Monday and has been attributed to her.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said on Tuesday morning that they would ask Madikizela-Mandela, when the NEC meets next week, whether she indeed said Mandela had done nothing for the poor and had betrayed the black nation.

Mthembu said while he had not yet seen the articles in question, the party would seek copies and once they have read it, will want to know from Madikizela-Mandela whether the comments attributed to her are indeed correct.

"We have to be fair, so we would want to hear from her whether she has been correctly quoted. It sounds very much out of character, but we will want to know in what capacity she was speaking because this sounds like a very drastic attack on the former president," he said.

The Daily Mail reported that Madikizela-Mandela had said that her former husband had done nothing for the poor and should not have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize with "the man who jailed him" (former state president) FW De Klerk.
The paper said the comments had been made in an interview with Nadira Naipaul, the wife of novelist V S Naipaul.

"This name Mandela is an albatross around the necks of my family," Madikizela-Mandela reportedly said in the interview.

"You all must realise that Mandela was not the only man who suffered. There were many others, hundreds who languished in prison and died.

"Mandela did go to prison and he went in there as a young revolutionary but look what came out.

"Mandela let us down. He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks. Economically we are still on the outside. The economy is very much 'white'.

"I cannot forgive him for going to receive the Nobel with his jailer de Klerk. Hand in hand they went. Do you think de Klerk released him from the goodness of his heart?

"He had to. The times dictated it, the world had changed."

According to the paper, Madikizela was also reported as having described former Truth and Reconciliation Commission chairman Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as a 'cretin'.

"What good does the truth do? How does it help to anyone to know where and how their loved ones are killed or buried?

"That Bishop Tutu who turned it all into a religious circus came here. He had a cheek to tell me to appear. I told him that he and his other like-minded cretins were only sitting there because of our struggle and me.

She was also reported as having said that Mandela had become a "corporate foundation" who was wheeled out only to raise money for the ANC .

"Look what they make him do. The great Mandela. He has no control or say any more.

"They put that huge statue of him right in the middle of the most affluent white area of Johannesburg. Not here (in Soweto) where we spilled our blood.

"Mandela is now like a corporate foundation. He is wheeled out globally to collect the money."

Mthembu said the ANC would not tolerate any such attacks on the party or on its iconic leader but would not point fingers at Madikizela-Mandela until they get a full explanation about the comments.

Madikizela-Mandela, who recently boycotted celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Mandela's release from prison claiming that the ANC had not invited her to the retracing of Mandela's steps to freedom outside Victor Verster Prison, could not be reached for comment.

An aide who answered her phone said she was not available to speak while a spokesman for the Nelson Mandela Foundation had not returned calls.

General Discussion / Man Laws: A Collective Review
« on: March 03, 2010, 11:51:54 AM »
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Some time later, he created man. Then woman.

He saw that man and women were to very different beasts, and that man must not do things that woman does.

So he created a very specific set of laws.

Man Laws. Some are common sense, some a bit more technical. But it is every mans duty to make sure his brethren follow these man laws, for he is his brothers keeper.

Share some.

These are some of those that were shared by some of the members. shit is hilarious:

"man shall never respond to a text from another man with "K". Throw the "O" on the front of that shit!"

"under no circumstance is a man to ask another man how he looks"

"Any man seen driving a Kia should be pulled out by the stoplight and flogged"

"Man should refrain from eating strawberries, but if man must, said strawberries must NEVER be eaten in public."

Jacked from Allhiphop

share yours here

General Discussion / Solange Knowels!
« on: February 03, 2010, 06:28:05 PM »

Politics / Mandela is named as MI6 agent
« on: February 01, 2010, 11:45:10 AM »
> Sunday Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)
>19 March 2000
>Mandela is named as MI6 agent
>By Neil Mackay Home Affairs Editor
>Publication Date: Mar 19 2000
>NELSON Mandela is to be named as an MI6 agent who aided British
>intelligence officers with operations against Colonel Gadaffi's Libyan
>weapons programmes, supplied his handlers with details of arms shipments
>to Ulster terrorists and allowed UK spying operations to be based in
>South Africa.
>Allegations of Mandela's recruitment by the British intelligence service
>will be revealed in a controversial new book, MI6: Fifty Yearsof Special
>Operations, by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril. The
>book is due to be published at the end of this month.
>MI6 launched an unsuccessful legal challenge to get the book's
>publisher, Fourth Estate, to release its contents. Special Branch
>officers also raided the London publishing house and seized computer
>equipment, but did not unearth details of Mandela's recruitment by MI6.
>British intelligence chiefs are outraged that they failed to access the
>contents of Dorril's book after an Old Bailey judge ordered on Friday
>that the Guardian and Observer newspapers hand over documents relating
>to the former MI5 officer David Shayler. The ruling was made on the
>grounds that the papers could help police prosecute the rogue spy under
>the Official Secrets Act. Shayler had made claims that MI6 was involved
>in a plot to a**a**inate Colonel Gaddafi.
>Stephen Dorril's book will stun the world with its allegations about
>Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is thought that Mandela's
>recruitment would have been motivated partly by his virulent
>anti-communism. In return MI6 offered information about potential
>a**a**ination attempts on his life.
>Dorril claims highly-placed MI6 officers told him about Mandela's
>recruitment by the Secret Intelligence Service - the arm of British
>intelligence which undertakes espionage activities overseas, recruits
>foreign spies and engages in counter- espionage against foreign agents
>working in the UK.
>Sources within the Foreign Office and the intelligence service have said
>that Dorril's claim "is entirely credible". Last night, the Foreign
>Office did nothing to deny the allegation that Mandela worked for MI6.
>There were also no denials, or threats of legal action against the book,
>from either Nelson Mandela's office in Johannesburg, South Africa or his
>Part of Dorril's book, on the activities of MI6 in Africa, reads:
>"Another MI6 catch was ANC leader Nelson Mandela. Whether Mandela was
>recruited in London before he was imprisoned in South Africa is not
>clear, but it is understood that on a recent trip to London he made a
>secret visit to MI6's training section to thank the service for its help
>in foiling two a**a**ination attempts directed against him soon after he
>became president."
>Dorril says the a**a**ination attempts referred to probably included one
>from within a faction of the African National Congress (ANC) which was
>bitterly opposed to Mandela's successful manoeuvring to oust Communist
>Party leaders from under the umbrella of the African National Congress.
>Another is believed to have been planned by a covert operations wing of
>the apartheid government's military.
>Dorril, a writer on intelligence issues and a lecturer at Huddersfield
>University, claims Mandela was of use to MI6 as his friendliness with
>Colonel Gadaffi's Libyan government paved the way for the hand-over of
>the two Libyan agents accused of the Lockerbie bombing.
>Both the British and American governments are keen to rebuild relations
>with Libya to exploit the country's rich oil fields. "Mandela was the
>key to turning Libya from a terrorist state to one open to the West,"
>Dorril told the Sunday Herald. "The result of his actions will be a huge
>economic boost to western economies. It can be said that he charmed
>Gaddafi for western economic interests." He claimed MI6's psychological
>warfare, or IOps, department - responsible for propaganda - helped
>ma**age international opinion allowing Mandela to visit Gadaffi without
>courting virulent western opprobrium.
>Dorril added: "Mandela helped MI6 with information over Libya's funding
>and arming of the IRA, and the sending of arms to loyalist terrorists in
>Ulster from apartheid South Africa." Dorril claimed Mandela told his MI6
>handlers about Libya's attempts to develop chemical and biological
>warfare capabilities, and informed them about South Africa's own secret
>nuclear arsenal.
>Dorril claims in his book that Britain did not push for full disclosure
>of South Africa's biological weapons programme as part of its plan to
>support Mandela when he was president, and Mandela helped stem the tide
>of South African scientists being recruited by Libya to build Gadaffi's
>bio-weapons programme.
>One of MI6's biggest overseas stations is in South Africa. It was a key
>spy centre during the Cold War as Russia and America fought to take
>countries like neighbouring Mozambique and Angola into their sphere of
>influence. South Africa is also key to Britain's economic interests
>because of its natural uranium, gold and platinum deposits.
>It is unclear exactly when Mandela was recruited. Nor is it clear
>whether MI6 courted Mandela with warnings about a**a**ination attempts
>in order to lure him into the service's clutches, or if he was recruited
>and provided MI6 with information and then received the warnings in
>The publisher of the book, Fourth Estate, has been under intense
>pressure to reveal the contents of Dorril's 900 page work to MI6 prior
>to its publication on March 30. MI6 made a request through its lawyers
>for a full disclosure of the contents but Fourth Estate successfully
>fended off the challenge. However, the publishing house was raided under
>a search warrant by Special Branch officers who seized the computer of
>Fourth Estate editor-in-chief Clive Priddle which contained notes on the
>book. According to Nicky Eaton, Fourth Estate's publicist, the
>intelligence service is unaware of the Mandela claim. The book has been
>meticulously poured over for accuracy by Fourth Estate's own lawyers.
>Both Neil Harold, from Mandela's personal office, and Mandela's London
>lawyer, Iqbal Meer, of Meer Care Desai, were stunned by the allegations
>coming to light. They were both unable to contact Mandela last night to
>brief him on the claims. It is thought he is holidaying in the South
>African countryside, and is not contactable. Dorril claims his
>revelations are not damaging to Mandela's reputation. "There is nothing
>defamatory about being a recruit for MI6," he said.
>Officially the Foreign Office said it could not comment on the
>allegation as it was a secu rity matter. However, unoffi cially senior
>Foreign Office sources hinted that the recruitment claim was credible.
>One said: "If we focus on the allegations referring to a**a**ination
>claims, it is not surprising that the ANC would have sought security
>advice from the UK, or its intelligence services, to protect key
>Foreign analysts and African experts also claim that Mandela's
>recruitment into MI6 is not only credible but will also have a seismic
>effect internationally.
>One expert on Southern Africa said: "His life history shows how he would
>have been attractive to MI6 and MI6 would have been attractive to him.
>Mandela is deeply anti- communist. As a young man he would break up
>Communist Party meetings with his fists. Later in life, he came to
>realise that to end apartheid he needed every ally he could get and he
>pragmatically decided to get into bed with the Communists.
>"Mandela admires Britain, its parliamentary democracy and its judicial
>system. Once he went into jail, Mandela moved further and further away
>from the Communists, privately pouring scorn on their policies. When he
>was freed, a struggle began for the soul of the ANC between the
>Communists and the 'democrats', like Mandela."
>There has been intense speculation, including allegations by Winni
>Mandela, that the South African Communist leader, Chris Hani, who was
>a**a**in ated in 1992, apparently by white extremists, may in fact have
>been a victim of this internal feud. "Many of the demo crats in the ANC
>certainly hated the Communists enough to have them killed.
>"British diplomats were also central to smoothing the end of apartheid
>during negotiations between Mandela and President De Klerk. It can not
>be underestimated how many MI6 and CIA officers were working in this
>area. Their numbers were colossal."

Sports Arena / Boxer knocked out and still punching
« on: January 31, 2010, 01:51:36 AM »

Humour / Jokes / Ama what?
« on: January 14, 2010, 08:13:12 AM »


Politics / Professor Griff discussing occult rituals in hip hop part 1
« on: December 05, 2009, 08:15:11 PM »
Part 1

use it dont, dont use it.

Politics / Debra Interviewing Malema
« on: December 03, 2009, 10:09:59 AM »
I hear dude is not as dumb as a lot of us think he is. Im still to watch this but my connection is not fast enough. Check this out.

the link to the vid is on the left hand side and its downloadable.

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