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- the songs like prayer series - people come dooown. we are preparing to be with you agaaain...

fertile ground - star people.

« on: March 04, 2010, 07:11:54 PM »
"down the rabbit hole"

alice in wonderland in 3D chappies.

another tim burton and johnny depp tag team. with depp in the delicious role of the mad hatter. how such can get shocking reviews is beyoooond me. and all the other lovelies there too - the red queen, twiddle dee and twiddle dum, the smoking caterpillar etcetera etcetera.

its gotten some rather sour reviews. but its:

...alice, alice in wonderlaaaand...

Media / Re: Gift Of Gab interview
« on: March 04, 2010, 06:47:39 PM »
you say gift of gab and the lights frantically start flashing neon, the machine goes buckwild and im a wiiiiinerrrr!!!

he is forever mr "ride of your life" what!? he is the one! thats my shyyyyt! and you better have good speakers.

...4th dimensional rocket ships goiiiiing UUUUUP...


...alriiiight. alriiiiight. alriiiiight...

...stuffed aaaanimals are aaaalways riiight...

k's choice - butterflies instead.

General Discussion / Re: Skirt Snatching!!!!!
« on: February 26, 2010, 06:03:23 PM »
and for the old ones...

love you so much briCK. in spite of all ones better judgement. gooosh. i see your behaviour is still shocking. oh, how they try to change, but how they stay the same. sigh.
this 'ME: a movement in three parts' works though. rivetting stuff. feel like im in conversation with myself. i looove it! id love you even more if i could hook you up with my friends though.

stay well.

- the songs like prayers series -

thandiswa 'african flying machine' mazwai - thongo lam.

the offering.

- on being inspired -

all stories have their once upon a time. a way back when. all stories have their beginnings.

i was a little girl once, in a small town. somewhere in the background of that scene, you would have heard it play. and i was reminded. a memory that is truly something to share. for a man who never really gets his dues, but was there. and it stands the test of time. because tonight if you asked me what makes me black, i would tell you - its the beat in my heart.

so tonight, i remember rex rabanye. 'o nketsang.'

ask your mother and your father. they know.

...and you have a good evening

General Discussion / Re: New Sade joint!!
« on: February 07, 2010, 08:43:48 PM »
she returns and the first thing she has to say for herself is: 'ive lost the use of my heart, but im still alive'. youre like alrighty theeeen. yes.

How about when she says:

"I'm on the borderline of my faith/
 In the hinterland of my devotion".

You just can't f*** with that type of spiritual/emotional depth.

Sade represents the ideal woman to me. It'd be so great to be in a relationship with a woman who has that type of depth. I wish I could have her. Even if its for dinner. on the borderliiiine of my faith. im in the hinterlaaand of my devotion....

YHO!!!!! IT GOT LATE DUDE!!! you know it got late. thats my other line there! youre just like yho its hectic. things are *falsetto* heeectiiiiic.

shes a great lady man. she doesnt engage with the way the scene works. it fascinates me, to have pulled it of then even like that. shes just herself. the end. but also because of it i dont think we realise, she cuts across every things, all the divides. shes there. you and your mom will be jamming. we can forget to count her. but everybody knows. its like, SADE. the woman, the legend.

shes beautiful.

you must go backwards bra (if you havent), unearth, take the whole journey. its gems upon gems upon gems. shes got a very sparse but distinct voicing of life. im like so nervous about this album. im like so there tomorrow. im like what! some of you have got it already?! im like no ways! im there! i cant believe it. ten years! TEN YEARS. do you understand that kind of waiting. and theres been a change. so im dying to know what that feels liiiiike. its scary.

Sade represents the ideal woman to me. It'd be so great to be in a relationship with a woman who has that type of depth. I wish I could have her. Even if its for dinner.

sweet man dude. haha. even if its for dinner. sure man :D

Politics / Re: Sangomas plan to slaughter bull in CBD
« on: February 07, 2010, 08:12:57 PM »
eish, you know. you just never know you know.

its all good and fine to be doing these things. but we so seldom actually really get into the hows of what we're doing with them. we can know why we're doing them and why theyre such important interventions and yet so much can remain questionable about it all. in its execution. this is how i feel. this good to be having them vs how its all actually going down. and what it means. the integrity of the process is just as important as the need to do. and sometimes theres friction there. where the display becomes more important than the true meaning and its potential for use. with vision, artistically, thematically, stylistically on point but... 

idealistic maybe but i dont know, thats just my opinion.

that said, i may very well be dropping out of this festival.

General Discussion / Re: sa underground!
« on: February 07, 2010, 07:51:27 PM »
everybody knows deep down in their hearts what is underground and what is not underground. I never understood why we need other peoples definitions to know what underground is when we already know.

Skwatta Kamp - Khut n Joyn was an underground album. I think nobody can deny that. It had commercial success, songs like RAU RAU were on the radio, had a video, and i believe it sold relatively well.

Mkhukhu Funkshen on the other hand was a COMMERCIAL ALBUM. It was a GOOD ALBUM but it was not underground.

There. Not hard is it ?

hey, and then? the tone?

this is a good example and thanks for that. just one more thing here, if skwatta made another of that particular album, directly following it (hypothetically, for all intents and these here purposes lets a**ume its doable), with great commercial success. would that still be viewed as underground, just with commercial success then? what im getting at is this, if you continue to create in the same vein, moving from a place of being identified in this way, but with greater 'above ground' success, perhaps without compromising that much on your artistic integrity - who are you then.

its easy to take in when its simply a matter of breaking through and being fresh with it, thats easy. but there tends to be this other stuff that comes through. thats why you'll have these kinds of questions.   

also aint nothing wrong with continuously interrogating our understanding of these things. lets keep that open. the thing is this, i dont think its necessarily about wanting other peoples definitions, in substitute of our own, never that. its simply to try hook into the greater thought, coz now now we are coming from completely different places. your view may enhance or alert me to a blindspot i may have. and i dont always know bra, sometimes its all just so inconsistent that what is in my best interest, is to ask.

panic, sure okay. until i come up with another one. i hear you - ish. chuckle.   

General Discussion / Re: Solange Knowels!
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:19:51 PM »
i like solange with the short hair, i think it suits her. and everyone made such a fuss about it and gave her such flack. she ended up having to explain herself. and whats she said was she doesnt care.

and good for her.

General Discussion / Re: sa underground!
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:09:39 PM »
@Roze & Tang, I think he means non conformist music by 'underground'. /or new potential talent, that is still under the radar.

watz, i still think that needs to clarified a bit hey. and hopefully we can go there with this and it wont end up like one of those conversations you just end up wanting to ignore. because thats what tends to happen here.

because sometimes people are slated, identified as not being underground enough. sometimes i feel like this is always left so open that one wonders. new potential talent i understand, but i think this tends to extend beyond that doesnt it. im often left wondering what does this really mean. is it content, is it not being signed by a major, is it not identifying with certain markers that are more popularly understood and experienced as popular culture. what is the notion of non conformist music. what is it and how do we identify it. sometimes its not clear to me. the edges get blurred and used to bash others and validate others. sometimes im not sure if there is consistency. im trying to understand.

and then what happens when being non-conformist becomes this cool thing, which we know it does.

then say perhaps, what of the people who might be creating what might be understood as non conformist music, but are in your face.

General Discussion / Re: sa underground!
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:46:45 PM »
I would like you to define underground. Does a lack of commercial success make you underground? Or is the label tied to your subject matter/beat selection/etc? Or is it something else completely?

thank you. i was about to ask him also when i saw this. and then i also wanted to ask you panic, under g. do YOU consider yourself underground. why or why not...


General Discussion / Re: New Sade joint!!
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:31:18 PM »
Love the album....excellent, cla**ic sade.


dude! i hope so! sade is like coming up for air for me. the queen of my little heart i tell you. the fairy GOD mother. i'm sure i could write the book, im sure. the love of myyyyy life. i mean i could go on. cla**ic, true, simple, honest, open.

soldier of love is quiet a movement to somewhere else. it was quite a surprise. been taking in, and been like okay, so ten years, on whats the story. where you been and how the hell have you been. and she returns and the first thing she has to say for herself is: 'ive lost the use of my heart, but im still alive'. youre like alrighty theeeen. yes.

certainly harder, stronger. shes a commander in chief there. heard it on booming loud speakers for the first time the other day, in a big venue. and for the first time then i was like ja, okay, you rock. veeery nervous about the rest of the offering. 

and so looking forward.

so you best not be kidding me....ill be back!

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